August 5, 2016

Summer gold...




... today, all within a few blocks of our house.


HT said...

Rubeckia (cone flower in b'ground) and cosmos - not sure what the first one is though!

mockturtle said...

Lovely, Ann! :-)

HT said...

Maybe those are cone flowers in foreground too!

LCpl Predator said...

Lovely! Think you should retire and move to the country. I follow one of your links, Nina, from the Other Side of the Ocean, and could see you doing the same. I see Meade's gardens, plants, etc., and your love of nature as well.

Buy something in the country, not far from Madison. I love traveling the back roads, and drove from N. IL to MN last year, going on back roads in WI. The rolling hills and landscape is beautiful and peaceful.

Get a few chickens, plant some berry bushes and fruit trees, and enjoy the peace and solitude of the country.

LCpl Predator said...

Is picture #1 solidago?

Michael Fitzgerald said...

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.

Laslo Spatula said...

"I...I was thinking..."

"Yes. You're right."


"What you were going to say: I agree with you."

"What I was going to say?"

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"I understand, Scarlett."



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"Yes, Scarlett: Yes. That WOULD be a touching way to say good-bye..."

I am Laslo.

Laslo Spatula said...


I am Laslo.

rhhardin said...

It's way early for goldenrod in Ohio. Instead we have wingstem for yellow. They begin to swap the role at the end of August.

Ann Althouse said...

"Buy something in the country, not far from Madison. I love traveling the back roads, and drove from N. IL to MN last year, going on back roads in WI. The rolling hills and landscape is beautiful and peaceful."

We considered buying land near Blue Mound State Park and building a dream house, but in the end, we decided we preferred to be in a house in a neighborhood. The flowers in these pictures are in our current beautiful neighborhood, where I walked out the door at about 5 p.m. and -- without using the car to get anywhere -- I had a nice 1-mile walk. The entire walk was lovely, involved crossing no busy streets, and there were good sidewalks everywhere. I think that gives more of a feeling of being able to get out and around than a house in the country. We can get out to the country very easily by car. And I can get downtown very easily too, including by just walking. I agree that the back roads of Wisconsin are beautiful, and we get out there all the time.

I don't think retiring makes much difference, because the Blue Mounds idea would have worked while keeping this job. Retiring does test your interest in staying where you are, but in our case, it heightens our love of the current place. That is, I don't need to retire for the purpose of going somewhere else... though I might retire soon!

tim in vermont said...

We had a couple as house guests a couple weeks ago, the brought home from a walk a lovely bouquet of wild parsnip.

Hagar said...


Norwegian from Somalia kills American woman in London park.

Yale University establshes committee on renaming.
(This is with a view to renaming all buildings and features on campus named for people connected with slavery. Of course, the first name to go would have to be that Elihu Yale, who not only was a slave trader, but generally had a very dodgy reputation even for early 18th century East-Asia.)

LCpl Predator said...

Anne, Madison is a beautiful city, and you're lucky to live in such a nice neighborhood. I was projecting my likes thru the flower pictures you post, thinking that you would have the space to grow them if you lived in the country. There's nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee, and taking an early walk around my yard in my pj's. (We have farmland on two sides of us.)

Our retirement will involve helping out with the grandbabies. My twins were 2 when we moved to our country house, and I loved teaching them how to garden, and my daughter had a fairy garden more than twenty years ago, before fairy gardens became popular. She had pet chickens, a rabbit, dog, and kittens. The horse came when she was old enough to take care of it herself.

I'm looking forward to the grandkids learning and experiencing the simple country life, and took the three month old out the other day to smell the herbs. I loved looking at the expression on her face as she smelled fennel, mint, lemon verbena and nepeta.

Isn't it wonderful to love where you live? I love my house and gardens, but I do hate the state of IL.

tim in vermont said...

Norwegian from Somalia kills American woman in London park.

We should just interview Muslims and ask them if they believe that particular verse in the Koran. If they say no, we should ask them what other verses they don't believe. We should record these conversations. If they don't believe the verse that commands them to make war on the non believers who live near them, are willing to publicly declare it, then fine, let them in.

Ann Althouse said...

That sounds loveky, LCpl.

I don't think Meade is looking for a bigger space to garde. He's working with the space we have, and I enjoy the ease of getting around looking at other people's gardens.

rhhardin said...

The local university has a women's dorm called Beaver Hall, which I'd assumed that was the name of the guy who paid for it.

Let's hope he has no connections to slavery.

Big Mike said...

Speaking of gold ...

Breaking News!!! The first American gold medal went to young Ginny Thrasher in air rifle. Don't tell Schumer, Obama, or Feinstein, but Ms. Thrasher's competition rifle has a pistol grip.