August 7, 2016

Not the insects for which you planted that flower.

The butterfly weed was not an invitation to the butterless fly...


And then there's the fly and the thing I call the false lightning bug:


Beyond our home garden, the beloved (beeloved) bee must share with the non-bee hymenopterans:



Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

This Bud-leia is for you?

wild chicken said...

The bees are shunning my cucumber blossoms. Hopefully a lesser insect will take care of them.

Fernandinande said...

Great flowers! Our best ones are large weeds over in the wild area.

Spam for Voleman's Wasp and Hornet Feeding Station.

Original Mike said...

"Not the insects for which you planted that flower."

These are not the weeds you're looking for.

madAsHell said...

Yellow jackets!! They are the most vicious, ornery insect ever.
They steal from my picnic plate. I hate yellow jackets......and I prefer to carry spiders out of the house.

toxdoc said...

Soldier beetles (the firefly cousin) are pretty important pollinators. Don't begrudge them they are also predators on many pest species too