August 13, 2016

3 views of Lake Mendota,11:48 to 11:49, this morning.





Original Mike said...

Watching the local radar; still got the deck under a tarp.

FullMoon said...

Reading about Olympians being disqualified for drugs. The message to kids is that drugs improve your performance so dramatically that you have an un fair advantage. In other words, drugs are beneficial.

It would be better to test the worst performers for drugs and publicize those athletes.

And, everytime the "news" has another alert about how kids are getting high on some generic household cleaning product, or food, thousands of kids gonna rush to try it.

Last I heard was inhaling propellant from canned whipped cream. No doubt other seemingly innocuous things exposed since then.

Rhythm and Balls said...

The intensely blue cloudbreak really does contrast incredibly well against the almost black-and-white, drab Midwestern water and clouds.

Original Mike said...

Reporting is that the green smelly water in the Olympic pools was due to the wrong chemical (hydrogen peroxide) being used in the pool. How does that happen? Seems like there must be more to the story.

mikee said...

You are the Turner of the shores of Lake Mendota.
I wonder if the lake will ever know or appreciate your capture of its glory.

surfed said...

Typical and everyday cloud patterns in North Florida.