July 9, 2016

On Facebook, Micah Johnson, the Dallas sniper, liked the New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.

The NYT reports. The New Black Panther Party is, according the Anti-Defamation League "the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist black militant group in the United States."
[T]he African American Defense League, which was formed in 2014 by a man named Mauricelm-lei Millere.

“Millere is known for calling for violence against police specifically, on a regular basis,” said Oren Segal, the director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “Usually after a high profile police-related shooting he takes to social media to encourage violence against police.”

After the killing of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Mr. Millere called for “death to every blue, bastard, hypocrites, killer pig across the nation,” according to Mr. Segal.


The Drill SGT said...

Just your average friendly community organizers...

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

So am I close enough in guessing that Mauricelm-lei Millere would have been a Patriot, not a Loyalist?.

David Begley said...

Organized terrorists. The FBI needs to investigate them for criminal activity not protected by the First Amendment and for crimes excluding gross negligence.

MayBee said...

Anti-semitic, huh? Must have heard the Trump dog whistle.

Moneyrunner said...

And the death in Minnesota may not have gone down as advertised. Here's the link: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/08/the-curious-case-of-philando-castile-falcon-heights-mn-police-shooting/

And the headline:

“Riding Dirty” The Curious Case of Philando Castile – Falcon Heights, MN Police Shooting…
There are a few discrepancies to the story being told.

A few thoughts:

Philandro Castile wass not issued a concealed carry license.

His car does not appear to have a broken taillight; not the reason for the stop.

Philandro Castile looked like a robbery suspect. There is reason to believe that's why he was stopped.

I'm curious about a woman whose lover has just been shot to calmly take out a camera and stream the encounter.

But the narrative has been set and like the fable in Ferguson, like the innocence of OJ, it will be repeated endlessly until it's the God's honest truth.

DanTheMan said...

>>the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist black militant group in the United States
Wait a minute! I have been assured that blacks cannot be racists...

Gusty Winds said...

Has the media tried to find out if these groups are Obama and Clinton supporters? Will there be the cerimonial request of Mrs. Clinton to disavow these groups?

I'm sure in the next few days we'll see David Duke's opinion "trending" on FB, and how it somehow ties to Trump. Duke seems to pop up in trends about every other week.

As if anybody cares what David Duke thinks.

shiloh said...

And this is surprising how?

Breaking ... the KKK is anti-Black, Catholics, Jews, organized labor, immigrants.

Also, a big supporter of Trump. Shocking!

Wince said...

Don't worry, AG Lynch and the Civil Rights Division is on the case.

narciso said...

The industrial area foundation, which sponsored the march is soros.

MadisonMan said...

If I ever go postal, so to speak, I will spend the weeks beforehand cleansing my internet presence so I remain an enigma to the Media.

Chances of this happening: Vanishingly small.

Browndog said...

Moneyrunner said...

I was withholding personal judgement on the Baton Rouge shooting until more facts came out, but I was dead certain the Minnesota shooting was a bad shooting. No way around it. Now it appears it's possible I was duped yet again!

I'm as cynical as they come when it come to media "reporting", yet it appears they got me yet again.

BTW- The Conservative Treehouse is the blog that exposed the false narrative behind the Trayvon Martin incident.

tim in vermont said...

Now it appears it's possible I was duped yet again!

I know, me too. I am never cynical enough, hard as I try.

Michael K said...

Shiloh has checked in this morning and gotten his/her marching orders.

"Now it appears it's possible I was duped yet again!"

They are working hard at it.

Well, I'm sure they have good reasons.

Birkel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birkel said...

I have had quite a few black friends, colleagues and acquaintances tell me that blacks cannot be racist because they are a minority. They say these things sincerely and without hint of irony. I assume they are not now, nor will they ever, reconsider.

Michael said...


Ah, the KKK gambit. LOL. You know a bit about it, I suppose, it being founded only a few miles from the battle you named yourself after. LOL. Up the road as it were.

shiloh said...

Indeed Michael as the KKK was formed by southern Dems who are now all Republicans.

take care

After Shiloh, the South never smiled!

Michael said...


you still paying those rednecks dues? LOL. They don't come up much in normal conversation but they seem to be top of mind with you. LOL. Dude, stick to the one liners, your forte.

Michael said...


LOL!! Dude, you get your history on YouTube? How cool is that Stick to the one liners there.

Crimso said...

"Indeed Michael as the KKK was formed by southern Dems who are now all Republicans."

Yeah, Robert Byrd is dead now, isn't he?

YoungHegelian said...

Also, a big supporter of Trump. Shocking

I guess some guys didn't get the memo.

Oh, & David Duke broke with the Klan in 1981. I'm not saying he's now singing Kumbayah around the campfire with his minority brothers, but he's now into mostly antisemitism. You know renewed relations with Iran, BDS, pro-Palestinian causes. Just like a large chunk of the Left.....

virgil xenophon said...

tim in vermont@8:57am/

"I try to be cynical, but I can't keep up.."

---------Lilly Tomlin, (great political philosopher while musing about contemporary modern society)

For that comment alone--lefty tho she may be-- she should be praised to the Gods for all eternity, lol

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

"Indeed Michael as the KKK was formed by southern Dems who are now all Republicans."

This is so funny! So false. William Fulbright, known racist, never changed parties. Nor did his successor, Bill Clinton. Hell, just a few years ago old Billy J was lamenting the fact that Obama should have been bringing him drinks instead of beating his wife in a presidential primary. Billy ain't no Republican, you Asshole!

Fear not, the party of Jim Crow and internment camps is still the spiritual home of the KKK, of separatism and gnarly bigots like the BLM crowd and the Muslim congressmen who somehow can reconcile their desire to behead gays and their firm stance for LBGT rights. Yes, those contradictory democrats just keep on evolving in a progressive fashion, don't they?

Michael K said...

" the KKK was formed by southern Dems who are now all Republicans."

Says the poor dope who gets his/her info from TPM.

Owen said...

Maybe a little O/T but Daily Beast profile of Micah Johnson includes this nugget about his sister Nicole: "Johnson’s anti-cop sentiment was shared by his sister on Facebook. Two days before the massacre, she posted an ominous message about police being harmed.
'Everything coming into the light and I for one think these cops need to get a taste of the life we now fear.'"

Question: accessory before the fact? Is anybody asking her what she knew and when she knew it?

Drago said...

Shiloh: :...the KKK was formed by southern dems who are now all Republicans."

This just in: Republican voters are, on average, approximately 160 years old.

#lefty logic + #thescienceissettled

buwaya said...

See Richard Fernandez today.
He cites Michael Yon, who you should also see today.
The business about the mahout and the elephant applies, also the mechanics of social breakdown.
This all is leading to yet more arms sales to the public, who I am convinced are semi-unconsciously preparing for war. Its not crime thats driving all this.
People are provoking each other without concern for the likely consequences.

shiloh said...

"you get your history on YouTube"

My youtube acct. and my dad was a Civil War aficionado/expert as mentioned previously. Try to keep up.

Mike/Michael/MK somewhat amusing that smug/arrogant Althouse con sheep, like yourselves, are jumping through hoops trying to give the impression Reps are pro equality/civil rights on any level re: any subject.

Indeed as surely your chosen one, Trump, will lead the party of Lincoln to the promised land.

Old white guys unite!

Keep hope alive!

buwaya said...

Does your father get along with you Shiloh?

shiloh said...

"Does your father get along with you Shiloh?"

Speaking of smug/arrogant con sheep, my father passed away 23 yrs ago.

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

Who sees EVERYTHING through the lens of race and class, Shiloh? It ain't the Republicans! It's YOUR party that has to segment people and pigeonhole them based on skin color, sex, national heritage etc. It is YOUR party that filibustered the Civil Rights Act, not Republicans. It's YOUR party that sucks up to the BLM racists.

Funny thing is it's YOUR party that runs all the cesspit cities with the worst life expectancy for black people.

I'm beginning to see a pattern.

buwaya said...

Did you get along with him at the time?
Would he have approved of your behavior?
Was he, also, perhaps, a "con sheep"?
I have hung out with a great number of Civil War buffs, there are, or were, many in California. They used to gather at Angel Island and Fort Point in San Francisco. Pretty much gone or driven away by the local Democrats, who dont like uniforms and muskets. Needless to say, said buffs were conservatives to a man, or a woman.

shiloh said...

Mike getting all hot and bothered notwithstanding, as mentioned several times previously I'm a registered independent.

The pattern I noticed after a couple days in 2010 = Althouse 95/5 con majority will bend over backwards changing the subject/apologizing/rationalyzing re: the Republican party being the party of overt racism er the truth.

Again, I'm here for the pedestrian entertainment Althouse provides daily.

buwaya said...

We used to have a contingent of Civil War re-enactors doing the July 4 parade here in San Francisco. All in blue, btw.
Also driven away.

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

Show me the "overt racism" of which you speak, Shiloh the Independent.

(Before you pull out a list of Trumpish quotes, think long and hard about whether Mexican and Muslim are terms that denote RACE or not.)

DanTheMan said...

Yes, the KKK was formed 150 years ago by Democrats. Many of whom still vote for their party.

buwaya said...

I am an overt racist. Also a foreigner and not a US voter.
Fight with me, or admit you are a coward.

shiloh said...

"I am an overt racist."

The truth shall set you free!

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

The subject of this Althouse post is the racist organizations and anti-white proclivities of the Dallas murderer. How is it off topic to point out that the Democrat plantation is the home of racists like him? Shiloh tries the tired old arguments about the racists dems magically turning into racist republicans. I don't adhere to that myth and have never met a racist who wasn't a democrat or demlocrat pretending to be independent.

shiloh said...

Mike has never met a democrat pretending to be an independent.

Quite the non sequitur.

Let the record show Mike has met a lot of people.

buwaya said...

So what is wrong with Racism?
I am not a Republican, not an American and not a US voter.
What are you?

buwaya said...

Coward Shiloh?

buwaya said...

Besides being opposed to fellows dressed in blue with muskets (assault weapons I suppose), around here the friends of Shiloh also objected to the local Italians dressing in 15th century outfits on Columbus day. It was the assault halberds I think.

Mike (MJB Wolf) said...

I'll accept your non-response for what it is Shiloh: an inability to support your wild thesis.

Michael said...


Dude, your Dad was a Civil War buff? Really? Like with the uniforms and hats and muskets? You fucking rock, Mr. S. So you were more or less born into a Civil War family and your deep knowledge just rubbed off from your Dad's scratchy authentic wool Army of the Potomac uniform? do you "reenact" too? Even in the Summer? I might have seen you behind the smoke at Kennesaw Mtn a few years ago with the cannon all jumping and you looking all squinty up the Mtn at the rebels.

Holy shit, comedy gold, comedy platinum, comedy comedy comedy.

Shiloh's dad was a CW expert and thus....

shiloh said...

Smoldering old white guy resentment aside, interesting many in the old south are still fighting the Civil War much like Althouse smug, old white guy cons w/their disingenuous sarcasm trying to rebut the Rep party's systemic racism:

Voting rights, civil rights, anti-immigration, equal pay, Nixon's southern strategy, easily nominating birther, anti-immgration, keep Muslim's out, build a faux wall, politician's in every pocket Trump. Trump's father was a die hard racist as well. Go figure!


But, but, but some of my best friends are Black/Jews/Latinos/Hispanics.


Perception is reality as whiny, old white guy Althouse cons continue to blame the MSM for their ineptitude in high turn out presidential elections.


Oops! ~ Top Pennsylvania Republican Admits Voter ID Helped Suppress Obama Voters

And old white guy Althouse cons continue to wonder why they have trouble winning the minority vote. Oh the humanity!

I yield back the balance of my time.

damikesc said...

Also, a big supporter of Trump. Shocking!

Did Trump turn down a verdict against the KKK?


Obama did that with the Black Panthers. Remember that? Or the lack of any concerns in regards to them intimidating people at polling places? I doubt he'd have let the KKK slide. I am also fairly sure Trump wouldn't have. But he DID let the Panthers slide. I'm also fairly sure Trump wouldn't have.

While the KKK might support Trump, there is no evidence he supports them.
The Black Panthers supported Obama. He showed them far more support than Trump showed the KKK.

Indeed Michael as the KKK was formed by southern Dems who are now all Republicans.

Very few segregationists left the Democratic Party. Many stayed for years. Irvin, hero of the Watergate Committee, was a segregationist.

shiloh said...

dami, Obama's a Black Muslim born in Kenya so of course he's an avid supporter of all anti-white groups!

shiloh said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but do most old white guy Althouse cons have a habit of living in the past.

If true, this could be a systemic problem. Please, take my hand as "we" enter the 21st century!

buwaya said...

Well, yes he is anti-white, or anti-not-his-kind-of-white anyway. He seems more in favor of the rich kind in NYC and Harvard.
Its got more to do with his American tribe than his Kenyan tribe.

buwaya said...

I live in the future. Which it seems will be more like Iraq.
We can perhaps aspire to the stability of Mexico, but that may be too much to hope for in a place lacking ethnic uniformity.

Gahrie said...

the Republican party being the party of overt racism er the truth.

As I just posted on another thread...

The Republicans want to treat people as individuals, and treat them equally. The democrats want to treat people as members of identity groups, and treat them unequally. Which is racist?

The Republican Party was formed to oppose slavery, and Republicans wrote and passed the civil rights amendments. The Democratic Party was responsible for every major racist act this country has committed....defense of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation, the Trail of Tears, the interment of the Japanese..etc.

Michael said...

pvt. shiloh

Dude, the Civil War is the very definition of the past. LOL.

BTW, are you a foot soldier or do you have rank? Tell me if you're an officer so we can adjust our mockery accordingly.

I rank you a private but I could be wrong. Sad to hold that rank for the duration but then....

buwaya said...

Based on the trajectory of the corporatist-bureaucratic state, I was hoping for an end-state more like Argentina, that is long term stability at a less than optimal economic level, but that may be too much to hope for.
Have you been to Argentina Shiloh?

shiloh said...

Michael, I especially enjoy old white guy Althouse con kindergarten name calling so feel free to call me whatever you want.

It's all part of the Althouse entertainment package. And why Freeman Hunt inanely thinks Althouse is the best blog on the net.

Gahrie said...

Michael, I especially enjoy old white guy Althouse con kindergarten name calling

The hypocrisy is so bad it burns.....

Michael said...

look, private shiloh, it is one thing to suffer your endless racist rants about the KKK without bringing ageism into your arsenal of mini balls and mini thoughts. LOL.

I am sorry that they didn't issue summer uniforms. That wool can make for extra stupid thinking these hot days. But you can take off the cap.

LOL. shiloistic fun this day, shitastic posting from our resident KKKer

buwaya said...

I suspect daddy issues here. Dad was a history buff, a Civil War buff, and very likely some sort of conservative. Shiloh has nothing but contempt for such, and anything related. Issues.
Had therapy?

Jason said...

Shiloh: and my dad was a Civil War aficionado/expert as mentioned previously.

LOL so is my dad. And I'm telling you you're an idiot. #WutNowBitch

Jason said...

Hey Shiloh...

How many segregationist Dixiecrat Senators became Republicans after the Dixiecrat movement faded vs. how many ended their careers being reelected for years as Democrats?

I'll wait.

Michael said...

I would leave shiloh alone, he is probably drilling now in the hot July sun. Private shiloh. Miniballs.

ken in tx said...

I am surprised that no one (not even Shiloh) mentioned, that the name Shiloh originally comes from the Bible. It was the location of the Ark of the Covenant during the time of the prophet Samuel.

damikesc said...

dami, Obama's a Black Muslim born in Kenya so of course he's an avid supporter of all anti-white groups!

He supports racist black groups. Grand. I don't see any evidence that Trump supports any racist white groups. Don't see why Obama is "less racist".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but do most old white guy Althouse cons have a habit of living in the past.

Who said: Indeed Michael as the KKK was formed by southern Dems who are now all Republicans.?

I don't see how correcting incorrect information is "living in the past" when providing incorrect information is not.

damikesc said...

How many segregationist Dixiecrat Senators became Republicans after the Dixiecrat movement faded vs. how many ended their careers being reelected for years as Democrats?

I actually researched this once. For both Houses combined, it was between like 5 and 7. Senate? I think 2 (Thurmond and Helms).

shiloh said...

"I am surprised that no one (not even Shiloh) mentioned, that the name Shiloh originally comes from the Bible."

Why are you surprised? The biblical reference is not noteworthy re: innate racism in today's Republican party.

Michael K said...

trying to give the impression Reps are pro equality/civil rights on any level re: any subject.

The poor dope is still regurgitating mush he/she learned on TPM.

The Republican Party was formed to end slavery. A couple of weeks ago I visited the graves of two ancestors who died in the Civil War. They weren't "reenactors." One was wounded in the 22 May assault on Vicksburg. I have his letters to his wife from the three years he served and I have the letter from the sister of the guy in the next bed in Gayoso General Hospital informing her that her husband had died that morning. June 2 1863.

The Democrats and Nathan Bedford Forrest formed the KKK and Woodrow Wilson had DW Griffith to the White House to show his movie "Birth of a Nation" about it. All through the 1920s and 30s, Republicans introduced anti-lynching legislation in Congress which was always killed by Democrats.

It goes on and on but kids like you never learned any history.

shiloh said...

Talking about today MK, not ancient history when you and Aaron Burr were best friends.

Michael K said...

"not ancient history when you and Aaron Burr were best friends."

I know. Why the Constitution is 100 years old !

You have no idea how ignorant you sound.


Michael said...

Private shiloh

Do you use a metal detector looking for mini balls? You know you're not supposed to remove them from the battlefields. I am sure your father told you that. He did didn't he?

Juvenal said...

How long until Obama tells us Micah Johnson could have been his son?

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Some Reprublican once told me that Democrats can never become Republicans. If they do then they instantly become non-racists.

It's just never happened once, in the history of the world or of America, that people stopped voting for one party and then voted for (or even joined!) another.

That's why we call them "Reagan Democrats." They were Democrats who were for Reagan, but never voted for him or any other Republican. When the south went from a Democratic voting bloc to a Republican voting bloc, it was only the non-racist voters who made that change.

The racists all stayed in the Democrat party. Including "Dixiecrat" Strom Thurmond, who ran on an explicitly segregationist ticket.

Republicans were always very reluctant to take in guys like him. And they never did. (Except for all the Strom Thurmonds and their ilk, etc., etc., etc.)

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Shorter Michael K etc.:

"It was wrong for racist Democrats like Robert Byrd to change their views! Instead, they should have just changed their party!"

But Republicans were always less racist!

Try to wrap your head around the cognitive dissonance that rationalization would take. And feel sorry for our Republicans in the comments. Just imagine the type of illogical revisionist bullshit they have to live and convince themselves of. Bubble life!

Michael K said...

"Try to wrap your head around the cognitive dissonance that rationalization would take."

As usual, Ritmo makes no sense. Try to write coherent comments.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

As usual, Ritmo makes no sense. Try to write coherent comments.

Your stupidity and inability to understand a comment doesn't make that comment incoherent.

I'm just wondering why you talk about racist Democrats when obviously they all ended up in your party anyway.

The current, longstanding policies of the Democratic Party represent a diverse people who don't seek the division of racial injustice while the Republican Party seeks to only, and often explicitly, represent the interests of rich white folks.

State your very coherent case for why it's wrong to point that out. Or state why, in your infinite coherence, why you disagree.

Or just be a smug asshole and continue to with the ad hominems and your Colonel Klink impression.

buwaya said...

Its time to become more racist. I suggest the model should be Chicanismo in California. By this time, in public universities anyway, there is no point having a non-tribal ethic, because the only non-tribal zones are a minority. Everyone needs to have a tribe assigned upon enrollment, and there should be open and honest negotiation between cultural factions.
I suggest the factions, in higher education anyway, should be Chicano, Black, Other Latino, Chinese, Other Asian (that one will be messy), Liberal white (to include gays and feminists), Conservative white. I expect much crossover into both "white" groups.
Acknowledgement of particular interests would help.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

One thing I know about assigning tribes upon enrollment is that no one would want to be a part of bouillabaisse putzi's tribe - whichever that one is.

However he identifies, is a way that no one else will want to identify.

Just keep him away from everyone else. He has no culture, no history, no pride. And everyone is ok with that. Just keep it to himself.

buwaya said...

I am a foreign crocodile, which is admittedly a rather exclusive group. I suppose it could be extended to other exotic swamp dwelling predators, including natives like snapping turtles and alligators, but relatively few of these attempt higher education, even under todays lax enrollment standards.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Yeah like I said no one cares.

You must have done a lot of acid (or similar) before you started thinking you were an American.

buwaya said...

Anti-reptile bigotry!
Its the scales is it? Texture-phobia?
Or maybe some sort of, er, sensitivity, defensiveness, inferiority complex, if we can get specific here. Its all about what I keep in the cloaca isnt it?

Jon Ericson said...

Ahh, I'm just in time for the Ritmo show.
Carry on.
When do we get to the schoolyard taunts?
Or has it started already?

Michael K said...

MacDonalds just ended the day shift.

Back to my book.

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

Birkel said...
"I have had quite a few black friends, colleagues and acquaintances tell me that blacks cannot be racist because they are a minority."

They're not your friends.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Well Jon, you must know a lot about schoolyard taunts. Your picture looks you just got out of high school.

Did your parents have that talk with you now that your pubes have grown in?

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Back to my book.

Again. No one cares.

MacDonalds just ended the day shift.

Does your daughter like her new uniform?

Jon Ericson said...

PUBES! You sure have a thing about genitalia.
I knew you'd come through!

Jon Ericson said...

The FBI has a uniform? Who knew?
MAN! Did I call it or what?

Saint Croix said...

Interesting to compare the reactions of our wannabe leaders.

Obama: He came down squarely on the side of the police. Not just expressing sympathy for the victims, but also for police officers as representatives of government authority. He was "horrified" after what he called a "vicious, calculated and despicable act."

Obama's response was the most authoritarian. I think part of that is a feeling of racial guilt and also personal guilt for his lack of regard for the military and the police. And also (as always) there is political calculation. In fact all of these responses are very, very calculated.

Hillary: Her response is the most pacifist. She comes across like a 60's liberal in a tie die shirt. She's worried about the children. I do not believe any children were actually shot in these murders. If you are worried about violence against the children, you might re-think your support for Roe v. Wade. Are you running for baby-sitter? Maybe we can censor this violence from the airwaves and Protect the Children.

Big Mommy is dangerous, particularly when she is paying a doctor to get rid of a baby. Clinton is trying to shore up her black support, and her feminist support. Or maybe she is under stress and is expressing her feminine concern for safety. I am pretty sure police officers Protect the Children--as opposed to, say, abortion doctors--so you might want to think about ways to Protect the Police Who Are Protecting the Children. I'm afraid her plan is to disarm everybody and nationalize the police force. Maybe more authoritarian than Obama, actually. If anybody else is shot she will outlaw caffeine, too.

Gary Johnson: I am perhaps most aggravated by Gary Johnson's response. It's a day of mourning. Mourn, idiot. Express your feelings and connect with people. You will never win any election for anything if you cannot express your feelings and connect with people. I applaud your attempt to shift the conversation from race. But your marijuana obsession marks you as an idiot. Marijuana is not the solution to anything, dummy. Our marijuana laws are #9623 on my list of shit of that needs fixing. Pot is way, way, way below gay marriage and illegal immigration, which are also relatively unimportant. Your focus is shit. I believe you are stressed out by these killings and you are afraid you will make a bad leader. So you are subconsciously, or perhaps consciously, sabotaging your candidacy while you pave your way back into the pot industry, which apparently you never should have left.

Donald Trump. He says the Dallas shootings have "shaken the souls of our nation." That's beautiful. He nailed it. I think somebody wrote it for him and he read it off a teleprompter. But I also think Donald Trump is very, very good at catchy soundbites. And he has gotten to the heart of the appropriate emotional response. It's possible Newt or some other smart guy wrote this for him. Nonetheless, his understanding that he must say the right thing is a baby step for him in the direction of being a good President.

Also he is cognizant of a fear among many that he is too authoritarian. I do have some criticisms of what he said. He is still doing the cheap video thing, and he has little or no gravitas. On the positive side, I think Donald Trump is very good in a crisis. HIs poll numbers will dramatically increase after this.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

PUBES! You sure have a thing about genitalia.

You will too, once yours become adult-male sized.

Jon Ericson said...

Truly astounding wit.

Michael K said...

Still at it ?


Unknown said...

When will Hillary condemn the new black panther KKK party and the African American defense league.

Michael The Magnificent said...

Ku Klux Klan members in United States politics

The left can (and does!) sling bullshit all day long, and blame the Republican party for the KKK, but the truth is the KKK was the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party, who's purpose was to terrorize Republicans and blacks.

Fernandinande said...

He also liked stealing panties.

At least part of Johnson’s manifest transformation seems to have been the result not of PTSD, but of what might be termed PTDD, Post Traumatic Disgrace Disorder.

As reported by one of his bunkmates in Afghanistan, Johnson suffered a particular shame.

“We all knew he was a pervert cuz he got caught stealing girls’ panties,” the bunkmate later said in a Facebook post.

Johnson’s military lawyer, Bradford Glendening, says that a female corporal mentioned Victoria’s Secret underthings when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against his client.

ncBadger said...

When Dylann Roof shot up a black church in Charleston last year, Amazon was quick to remove the Confederate flag from their shelves (accompanied by numerous press releases) because the mere appearance of the flag in the background of Roof's photographs on FaceBook made it culpable for his actions. Anxiously awaiting (/sarc) the massive publicity campaign from Amazon announcing that it is pulling all "black power" merchandise (t-shirts, jewelry, etc) from its shelves now that Dallas shooter Micah X. Johnson has definitively defined the raised black fist that symbolizes "black power" as a symbol of racism and hate.