July 17, 2016

"I swear to God I love this city, but I wonder if this city loves me. In uniform, I get nasty hateful looks..."

"... and out of uniform some consider me a threat. I’ve experienced so much in my short life and these last 3 days have tested me to the core.... This city MUST and WILL get better. I’m working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer. I got you."

Wrote Montrell L. Jackson on July 8.

One of the police officers shot dead today in Baton Rouge.


traditionalguy said...

A good man representing Lawful Authority at its best. No wonder he was targeted by Obama and Soros death squads.

Jon Ericson said...

Baton Rouge video removed by Facebook


Owen said...

Very very sad.

How long do you think the Thin Blue Line can hold when it is being cut to pieces in ambush by every lunatic who has been told that cops are fair game?

Heather MacDonald has nailed this problem and her new book "The War on Cops" looks to be a must-read. In the meantime she did a great short (22 min) lecture summarizing her findings and argument. I found it at Powerline blog today. Worth it.

mockturtle said...

Heartbreaking! :-(

Jon Ericson said...




mikee said...

Decades ago, as a parochial school student, I was asked to write a short eulogy for the father of a schoolmate, an FBI officer killed in the line of duty, and I delivered it at the memorial service attended by all students.

I recall thinking about the assignment all day, and coming up with nothing to assuage the horror of this man's death other than that he died while doing what he had chosen to do, to help his community.

It seemed weak then, and it seems weak now.

I prefer Glen Reynolds take on the police: They are not there to keep us safe from criminals, tpolice are there to keep criminals safe from the rest of the populace.

Doug said...

Sick to my stomach at this hero's murder.

n.n said...
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n.n said...

To live and strive. RIP

Jon Ericson said...

2 men in custody by FBI.
Walked into wal-mart in black clothing.
changed clothes
citizen called in suspicious characters/car they were driving away.
picked up at gas station.


go to 13:10:31
or 2:11 pm above logo 9 WAFB.

this is being suppressed nationally.

Jon Ericson said...

It was an ambush.
car had texas plates
possibly rental

Jon Ericson said...


narciso said...
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MAJMike said...

Fundamental change in America.

William said...

By any metric he seems a decent man. The felon who got shot was a sex offender with a history of domestic abuse. Why do blacks make common cause with low lifes like that and regard an officer like this with hostility and suspicion? Same deal in Baltimore with Freddy Gray and those three black officers.

rhhardin said...

Well yes hateful looks. He's not only a policeman but a traitor to the BLM cause, to these Dem pals.

Captain Drano said...

I saw the photo of this officer and his baby sitting at a table at the Daily Mail site, when I saw the baby's lil stuffed animal and pacifier, I actually cried, for the first time in a long time.

Jon Erickson--when I first saw the car being towed on the excellent coverage on the livestream of the local BR news, I thought it may be a rental, but then it looked like the license plate frame was pink, so maybe not. However, now the Daily Caller has a video posted that this freak took with some new "friends" in a car--I couldn't get the video to load so am wondering if it was a Nissan as well, and since the freak was also in Dallas, maybe they connected there and are in fact accomplices, especially since the DPD shooter was ex military as was this freak.

Jon Ericson said...
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Jon Ericson said...

Nope, the car in the video from Daily Caller had a Chevy bow-tie on the steering wheel.

glenn said...

George Soros has a lot to answer for.

chickelit said...

@Jon Ericson:

But it must be a lone gunman!

Sebastian said...

Clearly, his black life didn't matter. Gives the lie to BLM, as if any were needed. His blood is on O and any Dem politico who failed to stand up to the anti-cop onslaught.

Of course, I had no illusions about O and his minions and fully expected him to exploit any opportunity for progressive political gain, etc. etc. But since he could have done so much more, precisely to deal with racial division, his presidency is still an outrageous waste.

Captain Drano said...

@Jon Erickson, I finally was able to watch it, and it's a Chevy alright--but I think you are correct re rental car, there's a "no smoking" decal on the windshield. And a pink backpack in the trunk, which is interesting as the Nissan license plate frame looked pink on the news. Both the Nissan on the news and the Chevy in this vid are silver--maybe the news got the make wrong?

Jon Ericson said...

Well, if you're funded and directed by Soros, you can bet the perps were told not to drive/rent a

Diamond in the back
Sunroof top
Diggin' the scene
With a gangsta lean

type of a car.
A new silver Nissan is what Mr. Soros would recommend.


Moneyrunner said...

Isn't it time for R&B to explain to us why this is Lee Atwater's fault, or Trump's?

Jon Ericson said...

Don't invoke it!

Jon Ericson said...

Too late, it's INSIDE the Althouse!
One floor up!

Moneyrunner said...

Over at The Federalist - a rabidly anti-Trump blog site, there is this analysis by John Gibbs – a black man - of what Obama has done. It explains the last 7 ½ years well.

My view of America is that we are a place of great promise and opportunity, where someone like me, who is the grandchild of illiterate black Southern sharecroppers, can achieve success and reach the American dream. We are a place occupied by fair-minded, hard-working people whose culture and values have built a nation that is the envy of the world. I am proud to be a part of that culture.

Our Founders, while imperfect and a product of their times, were visionary heroes who made hard choices and compromises to give us the successful system we have today. Because Americans are good, we’ve worked hard over time to right the wrongs in our society that our Founding Fathers could not eliminate in their time. In summary, we are a fundamentally decent people blessed to live in a phenomenal land with a rich heritage.

But not so for President Obama. His view of our nation seems to be very different than mine and that of many other Americans. I believe that when President Obama thinks of America, more so than a place of hope or opportunity, he thinks of a place where racist white Christian fundamentalists came here from Europe, committed genocide against Native Americans, enslaved and segregated black people, denied women, gays, and other minorities their rights, and used capitalism and a rigged legal system to oppress poor people for centuries. He also believes this is still continuing today.

Given this view of America as an evil place in need of forceful justice for her sins, the president’s overarching goal has been to eliminate what he sees as the structural, institutionalized discrimination that defines America. He has done this by taking every opportunity to see disparities between groups as evidence of discrimination, then using all available resources to fight this perceived discrimination by going to war against the Americans he believes are responsible for it, who are almost always whites, men, police, and Christians.

A small sampling of the ways he has done this are: accusing whites of “white privilege,” which means having an unfair advantage due to being white, an advantage built upon oppressing minorities; accusing the police and justice system at large of racism; blaming pay differences between men and women on discrimination; and casting Islamic radicalism as a legitimate response to discrimination (ostensibly by white Christians).

This strategy has had two effects: 1) It’s caused the alleged victims of the perceived discrimination to become more militant, hostile, and only willing to make demands and not willing to engage in dialogue due to increasing their sense of victimhood, and 2) It’s caused the alleged perpetrators of the perceived discrimination to feel unfairly blamed for problems that are not their fault, thus less willing to engage in dialogue with people who will do nothing but accuse them of wrongdoing.

In other words, both sides are moving away from each other. This means that, contrary to unifying the nation, the president’s leadership has caused division and discord.

It means that there will be a lot more incidents like Dallas and Baton Rouge as long as Obama’s in office and if Hillary presides over Obama’s third term.

Moneyrunner said...

It's fairly easy to understand. Republicans are for law and order. Cops are for law and order. In the crazed minds of the Left both cops and Republicans are oppressors of blacks even if the cop or the Republican is black because they are that's the way the Left thinks. So it's OK to shoot both both cops and Republicans because that's how we keep from being taken over by Hitler.

It's not hard if you understand it's all Lee Atwater's fault.

Bill said...

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

Clayton Hennesey said...

Conservative pundit Rod Dreher uses the opportunity of the Baton Rouge police shootings to promote his forthcoming book:

"A reader who is a widow and a mother writes in the wake of the Baton Rouge shooting. I know her;..."

I hope your book about the Benedict Option addresses issues like this because my concern is that people are going to be looking for ways to protect and provide for themselves and their families, but a real Benedict Option provides for those who are hurting and in need, not just physical need but emotional and mental need.

So there's a silver lining opportunity in everything.

Jon Ericson said...

Well put, Moneyrunner.

rhhardin said...

Law and order aren't the same thing. It's not a pleonasm.

mockturtle said...

Moneyrunner, the John Gibbs essay was excellent. Thank you for sharing it here. Most appropriate.

Lauderdale Vet said...

Ditto, Moneyrunner. Thanks for sharing that.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Day is done
Gone's the Sun
From the hills, from the lakes, from the sky
Safely rest
All is well
God is nigh

Thank you for your service, Officer Jackson. Requiescat in pace.

Paul Snively said...

Putting the "red stick" in "Baton Rouge."

Anonymous said...

"It means that there will be a lot more incidents like Dallas and Baton Rouge as long as Obama’s in office and if Hillary presides over Obama’s third term."

Amazing that anyone can seriously believe that civil unrest will improve under Trump.

Rusty said...

FranDresher said...
"It means that there will be a lot more incidents like Dallas and Baton Rouge as long as Obama’s in office and if Hillary presides over Obama’s third term."

Amazing that anyone can seriously believe that civil unrest will improve under Trump.

7/18/16, 6:09 AM

What is truly amazing is that you think it won't.

Brando said...

What a stunning contrast to the hateful scum who would shoot a man like this just for being a cop.

Hopefully disgust over this will spur more people towards cracking down on the violent fanatics and encouraging better cooperation between the police and the communities they serve. With a rising crime rate, this could become the '70s all over again.

Brando said...

"Amazing that anyone can seriously believe that civil unrest will improve under Trump."

Presidents won't have any effect on this, and neither Hillary or Trump is a racial unifier. They both exist to split and pick up what they think are the biggest parts.

MaxedOutMama said...

When the best are sacrificed to the worst, it's time to rethink.

I don't know what to say to his family; I don't know what to say to his friends; I don't know what to say to his colleagues.

Somehow, sorrow and mourning and words don't seem ENOUGH. Inadequate in every way.

damikesc said...

Thing is, the problems are a two-way street and all the actions produce an increase in problems.

Police are WAY too overmilitarized, have way too much power, and don't seem all that well-trained in avoiding conflict (they are solid at maintaining control of a situation). The main conflict with minority communities seems to be the avoidance of conflict issue.

Police are also targeted for killing by people for no reason besides their jobs and are scapegoated as the cause of all problems in minority communities.

A cop gets ambushed and killed. Other cops become more jittery (who knows if this next call is legit or an ambush?) and their focus on their security causes abrasive behavior to minority communities.

This behavior increases the anger in communities towards the police, increasing violence towards police.

I don't see a fix because both sides have to change and both sides feel (a littler bit justly but primarily unjustly) that the other wants them dead/hurt/incapacitated.

Cops can't have total support because, in the end, they are adept at abusing their authority. But they need a lot of support because they're being called on to correct massive problems in society that they were never designed to correct.

Bruce Hayden said...

Amazing that anyone can seriously believe that civil unrest will improve under Trump.

Why? Are you a paid Hillary shill?

Face it. The reality is that racial harmony has fallen apart under Obama. Part of this was the result of intentionally playing different groups against each other. Hillary isn't going to be better there. This is a Dem party staple. But the place where she might be better is that she isn't reflexively anti colonial. Why would Trump be better? Because emphasizing racial differences is a Dem party strategy. Republicans benefit when voters vote by moral values and not racial group. Dems lose when the vote is based on gay marriage, abortion, etc. but win when it is based on skin color.