July 22, 2016

"Feel the Johnson."

Just a little something I found searching the phrase "Feel the Johnson," which I thought was pretty funny. The song doesn't play on the sexual meaning in the phrase, however. It's completely marijuana-focused.


Fernandinande said...

It's completely marijuana-focused.

Except for the parts about not tapping your phone and not getting in foreign wars. But I'm not going to listen past 1:25, so there's probably more.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

I'm a strong supporter of libertarian ideas, myself - you could say I'm a big Johnson man.

mikee said...

So just to be sure I understand - Gary Johnson is the third party candidate who might do for this election what Perot did in 1992, i.e., elect the Democrat by siphoning off enough Republican votes.

OK, got it. I expect the press will be shouting his praises for the next several months, after which he will disappear, as did Perot immediately upon Bill's election.

Bob R said...

Don't over look the picture of Trump with his tiny fingers an inch apart and Herself with her hand a foot apart.

I'm voting for Johnson. I've been told again and again that team red doesn't need the likes of me. The Trumpkins are going to win it all by themselves. REAL AMERICANS are going to win in landslide.

Wake me on November 9.

Bob R said...


I must have tiny fingers that aren't working very well.

Hunter said...


Johnson has a lot of appeal to potential Democratic voters due to his stances on civil liberties, the drug war, non-interventionism, and immigration. It's really not clear whether he's going to siphon more Republican or Democratic votes.

Whereas Perot was basically a Donald Trump figure -- he appealed to people on the right, not so much to anyone on the left.

It will be an interesting race if Johnson makes the 15% threshold to get into the debates. Just picture in your mind those three on stage together...

David53 said...

He's jonesing for a Johnson.

Shawn Levasseur said...


We're now getting people crying to us Johnson supporters that we're gonna get Trump elected, along with those who fear that we will get Clinton elected.

I'll just call it a wash and vote FOR someone rather than just against someone else.

madAsHell said...

Feel the Johnson

Are these people really that disconnected??

What else did your search for "Feel the Johnson" turn up??

Bay Area Guy said...

In the 70s, on of my favorite NFL players was San Diego Charger great, Gary "Big Hands" Johnson . I guess the QBs of the era would rather not "Feel the Johnson"

Darrell said...


Bob R said...

"Are these people..."

Yet another person with no sense of humor self-identifies.

tim in vermont said...

I feel so triggered. Not as much as I did when a Hillary ad came on the Red Sox game last night talking about how "The Children are watching..." As if they weren't all taking about blow jobs in the '90s thanks to this couple.

She has so much money it has to go someplace, even to regional MLB telecasts featuring the Twinkies.

Wince said...

Plagiarism scandal?

Obviously a lift of Creed's song "Higher".


gadfly said...

@Bay Area Guy said...
In the 70s, on of my favorite NFL players was San Diego Charger great, Gary "Big Hands" Johnson.

Governor Johnson should adopt the "Big Hands" moniker or at least the "Hands" nickname. He doesn't have particularly big hands but he uses his quite frequently to help express himself. Then he can borrow (PLAGIARIZE,'scuse me) a little Neil Diamond and sneak in a Rubio comment about Trump's small hands in an internet video.

Hands, touching hands,
Reaching out, touching me,
Touching you

Good times never seemed so good
I'd be inclined
To believe they never would
Oh, no, no

End with:
#Legalize Freedom
Vote Libertarian
Vote for Gary "Hands" Johnson for President

bagoh20 said...

"... sexual meaning in the phrase..."

I don't understand. Let me make a drink and you can explain it...slowly while playing footsie under the table. It is Friday, ya know.