July 29, 2016

At the Pelikan Café...


... have a seat. Draw something. Say something. Or just watch and listen.


Jon Ericson said...


Big Mike said...

@Althouse, you have a great career ahead of you (after you become a Professor Emeritus) illustrating science fiction.

Big Mike said...

I am dismayed at the lack of historical awareness of modern Americans. Anyone who thinks the election of 2016 is nasty needs to take a look at the election of 1894, pitting James Blaine (R), referred to by Democrats and "Mugwump" Republicans as "the continental liar from the State of Maine," versus Grover Cleveland, father of an illegitimate child ("Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?" "Gone to the White House Ha, Ha, Ha.")

Laslo Spatula said...

The top half of the drawing is the back end of someone sitting in a straining, rippling pair of Depends.

Leakage is accumulating at the bottom of these Depends, then oozing out onto the square ribbed throw pillow, the effluent then collecting and congealing around its edges.

I have no idea why Althouse would choose to draw something like that.

The Psyche does strange work.

I am Laslo.

Quaestor said...
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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I don't care if it hurts.

I want to have control.

I want a perfect body.

I want a perfect soul.

Quaestor said...

I found this old lobby card which relates to some of what we've discussed lately.

Funny thing, when this movie was made the left was telling us the Russians were the good guys, a meme they continued in Hollywood right up to today. In the movies it's the CIA, the NSA, and the Pentagon that are evil — not always, but 9 times out of 10 — and the Russians are just trying to get by.

Now the Left is screaming "the Russians are here!" If Trump wins, look for a spy movie about Russian interference in US politics.

Tommy Duncan said...

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Finding that Republican lawmakers had discriminated against minorities, a federal judge Friday struck down parts of Wisconsin's voter ID law, limits on early voting and prohibitions on allowing people to vote early at multiple sites.

With the presidential election less than four months away, GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel said he plans to appeal the sweeping decision by U.S. District Court Judge James Peterson.

Peterson also turned back other election laws Republicans have put in place in recent years.

Nice example of what talk show host Vicki McKenna calls "liberals using legal process to punish conservatives".

Will Cate said...

I call that drawing "Ant Farm at Sunset"

FullMoon said...

Peggy Noonan says:
"They’ll try to drive him crazy, too, quite deliberately. They’ll do this not by quoting him accurately and denouncing his views, but by misquoting him, putting a twist on what he said, and then denouncing him."

madAsHell said...

My wife has taken up coloring books as a stress relief. You could draw the lines, and she promises to color between the lines.

cf said...

OH My goodness, Laslo,

Are you saying Ann has drawn the HilaryBeast? revealing all that lies hidden beneath those Mao Cloaks. now in the Light of Day. Why yes I think you are.

Very great. And I am so enlivened with ms. Ann in art dance with mr. Klee.

What makes me SO SAD lately is we don't talk about MaidenMao's Worst Crime of All of them, so many crimes against us, but the worst one. She and her state department [ and her reptilian Overseer ] singled out and threw away the rights of an American citizen, more than one, but the heinous one for me is Nakoula.

She not only did not protect his right to express his ideas, she singled him out, accused him and sentenced him to be fair game and hated. threw him to the dogs. What the hell.

You may notice, Mollie Norris is not available to offer her commentary or cartoon. They threw her freedoms away First. rather than offer guards to protect her freEdoms of expression, they threw her into Oblivian, so who wins that one? Not any of us. Not the American citizen. So sad.

We should be talking about that much more. The serene police state that will be ahead and how much we won't be allowed to talk trump or whoever it is This day that might be fed to us.

So sad.

Godspeed, America

Hagar said...

In that It Takes a Village portion of Hillary!'s speech, was she plagiarizing Obama, or was she quoting herself and he plagiarized her?

I thought she looked and sounded tired and angry both yesterday and today at Temple U.

Quaestor said...

Will Cate wrote: I call that drawing "Ant Farm at Sunset"

Philistine! Anyone with a merest dollop of aesthetic sensibility knows that's Nude Descending an Etch-a-Sketch

traditionalguy said...

Pelicans, Pelicans. Doesn't anybody use Seagulls anymore?

Fred Drinkwater said...

Seagull, Penguin, whatever. It's art if you use a feather. It's kinky if you use the whole bird.

Fred Drinkwater said...

anyway I'm a rapidograph boy from way back.

Bad Lieutenant said...
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Bad Lieutenant said...

Blogger FullMoon said...
Peggy Noonan says:
"They’ll try to drive him crazy, too, quite deliberately. They’ll do this not by quoting him accurately and denouncing his views, but by misquoting him, putting a twist on what he said, and then denouncing him."
7/29/16, 7:33 PM

Trump, being an older fellow, probably grew up with the classics, including Rudyard Kipling's If, which includes these deathless lines:

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools

So he has a frame of reference for it, which is a great help and comfort, I'm sure.

He may have also read Winston Churchill who, I believe during the Boer War, said that nothing is more exciting than to be shot at without result. Lot of shooting lately from the left, no results.

Laslo Spatula said...

Fred Drinkwater said...
"anyway I'm a rapidograph boy from way back."

From a previous post of Althouse on the Pen Pelican, my reply:

"This makes me think of my old Love/Hate affair with Koh-I-Noor Pens.

Precise on Vellum, skippy on Bristol.

Wanted for the scientific precisely drafted line, then replaced by computer. Now those on computer use it on paper to scan to get the 'almost-perfect' line, that carried a hint of weight when the hand slowed, especially on curves: a miniscule flex of centrifugal force.

Well-placed micro-driblets were KING.

And anyone who borrowed them would inevitably bend the nib, rendering it useless. It wasn't a fucking Bic, people.

Same as those who would borrow your plastic French Curves and cut into the edge with the X-acto rather than the rubylith film, ruining the Curve forever: it ALWAYS remembered that cut Hitch.

When you would use it upon its return your pen/blade would find that exact same cut hitch and precisely replicate the previous mistake: Now your skills were brought down by that previous unskilled asshole. Motherfucker.

Someone older than me told me this shit.

I am Laslo."

I am a Swiss Army Knife AND a Church Key.

I am Laslo.

Rusty said...

Sort of a mix of Klee and Harry Crumb.

Saint Croix said...
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Quaestor said...

I am voting for Gary Johnson for President... And I will not vote for William Weld.

How do you plan to square that circle, Saint Croix?

BudBrown said...
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Fred Drinkwater said...

The smell of ammonia from the blueprinter.
The subtle competition to achieve the perfect lead point.
The Chinese fortune taped to the corner of the boss designer's board: You will make many changes before being satisfied.
(Sadly, not told to me by someone older. Also, my kindle insistently autoconverts your name to "Padlock". Just thought you'd liketo know.)

Saint Croix said...
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Saint Croix said...

My hope is that nobody gets 270 electoral votes!

Bad Lieutenant said...

So, put St. Croix down for blood and fire! I thought you Christians were supposed to be good with disgusting types like lepers. Maybe you're just another Pharisee.