July 28, 2016

At the Pelikan Café...


... have some caffeine and see what you can draw forth.


Unknown said...


"Dem convention ratings top Trump’s Cleveland sh*t show three nights in a row

Donald Trump loves boasting about poll numbers and ratings — and that’s why it has to be especially humiliating for him to see his own convention get beat by this week’s Democratic National Convention.

CNN reports that viewership for Day 3 of the DNC was 15% higher than viewership for the third day of last week’s Republican National Convention.

What makes this even more humiliating for Trump is that this marks the third night in a row where the DNC has beaten the RNC in terms of ratings."

eric said...

No sarcasm in this thread please. The Democrats won't understand it or think it's funny.

eric said...

Blogger Unknown said...

"Dem convention ratings top Trump’s Cleveland sh*t show three nights in a row

This is serious stuff folks. It means Trump will lose for sure.

Think back to the ratings of the Rep convention in 1980 and 1984 vs the Dem conventions those years.

And even though the Dem ratings killed the Rep ratings, Reagan won landslide victories.

Trump should be worried. Very worried.

tim in vermont said...

I can't believe that The Federation in the new Star Trek is fascist.

"You can nae break a stick if it's in a bundle." - Scotty

He's not talking about engineering either.

MadisonMan said...

Caffeine after 2? No thanks.

wildswan said...

We must, we must, we must elect a bust
It's thigh time we elect a woman.
Tonight Hillary speaks: The Vagina Monologue

Sigmund Freud, call your office:
"I often feel like there's the Hillary Clinton standard and then there's the standard for everybody else," Hillary Clinton on her use of an usecured server

Favorite comments from brave warriors who watched the convention:
Every time the media talks about Hillary's emails, a new set of Trump voters get their wings.
Ho v. Bro election

Duende - what does it mean?

tim in vermont said...

By the way, regarding that awful Star Trek movie, I noticed something else besides the coordination of its message with Hillary's "Stronger Together" slogan.

There is a joke which is very true about Star Wars, they you can substitute "plot" for "Force" and it makes the same sense. "The time has come, Luke, to introduce you to the Dark Side of the plot..."

Well, in Star Trek, whenever somebody says "Captain!" Or in Bones' case "Jim!", it really means "Audience!" Then they tell him something he would only not know if he were a blithering idiot, not a Starship Captain.

wildswan said...

Comment on late night misogynistic attack on women:
A tit has never been a plot point? what about tit for tat?

MadisonMan said...

The DA race in Dane County, up for a vote, is next week. I will vote against the incumbent, who was the prosecutor the one time I sat on a Jury. We voted for acquittal on all charges. He was abysmal.

I note that he plays the race card immediately, and often.

Levi Starks said...

Your drawings are not terrible.
I would at some point consider the purchase a copy of a self published collection.
The flower photos are pretty, but for me they lack the element of originality that the drawings possess.
Of course you could have never supported yourself in the style to which you've become accustomed as an artist, but it possible you may have been more fulfilled as a person had you chosen that path.

Robert Cook said...

Here are a few doodles from years back, (I won't say how many). These are samples from a number of pocket-sized sketchbooks I used to carry in my back pocket. (Click on each one to see larger.)

coupe said...

Looks like a worm infested plum tree for constipated immigrants.

Reminds me of those pictures the German lady forced me to look at in the asylum...

Bill Crawford said...

I see some wealthy Democrat donors are offering money for Trump's tax return. Isn't this encouraging someone to break the law - purloining the tax returns and publicizing them?

HoodlumDoodlum said...

Frickin' life on Mars.

Rocketeer said...

Robert Cook, those are quite interesting and good!

eric said...

I wonder if Hillary's outfitt will match the background again?

Are they trying to obfuscate her weight by putting her all in one color and then making the background the same color so she will blend in?

FullMoon said...

Swa a vid on Fox of Hillary hugging Obama. That was a little bit strange. I wonder if she ever hugs her friends or relatives with such passion?

rcommal said...

Robert! I enjoyed looking over the blog. All these years, and maybe I just missed it, I had no idea you drew. Fun learning something new about a longtimer.

David said...

Robert Cook: Very nice! Love the BBQ memorabilia too.

Sydney said...

Robert Cook- you drew your profile picture, right? Nice!

BudBrown said...

The Teddy Roosevelt "arena" quote. That's a big part of a Blue Bloods episode.
I've seen that one several times. Friday night tv. Hogans Heros and Wild, Wild
West were on Friday nights. I liked them til maybe 67 or 68 when I realized if
I was watching them Friday nights I was like, a total loser. Kills me Magnum
playing a eastern policeman. I mean Magnum, come on, what a show. Could have been
called Men in Shorts.

Robert Cook said...

Sydney: Yes, and thank you.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Bill Clinton, the rapist, decided to create Islamic State so people who know what the meaning "of is IS" are humiliated for his pleasure most Earthly.

Hillary stays with him for these types of reasons.

She is very sexually attracted to his evil ways, means, performance of obviously-false-denials, and Satanism in general.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Reagan the self-centered jerk, after being shot, could only think of himself, saying after the attempted assasination "honey, I forgot to duck."

Real men like Edward "Ted" Kennedy are able to care and think of others, hence Ted's love of Mary Jo Kopechne "jokes."

Ha ha ha, too bad so sad that dead bitch drown, she would have never starved with all the cum we fed her!

The irony is we thought we might drown her... in shit-stained cum!

Ha ha.

Let's go fuck her mom!

Ha ha.