June 21, 2016

"Your post seemed modeled after a Trumpish tweet. Amusing!"

Said Lauderdale Vet, my 9:39 pm post about using Loretta Lynch.


Real reason for the similarity: Writing on the iPad. I almost never post from the iPad.


Original Mike said...

I have turned off my iPad autocorrect. It was replacing more correct words than it was correcting misspellings.

Danno said...

A Chromebook would make a better mobile device for posting to the blog.

tim maguire said...

So then all tweets are modeled after Trumpish tweets?

I read it as an attempt to smear you as a Trump acolyte. At least some here think you must be because you don't ignore or reflexively mindlessly attack Trump (as we are required to do to anyone we don't actively support).

Brando said...

You'd really sell it if you added something like "nobody's better at legal analysis than me, everybody says so."

tim in vermont said...

"Hash tag SoAvoidable" would have been better.

Carol said...

I tend to post from my tiny Moto G phone. Hard!

Lauderdale Vet said...

> I read it as an attempt to smear you as a Trump acolyte.

No, it was the overall brevity combined with an even pithier followup observation.

"So avoidable!"




n.n said...

All Tweets are modeled on Tweets.