June 19, 2016






David said...


michaele said...

So much variation and yet they share generating the same response.."oh, how beautiful".

Fernandinande said...

I was pondering and even cogitating earlier today about how plants look nicer than animals.

Especially the genitals...

rhhardin said...

At least at first glance, and in general: in fact, most flowers are badly developed and are barely distinguishable from foliage; some of them are even unpleasant, if not hideous. Moreover, even the most beautiful flowers are spoiled in their centers by hairy sexual organs. Thus the interior of a rose does not at all correspond to its exterior beauty; if one tears off all the corolla’s petals, all that remains is a rather sordid tuft. Other flowers, it is true, present very well-developed and undeniably elegant stamens, but appealing again to common sense, it becomes clear on close examination that this elegance is rather satanic: thus certain kinds of fat orchids, plants so shady that one is tempted to attribute to them the most troubling of human perversions. But even more than by the filth of its organs, the flower is betrayed by the fragility of its corolla: thus, far from answering the demands of human ideas, it is the sign of their failure. In fact after a very short period of glory the marvelous corolla rots indecently in the sun, thus becoming, for the plant, a garish withering. Risen from the stench of the manure pile–even though it seemed for a moment to have escaped it in a flight of angelic and lyrical purity — the flower seems to relapse abruptly into its original squalor: the most ideal is rapidly reduced to a wisp of aerial manure. For flowers do not age honestly like leaves, which lose nothing of their beauty even after they have died; flowers wither like old and overly made-up dowagers, and they die ridiculously on stems that seemed to carry them to the clouds

- Bataille, The Language of Flowers

EMyrt said...

Beautiful pics!
Which varieties?

At a guess, from top to bottom:
One of the Austin back-crosses but not Emmanuel.
Fragrant Cloud

And Bataille is channeling French Catholic damage.
Uptight and unhinged.

LCpl Predator said...

Beautiful! Mine, here in Northern IL, are covered with Japanese Beetles. sigh

AprilApple said...

OK - you are the best close-up flower photographer. Nice.

Cassandra said...

Names please?

kanchana said...

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