June 17, 2016

Poppy 2.



Anglelyne said...

Beautiful picture, color and composition. (Though they're all nice.)

Looks like the one poppy bud is leaning over to graciously talk to the bashful wallflower bud and make it feel at ease at the poppy party.

Ann Althouse said...

Cool description. Thanks.

Anglelyne said...

You should sell prints of your photos. (Wouldn't feel right just downloading an image and hanging it on my wall, but I really like that photo.)

I did download it in order to put it in black and white, though, just to figure out what I find so appealing about the composition, and to see how much color impacts the perception. (Because the colors are so appealing to me.)

ndspinelli said...

"I feel alright w/ my needle and spoon." Savoy Brown