June 8, 2016

"It’s been compared to a subwoofer blasting Barry White’s greatest hits or an idling diesel truck."

"Others say the low, rumbling noise that has stalked residents in the Canadian city of Windsor for years sounds like Star Trek’s Enterprise gearing up for warp speed."


MadisonMan said...

We used to have a similar sound, occasionally, in my neighborhood that was eventually traced to the University's Charter Street Power Plant. I'm not exactly sure what changed, but the noise occurs no longer.

Gabriel said...

I don't buy all the disaffected residents. I suspect their problems are idiopathic.

I live about three blocks from a railroad. When I moved in my folks asked, "How often does that train go by". I said, "So often I don't even notice." And it's at all hours, and irregular, and not only vibrations but loud horns.

So how is my town of 20,000 able to cope while these Canadians are rendered helpless.

eddie willers said...

When I hear "Barry White", subwoofer does not come to mind.

Seduction, yes....bass lines, no.

Joe said...

I think it's a combination of wind and the bridge. The sound changes at night due to cooling.

What's surprising is how few residents complain, which makes me wonder about just how bad and consistent it is.

Martin said...

I live in Windsor and have done so my whole life -- most of the time on the same block in the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge. I don't hear the hum, but am very familiar, soothed really, by the sounds of the nearby railroad, the trucks on the Bridge (the most-used international crossing in North America) and the fog-horns of the ships on the Detroit River. I don't doubt that "The Hum" exists; I just don't hear it.