June 18, 2016

In the weeds.


The butterfly weeds.


Bob said...

Probably Pieris rapae.

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

I don't know whether it's Pieris rapae, but it looks like a cabbage moth from here. ("Moth" is in the popular nomenclature, but it's a butterfly.)

Ed.: Yep.

J. Farmer said...

Speaking of being in the weeds, what the hell was that State Department memo whining about us not attacking the Assad regime. Every single staff member that affixed their name to that memo should be fired on grounds of pure incompetence alone. Attacking Assad is a horrible idea. We should be helping Assad for christ's sakes. It was the collapse of the Assad regime that has permitted ISIS to flourish in Syria. The Obama administration's policy of providing arms and support to the Sunni rebels was a colossal blunder. There is no purpose for us to be against the Assad regime. Even the strategic benefit they offer to Iran is relatively minimal, basically a land route to supplying sympathetic rebel forces like Hezbollah and Hamas.

rhhardin said...

The state department complaints are from Hillary guys to disassociate H from Syris.

Hagar said...

I would leave supporting the Assad regime to Putin and J. Farmer.
The United States should not be associated with any of these people.

Laslo Spatula said...


It's tough trying to live like a Butterfly when you are surrounded by moths. I am a Butterfly, but the moths just want to see my breasts. Should I take my pajama top off?

I try not to take things personally, even the people who say I have Man Hands and want to see me pee, but Chuck19SevenSix keeps pushing and pushing and I WISH HE WOULD GO AWAY.

Chuck: I am NOT going to put anything up my ass on my WebCam Show, Never.

Not a dildo, not a carrot, not a cucumber, not a lit cinnamon candle: None Of It.

I also know you are MeesterGuava101, because you BOTH spell 'dildo' as 'dildoe', and BOTH of you have a thing for cinnamon and asses.

There's a WebCamGirl named LilTammyFourteen that LOVES to put things in her ass, maybe you should go to HER site. I bet she'll let you watch her poop, if that's what you REALLY want.

Meanwhile, did anyone read the poem I wrote? Anyone?


I am Laslo.

Fernandinande said...

LonelyWebcamGirl15 said...
Meanwhile, did anyone read the poem I wrote? Anyone?

Was it about space exploration and a trip to Uranus? If so, no.

Lyle said...

Beer drinking Istanbul Turks got attacked by some Islamist Turks. Istanbul, leading the way in progressive Ramadan observances.


Fernandinande said...

Here follows the Way whereby Witches copulate with those Devils known as Incubi.

As to the method in which witches copulate with Incubus devils, six points are to be noted.

First, as to the devil and the body which he assumes, of what element it is formed.

Second, as to the act, whether it is always accompanied with the injection of semen received from some other man.

Third, as to the time and place, whether one time is more favourable than another for this practice.

Fourth, whether the act is visible to the women, and whether only those who were begotten in this way are so visited by devils.

Fifth, whether it applies only to those who were offered to the devil at birth by midwives.

Sixth, whether the actual venereal pleasure is greater or less in this act.

J. Farmer said...


"I would leave supporting the Assad regime to Putin and J. Farmer.
The United States should not be associated with any of these people."

The Assad regime isn't as oppressive as say, the Saudi Regime and the conservative Salafism it provides political legitimacy and financial backing. We are giving billions of dollars and selling military equipment to el-Sisi, the military dictator in charge of Egypt. Thailand, a major non-NATO ally, is under the rule of Prayut Chan-o-cha, a former Thai Army officer who took power in a coup. We support Islam Karimov, the strongman of Uzbekistan whose regime killed hundreds of antigovernment protesters in the 2005 Andijan massacre.

By what standard should the United States "should not be associated" with the Assad regime?

Jon Ericson said...

Comrade! You should not be wasting time at night, when the enemy is sleeping! He is not aware of your fine rhetoric.
The time for resistance is earlier in the day, when they are goofing off at work.