June 24, 2016

Bachelor button, blooming.


Compare yesterday's photo of the bud.


MadisonMan said...

Obviously a metaphor for Brexit.

CStanley said...

Definitely painting this one!

Fred Drinkwater said...

I'm not the kind of guy who says Wow, but: Wow.
Also, that looks intensely like undersea life, especially if one disregards the outer blue petals. I have seen critters looking just like that on reefs around the world.
You sure it's not something deadly poisonous from Australia? Did you double check? I've grown quite fond of the free ice cream offered here and I'd hate to lose it to some interspecies misunderstanding.

Ann Althouse said...

Ha ha. Thanks.

This one popped out at me from the collection of things I took yesterday. In these closeups, the lens wants to focus on the stamens of the flower since they are out in front. It causes a watery looking effect on the petals which are further back. If you click to enlarge it, you'll see what's in sharp focus.

Birdwatcher said...


MayBee said...


Dad said...


Guildofcannonballs said...

Comparing unqualified "yesterday" to today is dangerously tort-worthy : Oh did those Beatles write even if Paul takes it, it being credit.

Old whores get credit too, viva la France.

But some folks are still impressed time's sundry valid concepts, eo ipso of course, contain within itself I mean to say -since my Latin sucks-, differentiation from the "now" or present as you like.

We all hope y'all be a little smarter y'alling post hencewise.

I can "play" more Gram Parsons too if you need it.

Flying Burrito Brothers have lovely renditions of classic songs to me, and the moment I realized Gram made them, mostly, what other artists wanted to do their own way by way of foregoing giving credit so as to attempt self-enrichment sans achievement or utility save willful deception in only the very worst of (many, many) cases gravitas was defined.

Fred Drinkwater said...

Guild of Loose Cannonballs
Anybody have a decoder ring?

tim in vermont said...

And then came a puff of wind and I saw God.