June 28, 2016

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I chose this image to respond to pm317, who said, in last night's Dark Pink Hotel: "Althouse, stop playing with us. That unfocused fuzzy middle is making me sick in the eyes." I told him to look at this new image and added:
But generally, the focus is telling you where to look. Why try to look at what the camera isn't "looking" at? That's supposed to be accepted as the periphery. Don't fight it. It's not real life so you can't focus on it.


coupe said...
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wildswan said...

There is a way to photograph the middle of a flower in focus and also the petals. You have to take two shots, changing the focus in between and then using software merge the shots.
When you look at a flower, your eye shifts rapidly between the two foci so your mind builds a picture of the whole flower in focus at once and you criticize pictures not like that. But actually you have never seen both in focus at once - except in "the mind's eye."

gerry said...

Althouse is out of her depth-of-field.

Lucien said...

What's the over/under on how much Sasha and Malia Obama will make in their jobs for the Clinton Foundation immediately after graduation from college? (in exchange for no indictment of HRC)

coupe said...

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) (VP favorite) on being told he was boring, responded: "Yes, but boring is the fastest growing demographic in this country."

You have to smile. He's sort of like Biden without the switchblade.

pm317 said...

pm317 is a she, :). With the other picture, the unfocused middle was hard to escape because the eyes are naturally drawn to the middle and the fuzzy middle was too disproportionate. The reaction was more like, is my eyesight going or is the picture really like that. With this picture, I do see the middle in focus but I am not sure I like all this experimentation with the fuzzy. Anyway, thanks for keeping us on our toes.

cf said...

Mollie Norris was forced to lose her identity because the United States government of 2009 refused to protect her freedom to express her crazy ideas. The FBI came and hid her identity away forever rather than stand with her and protect her openly because she created a "draw Mohammed day", silly girl, who does she think she is?

Then in 2012 our own state department chose some slob American with a goofball video to throw like red meat to the mullah lusting crowds on 9-11 that year.

Throw that american's right s away, goofball, whatta fool.

I always come back to this with you, althouse, no matter how lovely your subject, I come back to this. We are alone now, each of us. We only have ourselves now to defend our own freedoms.

Godspeed, America.

chickelit said...

Playboy invented soft focus and it's not hard* to see what Althouse is doing here.

*Maybe it is