May 2, 2016

"Why Rubio hasn't endorsed Cruz."

Politico seems to know.


Michael K said...

I think it will be over before the convention. The preference cascade is rolling, as I have been predicting.

Quaestor said...

Correction. Politico pretends to know.

eddie willers said...

A Trump/Rubio ticket would not surprise me.

He'll say, "With my tutelage, I'll grow 'Lil Marco into Big Marco".

Achilles said...

Rubio is done. He will never win elected office again. The only party that will accept him will be the open borders GOPe/Democrat fusion party that forms after the election.

Conservative/Liberal is no longer the divide. Now it is Globalists/make america mexico vs. America First. Guess who is going to win actual elections.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Globalists/make america mexico - except there's no such thing. WHo wants to replicate Mexico? Not Mexicans. Maybe some union people.

Carol said...

Doesn't matter if they don't want to replicate Mexico...Mexico will happen anyway. With mass immivation they bring it with them.

BN said...

Birth rates.

I wonder what the birth rates are of various peoples around the world.

Has anyone ever investigated?

Wonder what it means when some people reproduce and others don't.

BN said...

I know one thing:

My grandfather and grandmother had 28 grandchildren.

My mother and father had 10.

I expect to have 2 or 3.

BN said...

At most.

Sammy Finkelman said...

@Carol. You don't seem to think that pre-existing political institutions matter. Mexico did not start out being governed well and later was governed badly. It always was governed badly, except maybe during the reign of Maximilian.

You're also ignoring that Mexicans will be and are, a minority.

Saint Croix said...

It ain't over till it's over.


BN said...

"With mass immivation..."

Immivation is what doesn't matter. Because we simply don't have children any more. Too much trouble. Too much money. And too much time and sacrifice. It's just another First World Problem. Because... Me. It's all about Me. Screw the Children! Who cares what comes after we're gone? We'll be gone!

And ain't that the cruelly neutral bloody trute, eh?

But don't worry. The immortals (aka the "elites") will soon enough replace the brown people with robots. And then...

The Singularity!

But, of course, there won't be any of us left. So... there's that. But...

... at least there will still be a bunch of strangely orange hued and orange coiffed people!

But who knows what planet they will have come from?

Achilles said...

Sammy Finkelman said...
"Globalists/make america mexico - except there's no such thing. WHo wants to replicate Mexico? Not Mexicans. Maybe some union people."

Obama's entire presidency has been about turning this country into Mexico.

A country run by elites who are not subject to the rule of law? Check.

A country with crap public education for the masses and elite private education for the political/oligarch class? Check.

A sclerotic economy that requires bribery of key officials and bureaucracies to participate in? Check.

2 tier medical system where only the wealthy can choose their care? Check.

Letting criminals run free among the lower class? Check.

Hillary is all about turning the US into Mexico. She will be in jail in the absence of corruption.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Why ask why I queried Althouse years ago.

I different, but certainly not a different man, applaud the marketing of Bud Dry.

Guildofcannonballs said...

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Mick said...

Uh.... cause neither is eligible?

Cruz would not have been a US Citizen at the time he was born until 1934 (See Rogers v. Bellei). That he is considered such today is only by US statute (naturalization law), therefore he is naturalized, not natural born.

Rubio would not have been considered a US Citizen at birth until 1898 (Wong Kim Ark). Therefore he is only considered such today by naturalization law, ergo he is naturalized, not natural born and not eligible.

See logic is easy for those that are able to see absolute truth and objective reality. "If Then" (LOGIC) only exists when there are observed absolute truths. When everything is relative (as is the way the progressives think) there is no absolute truth and nothing to anchor the "If /Then" question. Logic, to the progressives ("Relativists", such as the law prof) is impossible because there is no objective reality perception beyond personal "Needs, Wants and Fairness". To them objective reality itself, if it disagrees with personal needs and wants and views of fairness, is "unfair".

The objective reality of the natural born Citizen requirement is that certain classes and birth situations were not "citizens at birth" without the power of Congressional statute, as proven by the naturalization statutes themselves (Such as NA 1902 S. 4 and the Cable Act). Therefore their citizenship did not spring only from the facts of their birth, i.e born to US Citizen parents in the US, which is the only natural spring of citizenship requiring no statute (thus the term).
The 14th Amendment did not make the former slaves natural born Citizens, it naturalized them. Therefore going forward there could be no bar to citizenship based on race, and their children could be natural born Citizens (if born after 1868).

Mick said...

eddie willers said...
"A Trump/Rubio ticket would not surprise me.

He'll say, "With my tutelage, I'll grow 'Lil Marco into Big Marco"".

Lil' Marco is not eligible to be VP.

Brando said...

It makes sense--it's not like a Rubio endorsement would help Cruz in any way. Cruz already has access to the donors.

I don't know what future Rubio has politically--maybe in a couple years he could run for governor, or take a judgeship or cabinet position if offered, but most likely I think he'll go the think tank or law firm route and cash in a while. He seemed bored with actually being a Senator.

mockturtle said...

My political crystal ball says Rubio will be Trump's running mate. 'Big Don and Little Marco'. I like it. And he speaks Spanish.