May 4, 2016

The loopy optics of Hillary's "Woman Card."

Count the problems:

1. Hillary's original response to Trump's pestering her about playing the woman card was "Deal me in!," which refers to playing cards. That's not a playing card, it's a credit card.

2. A credit card is for running up debt, so the most obvious meaning is that women are to blame for the debt, we have our needs and wants and think we deserve special, gender-based power to satisfy ourselves, and Hillary wants to facilitate this profligacy.

3. That awful international pictogram for woman — so impersonalized, so inane. The main distinguishing feature of a woman isn't the shape of the torso, delicate legs or hands, or long hair, but a skirt. And Hillary never wears a skirt.

4. Skirts... the color pink... I thought we were getting away from these stereotypes — from the stark binary view of the sexes. She's off trend.


Curious George said...

Actually that looks like Hillary in one of here long Mao jackets. Well, it needs to be fatter...

amnyc said...

Maybe Hillary's NYC bias is showing. The card looks more like an MTA Metrocard (font style, stripe position) than a credit card.

exhelodrvr1 said...

It's a debt card.

M Jordan said...

Scott Adams deconstructed this horrible card yesterday.

Darrell said...

Does it work in a NYC subway turnstile?

Ann Althouse said...

"Scott Adams deconstructed this horrible card yesterday."

I linked to that.

Martha said...

The other day Hillary! promised once elected she would bring Bill back to work with her as a Czar to fix the economy because no one else has so many great creative ideas. So now we have the first woman candidate for President waving a pink woman credit card and promising her man will be doing the heavy lifting for her.

Women of real accomplishment everywhere weep.

traditionalguy said...

Prof's New Word of the week : PROFLIGACY. It fits perfectly all things Clintonian.

From Latin Profligatus, meaning destroyed, ruined, corrupt, abandoned and dissolute.

buwaya puti said...

I don't know - it depends whom you are communicating with.
Not Althouse or Scott Adams, but very likely someone who has an EBT card - it looks like a promise of increased benefits, a special extra EBT.
That's a powerful promise if your objective isn't persuasion but turnout.

Owen said...

It's a debit card with no balance, a credit card with the charge declined. Swipe it anywhere you want, it won't buy you anything. It will just clutter your purse and make you feel stupid.

Genius work. How long has she been doing this politics thing?

Quaestor said...

And the cosmic rays and neutrinos irradiating her brain from every direction, which will be Hillary's final argument for clemency come the reckoning.

shiloh said...

Damn, Hillary can't do anything right ... much like Obama.

Oh wait!

buwaya puti said...

And the EBT using population isn't up on modern trends in asexualism or female empowerment or the sexist implications of pink.

Sebastian said...

"Skirts... the color pink... I thought we were getting away from these stereotypes — from the stark binary view of the sexes. She's off trend." You thought wrong. "We" postmodernists are situational conceptualizers. We use post-binarism to suit us when attacking cons and the GOP. We use stereotypes to suit us to rally the ladies.

The card is perfect: whatever you want, charge it, then make others pay.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Congratulations! You're in the majority

Isn't this highly problematic? Since when is it appropriate to celebrate your majority status? I think women need to check their majority privilege.

virgil xenophon said...

And the female symbol? Isn't it exactly like those used to designate female bathrooms? Thus suggesting a mental assoc with a toilet? = Hillery in the toilet! As in flushed down the drain?

Amadeus 48 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amadeus 48 said...

Hmmm...the universal sign for the Women's Restroom. I guess that is a driver for some people, but it also has unfortunate and controversial associations in 2016.
One has to think Trump has operatives planted deep in the Hillary! campaign. Who would send her off to West Virginia to the coalface on the day she is losing again to Bernie in Indiana? Does Trump even need to say it?

Quaestor said...

If you think my predictions are crazy, you should read my book.

The hard sell on crack. Are we sure that's Scott Adams you linked to, or Glenn Beck?

buwaya puti said...

Why do you hate, with acid intensity, California small businesses, manufacturers, and industrial workers?
Or for that matter coal miners, pipeline workers, electric and gas consumers, and such other broad groups of the population?
I question your world view, and I challenge you, here, to justify yourself.

Tom said...

Well, I think Hillary's Woman Card is maxed out -- she's used it far too often.

Darrell said...

Shiloh, when we were young, we used to call your name.
And then we learned to swear properly.

Virgil Hilts said...

If Clinton is the woman's candidate, then what is Trump? . . .
Obama won the two-party vote among females in 2012 by about 13 points, 56.5% to 43.5%; Romney won among men by eight-point margin, 54% to 46%. About 10 million more women (71.4) than men (61.6) voted in 2012. Do the math and Obama wins by 5 million votes.
So -- Is running HC as the woman's candidate really a mistake. I used to think yes, but when you look at the math.. . 2012 was really low turnout. Trump has to hope for (i) low black turnout (probable), (ii) enthusiasm gap (probable), and (iii) that he can really widen the male preference gap (probable), but not sure these three will be enough if gender gap between actual voters persist. Too many blue collar and middle aged guys are just too depressed.

Laslo Spatula said...

Girl with the Pony Tail on the Treadmill:

I shouldn't have got that new credit card.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I didn't need a new credit card.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I can barely pay on the ones I have.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

But it was such a good deal.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I got 10% off that first purchase.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I love my new outfit.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I needed a new outfit.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I feel better in nice clothes.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I work better when I wear nice clothes.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

It's like an investment.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

An investment in myself.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

If I can't have an Audi at least I can have nice clothes.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I can just make the minimum payment.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I'll be fine.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I'll be fine.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I really want a Mocha.

(pony-tail swish, pony-tail swish)

I am Laslo.

EDH said...

The most offensive part is the issuing source is Hillary, and the only way to exercise the privileges of the "Woman Card" is to be for Hillary.

cubanbob said...

The card although not intended to do so symbolizes just about every cliche about Clinton and the Left.

Preachy, pretentious, condescending, bankrupt and worthless all rolled up in to one.

tim maguire said...

Hillary does know "race card," "women card," these terms have no positive connotations. For anybody.

She does know that, doesn't she?

Rocketeer said...

Haven't read the Scott Adams piece yet - does he point out that the card is weirdly sexist itself? It's a credit card, and hey, women like to shop, with credit cards, amiright? Shop till you drop, ladies!

AprilApple said...

It's the Lena Duhman card for free pudding.

Sydney said...

A credit card is for running up debt, so the most obvious meaning is that women are to blame for the debt, we have our needs and wants and think we deserve special, gender-based power to satisfy ourselves, and Hillary wants to facilitate this profligacy.

I went to a meeting of women physicians once where the speaker was a congresswoman from our state. It was an intimate meeting - wine and cheese and everyone just standing around while the congresswoman told stories. She bragged about how, because she was a woman, she knew how to "manage debt" - put a little on this credit card, a little on that, use this credit card to pay off that credit card. I do not think she was joking. She was a Democrat.

rhhardin said...

the color pink... I thought we were getting away from these stereotypes

Women hate stereotypes. They're more into cliches.

John Henry said...

If I get a women card, does this certify me as a woman for using bathrooms, locker rooms, ladies night drinks and so on?

Does it let me be like Bruce (a chick with a dick) without having to actually wear a dress?

John Henry

John Henry said...


Isn't saying that women hate stereotypes a stereotype?

John Henry

damikesc said...

Hillary is remarkably clunky and tone-deaf. You'd think she'd have stopped with the prop comedy after that "Reset" button nonsense.

The other day Hillary! promised once elected she would bring Bill back to work with her as a Czar to fix the economy because no one else has so many great creative ideas. So now we have the first woman candidate for President waving a pink woman credit card and promising her man will be doing the heavy lifting for her.

His economy was based on policies Hillary professes to oppose vehemently as well. So she'll be President, but she'll "know her place", I guess.

rhhardin said...

I can see how women wound up with pink, but how did guys get blue.

Gusty Winds said...

Do women really want Hillary to be the standard bearer for all women?

Portlandmermaid said...

This is a puerile, confusing mess. It would appeal and make sense if it was designed as a playing card with a modern version of the We Can Do It woman on the front.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

They make puppy Kongs in pastel pink and pastel blue, only.

Not too hard to see where they're going with that.

Ordinarily, I'd prefer not to give my little guy a pink Kong, but he's having his balls cut off, so I guess maybe he should get both and he can choose according to his whim.

buwaya puti said...

Blue is cheap dyestuff.
Back in the day much of the cost of textiles was the cost of coloring them. Indigo was much cheaper than some of the others.
So armies were very commonly clothed in blue, with only a few exceptions, and it was an extremely popular color for civilians, many fashions being derived through a feedback loop from the military, especially after the Napoleonic wars. European students for instance adopted military style uniforms, nearly always blue. Womens clothing was an exception generally. Red (scarlet) dyes were expensive, highly desired by women, and were often used diluted - pink is a cheaper compromise, also scarlets would eventually fade to pinks anyway.
This I know from my wife, who is into textiles, yarn and fabric.

shiloh said...

"Why do you hate, with acid intensity, California small businesses, manufacturers, and industrial workers?"

bp, you may be the most hyperbolic con here. Quite a feat ~ congrats! And you haven't got a clue what my world view is.

Indeed, you're a perfect fit at 95/5 con Althouse ie changing the subject, non sequiturs, a palpable, intense hatred for Obama and Hillary that almost has you in tears.


We now return you to Althouse deep obsession with everything to do w/Hillary.


btw, are there ever gonna be any anti-Trump threads at Althouse or is it going to be like last election cycle when anti-Romney articles were few and far between. ok, you were smitten w/mittens so we'll give you a pass.

Althouse con echo chamber marches on ...

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

That's not a playing card, it's a credit card.

I think Hillary considers it more of a rewards club card.

buwaya puti said...

I hate the criminal class that is the California Democratic Party because I have seen what they have done and do.
You don't want to own the damage your kind do.

They have driven industries, factories, my friends, away and out of business with idiotic smugness. They oppose industrial progress and efficiency almost reflexively. I have seen them in person, dull, incapable and infuriating.

You are similarly smug and idiotic.

There is no room for hope, ideas, progress, creativity, initiative, and basic freedom with the ideas of such as you.
They have gone a long way to destroying the greatness of the American I came to 30 years ago.

You harbor a demon in the soul, think on it.

shiloh said...

bp, thanx for reaffirming my hyperbolic tag.

Bruce Hayden said...

A credit card is for running up debt, so the most obvious meaning is that women are to blame for the debt, we have our needs and wants and think we deserve special, gender-based power to satisfy ourselves, and Hillary wants to facilitate this profligacy.

My thoughts were that maybe Hillary is promising women a lot of free stuff if she gets elected. Esp. young single women like Lazlo's girl with the pony tail. We say that a wife settles down a guy, but husband and kids do it for a lot of women. We are maybe talking the type of women who would only think of themselves, and not the country. Maybe she will get rid of their student debt. Free mammograms and birth control. Meturnity leave. Remember 8 years ago, when a lot of Blacks seemed to believe that Obama was promising them free cars and houses? That sort of thing maybe for unmarried women.

Of course, the problem is that there are many more people in this country of voting age than young unmarried women. So, it may help Herself with this demographic, its hamhandedness likely hurts worse with the others.

buwaya puti said...

Accuracy. Utter precision, and my old career was all about precision manufacturing.
Do you have the guts to try to see things from the point of view of people who do real things?

gspencer said...

"And Hillary never wears a skirt."

For which we are grateful.

buwaya puti said...

BTW, your mindless horde led by the acephalic Hilary went to West Virginia the other day to tell the people that she hadn't actually meant to drive them into unemployment.
Then she promised to get them "renewable energy" jobs.
She hasn't a clue, not the slightest, and neither do you. What do you, or she, know about electric generation, transmission, and rates? The pros in this field, those that actually build and run this stuff, know it's just plain hooey.
The Hilary show in WV is the same bland dead-eyed cretinism that is the hallmark of California Democrats, and from all evidence, yours also.

Dan Hossley said...

It isn't the optics, it's the reality. It is a credit card, it is pink and there's a sign for the women's bathroom on it. That's how they think or don't think. Take your pick.

EMD said...


Roy Jacobsen said...

Shiloh said "Damn, Hillary can't do anything right ... much like Obama."

Nailed it.

Michael said...

Actually, the worst thing about the card is the head in the center of the "a" and the sun's rays radiating from it. Haven't we had enough halo pictures and center-of-the-universe hubris with the current President?

buwaya puti said...

California was once the home of the most highly skilled, highest technology light industrial manufacturers on earth. San Jose and Los Angeles had hundreds of factories and machine shops that could make you the most precise bits of machinery on the planet. The machine tool tradeshow in Los Angeles was the greatest show on earth in this highest achievement of mankind (man the toolmaker).
Driven out by high costs of electricity, environmental compliance, zoning, and constant harassment by federal, state and municipal officials. These were and are all Democrats Shiloh. Your people.
How many ruined lives are we dealing with here? How many lads unable to be apprentices and learn global level skills? Hundreds of thousands easily.

shiloh said...

bp, you're just looking foolish now. I worked third shift at a manufacturing for ten years. Trying to understand why you're incoherently lashing out at me in particular and it's probably because there are very few liberals at Althouse to lash out at so you had to pick someone, eh.

And keep using those big words ~ quite impressive.

You're obsessed w/me much like Althouse is obsessed w/Hillary. But you may have her beat in the vocabulary dept.

Friendo said...

I lurk, consider all views and have considered several of your posts to be spot-on, but in this instance, BP is correct. You did not directly respond to the question and you are clearly wrong. Or are you saying that Hillary is being "wrongfully accused" as you seem to imply that Obama has been?

shiloh said...

Again, I'm not a registered Dem, I'm an Independent. So yes, I'm in the majority.

shiloh said...

Friendo, what did Althouse "accuse" Hillary of as this thread is about Hillary's women card.

If you or bp or anyone else want to change the subject I suggest you start your own blog.

I also suggest if you want a realistic view of the 2016 presidential campaign you don't spend time at a 95/5 con echo chamber.

I'm here for the entertainment value er the hyperbolic rhetoric.

Michael K said...

"Too many blue collar and middle aged guys are just too depressed."

At the Costa Mesa Trump rally a week ago, 60% of the people in line to get in were women.

Ann Althouse said...

Pink was at one time the color for boy babies, not girls. Pink was considered more energetic, blue more gentle.

William said...

It looks more lke a gift card. It would work as a gift card for Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Planned Parenthood.

Comanche Voter said...

Yuck. Hillary's campaign is in the toilet. But she's still going to scrabble her way out of it.

M Jordan said...

Scott Adams made a big point about the woman being a restroom icon. So the card right away reminds you of that. His main point was that Hillary cannot beat Trump in messaging. She stumbles every time. Her "Love Trunps Hate" slogan begins with "Love Trump..." Fail. Her woman's card reminds us of restrooms and how much time women spend in there. Fail. And do on.

Adams' almost cult like appreciation of Trump's 3D persuasion techniques bothers me somewhat, but he had made me see method in Trump's madness in several key instances. Like that supposed blunder Trump made bringing up Cruz's dad and his association with Lee Harvey Oswald. When I heard about it yesterday I cringed. Then I watched the election returns on Fox and for the first two hours, all they could do was virtue-signal, shake their heads, basically call Trump an asshole. Then Cruz drops out, race over, narrative change. Was Trump's morning assault part of the reason Cruz said Sayanara? Could be.

I did some research this morning on the whole story since the media won't and found there may be more than a grain of truth in it. Of course, for me even to say this means I'm terrible -- didn't I see all those shaking heads on Fox last night? -- but if you do even a Wikipedia search into Cruz's dad's life you find a lot of very strange things there. For instance, who knew the old man was divorced from Cruz's mother? The fiery fundamentalist preacher, twice-divorced? News to me. Suddenly that awkward group hug with Heidi, the dad, and Ted on stage last night -- What about Mom? I wondered -- made sense. And how about this: it appears Ted was born in Canada so that his dad could evade the U. S. Draft. How's that for a conservative talking point?

Anyway, Trump is no dummy. Hillary ... well, she's no dummy either but she's not on the 3D field Donald plays on.

Apologies for this long post. It just happened. I feel better now.

mockturtle said...

The queen of spades would have been more appropriate.

Nichevo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
veni vidi vici said...

"Deal me in!"

Against the guy whose name literally means the beats-all, winning card in the deck.

What an idiot.

Everything since she said that compounded the error. This credit card thing, which is further beclowned by the asshole-ishly smarmy "Congratulations, you're in the majority" tagline, is bad for all the reasons Althouse sets forth in addition to those in Dilbert-dude's blog post on the same topic.

If this is as good as they've got (and one has to think it's not getting any better, since 16 primary opponents can't be wrong (nods to the velvet Elvis painting)), Hillary may prove herself "evitable" yet again. Cue the Daft Punk record...

traditionalguy said...

So far Trump has often all the breaks.

Cruz had his Fidelista Cuban Domionist Cult Leader father who aided Oswald as his front man with Glen Beck.

Bush had his last year's Dynasty label

Walker was in over hi head.

Carson was too nice.

Rubio was a tape player of lines written for him.

Now Hillary has Bill Clinton and BarackObama both wanting to see her lose.

buwaya said...

This all does tie back to the stupid card.
The thing is obviously an implied promise of benefits akin to an EBT.
This is supposed to stand as the Democratic party offer to the people, or a portion of them.

The consistent behavior of Democrats in being hostile to the actual economy (as opposed to various financial and other bubbles), against which they offer government benefits as compensation, is the whole point of the Democratic party over the last three decades at least. At this point they barely even try to quibble. They would rather have the population unemployed and living as government pets. Using the "Woman Card" to distribute the kibble.

Owen said...

What if anything is on the back side of the Woman Card? Is there an 800 number that users can call if they've been triggered and need soothing?

damikesc said...

You'd think her love of prop comedy would make Carrot Top a great choice for her VP.

n.n said...

Humans are exclusively a binary sex: male or female, but gender (i.e. behavior, expression) is a narrowly defined normal distribution. The transgender deviations, including: homosexual, crossover, etc., are either an intrinsic or selective (i.e. "choice") bias.

mockturtle said...

And what about all those polls that showed her beating Bernie in Indiana?? Are those the same pollsters who have her beating Trump by 'double digits'?

n.n said...

The credit/debt card is a subliminal bribe offered to women so that they will vote for her. I guess the free prophylactics were not the winner that Democrat strategists hoped it would be, and abortion rites and planned cannibalism are losing favor in the midst of generational chaos. Perhaps people are finally rejecting that old time pro-choice cult and [class] diversity schemes revisited.

jr565 said...

The symbol also looks like the symbol you'd see for a woman's bathroom. And that brings us to the whole transgendered in the woman's bathroom issue. It's funny how their assumption is that woman wear dresses. Shouldn't their symbol for women be more of the u is ex symbol since men can also be women. Or would that be confusing since they are trying to play the woman's card.
Exactly! It's confusing. Because men are not in fact women.

walter said...

Now Hil needs appropriate wardrobe.

Doug said...

Althouse - just now beginning to understand what nonsensical beings women are, and Hillary! in particular?

SteveM said...

I think that this woman's card bolsters the "Hillary is greedy" meme. This woman's card is not being given away for free. Rather, the woman's card is being given out by Hillary's campaign is exchange for a pledge of a $10 or more donation.

jr565 said...

Instapundit made this point, but the reason that she can't use a playing card is because if she did she would the Queen. And there is a card/ruler that is higher than the Queen. and that is the King.So, she'd be subordinate to Trump when it comes to leadership.
Trump could just put out a card where he is shown as the King, and King Trumps Queen. Boom, you lose. But if she still has "deal me in" and keeps this card, she's left with a mixed metaphor. Since you don't deal people in and play with credit cards instead of playing cards.

jr565 said...

"Deal me in"
I'm sorry?
"Deal me in"
But that's a metro card.
"Oh... um. Swipe me in."
We're playing cards. This isn't a turnstile. we don't swipe people in. Do you maybe want to get on the subway?
"I'm sorry. My staff is stupid. Never mind"