May 8, 2016

"So, awaiting final toxicology, it has now been reported in the New York Times that Prince was toxic. I can relate. I was toxic too."

Everyone's relating to Prince, including actress and children's book author Jamie Lee Curtis.

Meanwhile, "I Was Prince’s Private Chef":
I cooked teriyaki salmon like I used to make for myself all the time (with that Soy Vey assist!) with grilled asparagus on the side, plus a hot-and-sour soup that I’d literally never made before and a coconut sorbet with fresh mango for dessert. It was terrifying.
The assistant had warned me that Prince eats like a bird, but he finished everything and asked for seconds.... A few days later I was en route to a wedding in Vegas when Prince’s assistant called and said, “You got the job but you can’t split it, he only wants you. You have to be on call 24-7. Oh and by the way – he’s nocturnal. And you start tonight. Ryan Seacrest is coming to dinner.”
The pressure is unfathomable. 


tim maguire said...

I suppose if it pays very well I might do it for a few months or a year, but no one could last under those conditions.

robinintn said...


Curious George said...

Everyone! No.

It's closer to "no one" than "everyone"

Chris N said...

Make a cake that looks like a spaceship....purify yourself.

No, that's not a real spaceship. Like this (tapping poster on wall). Like a D major tonic fifth. This is Paisley Park.

Chaka's crew is coming.

Make a crab soup and a lemon cake...bring it to the studio.

Sebastian said...

"Everyone's relating to Prince" Sorry, no.

coupe said...
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Fernandinande said...

Sebastian said...
"Everyone's relating to Prince" Sorry, no.

Everyone who counts, e.g. drug-addicted hermaphrodites, but not you or me. Unless you're a drug-addicted hermaphrodite, in which case I withdraw my observation.

Scott X said...

I used to work with a guy who would use the world literally at least once every three or four sentences, it was just so incredibly annoying. Unfortunately, his word use infected the entire business, and now it seems that everyone just randomly uses the word literally for absolutely no reason.

I don't care if Donald Trump can make 'America Great Again'. But, if he would promise to make Americans stop using the word literally all the time I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

William said...

Gullibility. I just read Chesterton's biography of St Thomas Aquinas. Chesterton reports without skepticism that St Thomas would occasionally levitate and that, once, while Thomas was in church praying, Christ took the trouble of coming down from the cross in order to congratulate Thomas on his success in explicating scholastic doctrines. These events were witnessed by fellow monks, and Chesterton sees no reason to doubt their word......Just so with Prince. In my experience, monks don't levitate and wealthy fifty year old men don't die of the flu. But true believers have a different experience. When it was first announced that Prince died of the flu, many weighed in with their opinion about what a dread disease the flu is. They seemed to feel that it would be an insult to Prince's divinity to suggest that maybe some of his lifestyle choices might have been a factor in his early demise. This exaggerated respect for his divinity was probably a contributing factor in Prince's poor choices. St. Thomas, n the other hand, led a chaste and prudent life and lived a tad longer than most of his contemporaries. I wonder if levitation helps to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Jason said...


Jason said...

Gullibility: Assuming it's true that a given 50 year old wealthy man died of the flu.

Ignorance: Assuming that it doesn't happen.

Jim Henson could not be reached for comment.

Bill Peschel said...

I'm amazed she lasted three months. That's a killer schedule.

It reminds me of the servants in the Victorian era. No wonder they abandoned the households when factory work became available. Filthy, dangerous and low-paying, but they had more time off and less sex from their masters.

Prince seemed like a nice guy, but pampered and self-centered and a terrible boss.

But like she says, she's got a lot of great stories out of it.