May 1, 2016

Bumble bee in the lungwort.

Video'd by Meade, just now, and texted to me from the backyard.

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David said...

"The short fuse of the American left is typical of the highs and lows of American emotional life," he said. "It is very rare to sustain a movement in recognizable form without a spiritual base."

--Daniel Kerrigan, who died today.

David said...

That's Daniel Berrigan. Kerrigan is auto correct'c version of Berrigan.

Laslo Spatula said...

A Letter from Miss Harriet Tubman, Kansas, 1954:

No, I am not THAT Harriet Tubman.

I never thought I'd live to see such bad things befall our little town. Yes, it's the Mexicans, again.

Little Bridget Parker was walking home from town when she encountered one of the Mexicans, just loitering and drinking a Coke. Bridget said the Mexican said "Hello", then looked at her with Rape In His Eyes.

Well, she actually said he looked at her "kinda funny" but we know what that means when it is a Mexican male looking at an adorable little white girl.

We tried to find out which of the Mexicans it was, but she was afraid and could only say that he was missing several teeth. Unfortunately, both the Mexicans in town are missing several teeth. I mean, even most Negroes know to clean their teeth, I suspect. But poor oral hygiene is the least of our worries, now.

We can't have Mexicans just going around town with Rape In Their Eyes, it will only lead to something much, much worse -- I don't even want to think about it.

If the Government and the Police won't do anything about then maybe it is time for the Menfolk here in town to step up to their responsibilities: it's been a long time since the unfortunate 'The Drifter Incident'. I'm sure they can tie better knots, now.

It shouldn't have to be this way, but I have lost all faith in Society.

I am Laslo.

steve uhr said...

Ann/Meade -- If you have $1.6 million lying around you should consider moving a couple blocks --

Char Char Binks said...

I suppose we'll be in for another round of protests after the unjust arrest of those brave graffiti artists protesting on campus over the plight of the Palestinian people. Has Chancellor רבקה Blank denounced the police again yet?

Ann Althouse said...


I looked at that house. The ground level is huge. Not really our style, however.

Quaestor said...

Never heard of lungwort before. When I saw the name I thought Nah, the "lung" part must be from some obscure germanic dialect meaning "long" or something. It can't be "lung plant".

How wrong I was. The genus is Pulmonaria, which refers to it ancient (and futile) use as a treatment for respiratory ailments.

Gahrie said...

Awesome episode of Game of Thrones......pretty brutal end for Lady Walder and her baby though.......

Saint Croix said...

Are any of you familiar with the Enneagram? It's a psychological profile that divides humanity into nine types, based on your early childhood. My mom forwarded this e-mail from Richard Rohr, who is a Franciscan friar.

Type THREE: The Need to Succeed

Friday, April 29, 2016

THREEs began with the primal knowledge that everything is unstable and passing and that only God endures and gives us the endurance to withstand the passing nature of all things. But, at some point, an experience of wounding convinced THREEs that they are separate from God and Wholeness. This perception makes THREEs think it's up to them to keep things from falling apart. "I will prove by competence and overproduction that I will not fall apart," they say, instead of resting in the impermanence and fallibility that they deeply know and now deeply fear. They are afraid to look inside themselves because they feel there is really nothing there. THREEs need endless successes and feedback to reassure themselves against a very honest and realistic insecurity. They are afraid to say yes and cooperate with the dissolution and death of all things unless they reconnect with the permanence and endurance of reality, which is precisely a God-experience, whether they call it that or not.

The THREE is the central type of the heart triad. It's harder for THREEs to perceive their own feelings than for any other type. But they are experts at reading the people around them and immediately knowing just what role to play to be successful in others' eyes. They can slip into almost any mask that will please the people around them and act the part to perfection. The role protects and motivates them. They are really looking for praise from outside, because they often feel worthless inside. They identify with their group, organization, or project and they work very hard. They are efficiency experts. THREEs are show-people, achievers, careerists, and status-seekers. They live out of roles much more than their True Self, which they scarcely know.

THREEs are competitive and want to be winners. "I'm good when I win" is their motto. Many THREEs are physically attractive. Most of them seem optimistic, youthful, intelligent, dynamic, and productive. They run circles around others because of their amazing energy. They can sell anything because they first sell you on themselves. Immature THREEs have no longing for depth. What's the point of depth when superficiality works and when image without content sells? THREEs are extremely pragmatic: if it works, it's true. The question of objective truth isn't even raised.

Saint Croix said...

The pressure to succeed leads to the root sin of the THREE, which is deceit. While they don't generally go around telling lies, they do embellish the truth and put the best face on everything. They create an image that looks good, can be sold, and can win. The person they deceive the most is their own self. They have often been so spoiled by success that in the end they believe everything they do is good and great.

Unredeemed THREEs avoid, fear, and hate failure. When it does occur, they find ways to extricate themselves. Sometimes they polish up their defeats and reinterpret them as victories. Often they blame others. And they frequently leave the scene of the wreck as quickly as possible to plunge into a new, promising project.

THREEs find the way to their gift of integrity only when they take the painful path of self-knowledge and look their life-lies, big and little, in the face, refusing to gloss over them anymore. Since this is insight into their own failure, it is very difficult for them. THREEs who have found their way to truthfulness and authenticity can put their tremendous gifts to work to help other people competently and effectively, motivating them to discover their own potential. Redeemed THREEs manage to organize groups or communities sensibly, expose society's lies for what they are, and spread the truth in a way that is professional, efficient, and up-to-date. Their sin has now become their gift.

BDNYC said...

That standing water makes me worry for you during mosquito season.

madAsHell said...

Originally purchased for $669,000 in 2008. I don't follow Madison real estate, but I'll guess it is wildly over-priced.

My in-laws held onto a huge 6 bedroom house with a tremendous view of downtown Portland, Oregon, and the Willamette. They expected kids, and grandkids to come, stay, and go, but it only happened a couple of times. They finally moved into a three bedroom condo in downtown Portland with access to light rail.

I don't see MeadeHouse requiring a five bedroom, three story maintenance monster anytime soon.

aritai said...

On reasons I scan Althouse from my side of the crater every day are these wonderful posts. Great job you two! Grandmother likes them too. Even though she has to borrow my eyes, mind reading being exhausting to a 1,000 solar year old reptile from the forth planet.