May 27, 2016

Bernie on Hillary: "Just a tinge of arrogance there."


Gahrie said...

"We are NOT amused......"

Curious George said...

So when all this blows up on Hillary, what do think? Pills and booze?

Unknown said...

I think he is saying "titch" as in small amount.

MadisonMan said...

People are talking about Sanders and Trump more than they're talking about Hillary's Email problems. Which topic is more deadly to Clinton? I'm not sure.

tim maguire said...

MAdMan, in a sane society, Clinton's emails would have killed her campaign before it even started. (No good American will even consider voting for Hillary. No one who believes in liberal democracy will vote for Hillary. No one who embraces the values of the Enlightenment will vote for Hillary.) But the fact that, even now, people are talking about Sanders more than Clinton shows what a nonentity she is.

If it weren't for her backroom dealing, she'd have no dealing at all.

traditionalguy said...

But I thought Pocahontas Was already the new President of Pretend in the Dems Dungeons and Dragons game. This upsets everything.

Laslo Spatula said...

"Huma, it's all going to shit. Shit Shit Shit."

"Hillary, be strong. You've beaten much tougher situations. Remember Bosnia?"


"Remember how you evaded sniper fire?"

"I remember. Bullets were everywhere..."

"And you evaded them, like a commando."

"A commando, yes: I evaded the bullets like a commando."

"And remember Libya?"

"I was lucky to get out alive. The battle was fierce. I can still feel the heat of the gun in my hands."

"And remember Vietnam?"

"I was knee-deep in the shit. Charlie was everywhere, but I just kept shooting and shooting. The Cong: they were like spiders. Spiders everywhere."

"And they captured you, but you wouldn't talk?"

"Name, rank and serial number. That's all they got."

"Even though they beat you."

"They were merciless. They hung me by my wrists and beat the bottoms of my feet with bamboo. I still have the limp."

And remember your captor's words?"

"Like it was yesterday. "I am humbled by your quiet strength," he said.

"And then you led the POWs to Freedom?"

"Three weeks getting out of that Jungle. I can still hear the birds, screeching. The smell of Napalm. I remember it all."

"THAT'S my Hillary! Strong, capable!"

"Yes: strong, capable."

"Now let's wash that diarrhea out of your hair and put your pants back on, then go out and get them."

"But Huma, the Vodka: it is calling me."

"Resist, Hillary: you didn't let the Gooks beat you, you can surely stand up to this."

"Yes, stand up. Yes."



"Yes, Hillary?"

"Am I shitting myself?"

"Just a little, Hillary. Don't worry: the maids will clean it up..."

I am Laslo.

Left Bank of the Charles said...

I'd love to play poker with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. They both have such obvious tells.

AllenS said...

I see Charles going home without his shirt.

JCCamp said...

Taking a look at the Dem primaries to date, HRC has absolutely kicked Bernie's butt in terms of popular vote. Bernie has won some smaller states by small margins, but Hillary has won the larger states by huge margins, and by delegates from the vote alone, or by votes alone, HRC is the clear and well defined winner. The rigged superdelegate thing just confirms the coronation.

So she is probably entitled to some arrogance at this point. Bernie is flogging a dead mule, for reasons of his own. Considering his zero accomplishments - well, zero positive accomplishments - in his decades of life on the public dole, and also considering he is participating in the Democrat Party's primaries at their sufferance, I can see some impatience with his socialist, pseudo-populist tripe. The Dems are probably wishing they told him to drop dead when he first asked to run as a Dem.

BTW, I can't stand either of them. In a perfect world, they would head out to Weehawken and settle their differences the old fashioned way. As befits their respective ages.

JackWayne said...

I expect Trump to take it easy on Bernie. The plan is to let him be the winner so he can take CA. He's trying to blow up Hillary and this is very clever. The Smartest Woman In The World has made a mistake and Trump is gonna punish her for it.

Eleanor said...

In 2008, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Texas, and California, but Obama won the nomination. Neither Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders can win the nomination without the superdelegates, and either one of them can win it with them. Given what happened in 2008 when the superdelegates turned on a dime, there's no reason for Sanders to drop out until the convention.

Comanche Voter said...

Oh come on Bernie. There's not a smidgen of evidence that Hillary is arrogant. LOL, This entitled devious prevaricating diva simply knows that it is "her turn" and you are getting in her way.

traditionalguy said...

The Great Debate is already being called War on a Woman Debate.

dreams said...

Here is what John Podhoretz thinks of Bernie.

"So let’s not give him the credit for the seriousness of his purpose here. I think he’s not quitting because this campaign is the most thrilling, the most exhilarating, the most exciting thing that has ever happened to him.

He’s a gadfly politician from a tiny state, and has been an outlier both in the House and in the Senate for 25 years. If he had a rally in Vermont for his mayoral or House or Senate campaigns, three guys with long beards, two women in peasant dresses and one Holstein cow showed up.

Now he speaks before crowds of 5,000, 10,000 and more. He’s received nearly 10 million votes. Larry David, one of the richest men in show business, is playing him weekly on “SNL.” He’s raised — and spent — an astounding $207 million. Many people view him as the Madame DeFarge of his tale of two countries — the one leading the masses against the millionaires and billionaires.

Bernie won’t stop until they drag his bid for the nomination from his old, wrinkled fingers. It would be like denying him oxygen now. I mean, how do you keep them down on the collective farm after they’ve seen Paree?

Enjoy your panic, Democrats. You’ve earned it."

David said...

Sanders is a Red. No hiding it now.

mezzrow said...

Hillary looks like one of those women in a Roz Chast cartoon.

Not a good look for her, I must say.

Fabi said...

One of your best, Laslo!

rehajm said...

If he had a rally in Vermont for his mayoral or House or Senate campaigns, three guys with long beards, two women in peasant dresses and one Holstein cow showed up.

This perpetuates another bullshit stereotype of Vermont. Only an Ayrshire cow would be stupid enough to show up at a Bernie rally.

mezzrow said...

There are those who think Lazlo's work is perhaps fiction or comedy. Some of us recognize it for the documentary goldmine that it is.

tag - discerning

mezzrow said...

did I really use a 'z'? Search for edit function, then say "read THEN post" five times fast.

OCD? Me? Hahahahahah...

tag - troubling

tim in vermont said...

"Shut up peasants and vote like we tell you," she explained.

mccullough said...

Sanders, like Obama, loathes Hillary.

jaydub said...

Was Bernie talking about Hillary or Cuomo? Cuomo must be the most obnoxious, self-important media dufus I have encountered. Personally, I would rather hear Obama read a two hour diatribe on American evils or Hillary cackle for 15 minutes without pause than listen to Cuomo speak two sentences.

JCCamp said...

@ dreams -

Interesting post. Sounds reasonable.

JCCamp said...

I've been trying for weeks to remember who Bernie reminded me of. it finally came to me.

tim in vermont said...

Fielding Mellish.

FullMoon said...

JCCamp said... [hush]​[hide comment]

I've been trying for weeks to remember who Bernie reminded me of. it finally came to me.

Bernie's speeches are reminiscent of old sing along cartoons, "follow the bouncing ball"

sunsong said...

Feelin' the Bern...

Bay Area Guy said...

"Sanders, like Obama, loathes Hillary.

Obama, though he may loathe Hillary, knows that he needs the next president to prop up his legacy. Well, it won't be Trump, who will trash his legacy.

So, Obama, at this point, very much needs Hillary to win, and needs to exert influence on her, to the extent he is not a lame duck (fund-raising, AG investigation, etc, etc.)

Now, Obama did float the Joe Biden trial balloon several months ago, but that went nowhere.

If Hillary is indicted, then, of course, Obama may have to either fully embrace Bernie or maybe try Biden again.

Lotta moving parts for the Dems who loathe each other.

mikee said...

How I yearn for the days when plagiarizing a British politician's speech, or being caught with a young woman who was not your wife on your lap, was enough to derail a lying, cheating sack of shit from becoming a political success.

Now we have a person who espouses the most demonstrably failed political/economic philosophy of the last 100 years (let's just say monarchies went out in the 100 prior to that, OK?) being feted as a valid presidential candidate.

Goodbye to all that, then. The US is about to get what it deserves, good and hard.