May 13, 2016

A visual/aural depiction of smell.

Much appreciated by me, an anosmiac:

Great ad!

I ended up looking at that because a reader sent me to this other recent, lovely Chanel thing, the complete 20-minute fashion show in the Paseo del Prado in Cuba:


chickelit said...

I'm digging those aromatic rings beginning around the 35 second mark. Recall that "aromatic" has two meanings in chemistry: one sensory and one based on Hückel's rule.

Etienne said...

Chanel was a nazi, case closed.

anti-de Sitter space said...

I like that Chanel is still owns its own self.

But, they don't make good stuff for dudes. I tried a leather binder/day planer thing that was black and not at all frilly. But, the embossed interlocking Cs still seemed girly. I gave it to someone after a week.

Likewise I'm not into Hermes. Of course it goes w/o saying that if you're in Jane Hartley's hood, you need to stop by to pick up gifts for gals.

Anywho, I'm stuck with the three binder/planners I already have from the gigantic, less personal LVMH.

chickelit said...

Coupe wrote: Chanel was a nazi, case closed.

I did not know that. Should I hate Chanel now?

Actually, thanks for that thought. It reminded me of something I've been meaning to writ up for a while now.

John henry said...

Not to bust anyone's bubble but you do realize that most Chanel perfume sold in the US is made in New Jersey, don't you?

Chanel #5 used to be made in Humacao Puerto Rico. They were a client of mine in the 80s.

Note that while it may say "Paris" on the bottle, it does not say "made in Paris".

Another famous high end fragrance maker had a plant in Rio Grande Puerto Rico. They were clients too. A lot of those products said "Paris" on the label and carton too.

Kate said...

I am the opposite of an anosmiac, whatever that is called. When your sense of smell is heightened, almost everything is an assault. Swirling colors and bifurcating lines suggest an overwhelming affront to me. Perfume, for the most part, is not a subtle, intoxicating hint but a punch to the face. Before my menopausal nose kicked in, I never would've guessed that the world -- mostly -- stinks.

Sam L. said...

Cuba, where the people cannot even afford to buy anything Chanel sells.

Rusty said...

Cuba. Where the populace are thanking god they're not Venezuelan.