April 10, 2016

David Bowie: "Cat People."

A propos of the previous post:


coupe said...
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EDH said...

Cool for Cats

To change the mood a little
I've been posing down the pub
On seeing my reflection
I'm looking slightly rough

I fancy this, I fancy that
I wanna be so flash
I give a little muscle
And I spend a little cash
But all I get is bitter
And a nasty little rash

And by the time I'm sober
I've forgotten what I've had
And everybody tells me
That it's cool to be a cat
Cool for cats

EDH said...

The Jungle Book

"Not full hibernation, but I nap... a lot."

Bay Area Guy said...

Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent. The 70s were rockin'.

Wilbur said...

The Year of the Cat
Eye of the Tiger
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
What's New Pussycat?