March 26, 2016

The top 5 — most viewed — posts of the past week.

5. "A very long post about what Donald Trump said about libel in his interview with the Washington Post editorial board."

4. "Obama derides the 'sharp division between left and right, between capitalist and communist or socialist.'"

3. "WaPo seems surprised that people regard yoga in school as an Establishment Clause problem."

2. "The Washington Post reporter who — based on a single word, 'beautiful' — said Trump 'hit on' her."

1. "Somehow Trump has rigged it so that anti-Trump ads work as pro-Trump ads."


MPH said...

Reading that trump transcript gave me a headache.

rcocean said...

I enjoyed your analysis of Trump's comments the best. Looks like Trump is joining, Pets, babies, and sex, as the blog subjects that draw ratings.

Hagar said...

One distinguishing feature of communist governments is that they have all - from Lenin and Stalin to the Castro brothers and Ugo Chavez - killed more of their own people than they have foreigners.

PBandJ_LeDouanier said...

I'm not surprised that the post about the book about the Cat-Marnell-effect wouldn't make the top five.

Back in Wurtzel's day we heard that gals knew that wrapped legs were a good way to hold on to a guy, now Cat and a book researcher discovered that lips work. Presumably in twenty years someone will discover that there's a common denominator.

MikeD said...

I'm elderly (get off my lawn) &, obviously confused. How is the data set "most viewed" arrived at? I'm a yuge Althouse fan/follower, usually checking in 5+ times a day (old, nasty & retired) & I'll usually follow the "click for more" &, sometimes, check comments for a particularly controversial posting. Otherwise, I read & move on (not Soros). So, if I view a post & move on (still not Soros) I guess that counts as a non-view? SMOD 2016!

MikeD said...

Further to earlier, whatever your belief, have a very personally happy Easter!

Birkel said...

Thank you, MikeD. And my best wishes to you and yours this fine Easter.

And also to the Althouse commentariat, especially the militant, aggressive atheists.

Ann Althouse said...


Good question.

If you come to the main page of the blog and read a post or various posts, the statistics tool won't know and it won't count.

Only if you click into the comments or come to the blog from a link from elsewhere would it count. Then you'd go to the "post page."

So it's not a good measure of what really interested people. Most readers don't click into the comments.

The list way overvalues things that got Instapundit links, because those people would have arrived at the post page.

Birkel said...

As for the agnostics: you don't know what I wish you.


James Pawlak said...

Barack Hussein Obama has done more to divide the nation than any one person in our Republic's history except, perhaps, John Brown.

Mr. Sanders wishes for a "political revolution" AND forgets that such, very often, very quickly morph into armed conflicts as demonstrated by this land in the 1770s and 1850s. He also forgets that the vast part of privately held guns in this nation are in the possession of those who oppose his views AND know how to use them. (I suggest that is why the Democrats and such socialists as are leagued with them wish to disarm the People of such modern and effective firearms.)


Curious George said...

I think a lot has to do with timing. Some posts sit for hours at the top of the page. Others just minutes. That said, I'm not prepared to actually do the research to verify my hunch.