March 31, 2016

"Not even going to speculate. It’s art for art's sake. I don’t know."

A very nicely put together local news report about a little art project in Denver that involves sticking painted doll faces to walls. I love the interviews with various people, like the one I quoted in the post title and the lady who says "I’ve commented to my husband, ‘Look at those.’ But he never seems to notice them" and the range of opinion from "cool" to "a little disturbing."


MAJMike said...

Looks like vandalism to me.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Meant to type cropping up, rather than creeping up, would be my guess.

traditionalguy said...

OMG. It's baby parts harvested by Planned Muderhood come back to life. They seem to blame us fence sitters who paid for their death.

Twain's Life on the Mississippi has a great story about a barrel that follows the vessels that the parent that murdered the baby. Twain is too Scots-Irish for you guys.

Bay Area Guy said...

Rudy Guiliani said it best 20 years ago: "If I can do it, it ain't art."

This ain't art. It's smidgen of leftwing cultural nonsense, designed to confuse the mind.

But most of us are innoculated from such nonsense, so, no biggie.

tim in vermont said...

Here's some art for art's sake:

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Disovered her husband a bint in
She never let a slattern or bitch
stand in the way of her getting rich

n.n said...

It's not Alice's Looking Glass.

Unknown said...

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tim in vermont said...

More art for art's sake:

Clinton, Hillary Rodham
When pegging, she makes her Bill bottom
For her checks from bankers aren't loans
'Resistance is futile" she drones.

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

Only Phyllis Steen could fail to appreciate this art.

Marc in Eugene said...

"Leftwing cultural nonsense, designed to confuse the mind"-- Bay Area Guy has it perfectly correct, I think. When we allow our judgment to be corrupted to such an extent that we're willing to accept that anything anyone wants to say is art, is art, well, I don't live in that sort of world. But it is interesting that more than one person seems to find the installations 'creepy'-- without wanting to tread on n.n.'s toes my own guess is that this 'creepiness' is grounded, somehow, in the fact that our society has legalised the well-nigh indiscriminate killing of infants.

Rusty said...

Slow new day.

However Tim in Vermont saved this thread from being totally stupid.
Kudos. Tim.
Now for the sports roundup.

lonetown said...

Shades of Andre the Giant posters popping up all over.

Maybe the babyface artist is hoping lightning will strike him/her/xr