March 10, 2016

"Although the new 2017 law school rankings will be released online on Wednesday, March 16..."

"... the Top 50 has been leaked online."
The biggest winners are Houston (+9), Indiana (+9), UC-Hastings (+9), Wake Forest (+7), Boston University (+6), Boston College (+4), Ohio State (+4), Michigan (+3), Arizona (+2), Iowa (+2), Temple (+2), UC-Irvine (+2), Washington & Lee (+2)

The biggest losers are Alabama (-6), University of Washington (-5), BYU (-4), North Carolina (-4), William & Mary (-4), Duke (-3), Emory (-3), Fordham (-3), George Mason (-3), George Washington (-3), Utah (-3), Georgia (-2), Minnesota (-2), Wisconsin (-2)


MadisonMan said...

Yet somehow, the sun will still come up tomorrow for all those schools whose rankings have *gasp* slipped.

The Drill SGT said...

33 Wisconsin (-2)

done in by Ohio State and Indiana?

MadisonMan said...

The real and genuine horror will occur if the UW-Madison slips out of the top 5 for extramural funding, a position it's held for more than 30 years. Other schools have come and gone; UW-Madison is the only school to be in the top 5 consistently over that time.

(The list excludes Johns Hopkins because their ARL gets yuuuuge amounts from the Feds).

John Tuffnell said...

March Madness

Big Mike said...

Wisconsin Law needs to beef up its offerings in Con Law. Too much cruel neutrality.

Steve said...

Has there been a worse school in these rankings than American U? Their continued plummet, which now has them at 78, would be mortifying if I cared that much. I think they were in the low 40s and maybe high 30s when the ratings started.

It's is the perfect school for people with trust funds who want to want to "do good" and not work too hard while getting a legal education. Not having your left wing politics questioned while attending law school is a bonus.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Temple (+2)
Wisconsin (-2)

So apparently Sara Goldrick-Rab is worth two places in the rankings. And she's not even part of the law school.


The Godfather said...

If you look at the entire list, not a whole lot has changed since I graduated from college in 1965. Yes, one LS is slightly higher in the second tier, and another is slightly lower, but probably not enough to offset the climate (are you a skier or a golfer?) or where the girl friend/boy friend is going to grad school. The bigger question is, why is ANYONE going to LS, at least anyone who can't get into a top-20 school? The market's pretty saturated.

Beldar said...

I'm surprised that my alma mater, Texas, didn't drop as a result of the admissions scandal. I'm sufficiently ashamed that I refused to attend my 35th year law school anniversary because I was afraid I would have to shake hands with Bill Powers, and I probably would have spit in his face. His and his cronies' cravenness has tarnished my degree all these years later, and I resent the hell out of it.

I'm pleased to see the rise for the University of Houston Law Center, from which my oldest son graduated last May.

But of course, these rankings are terribly manipulated and manipulative. And law school is still a sucker's bet, and will be, given the spectacular glut that the market has not yet even begun to absorb. I did my best to talk my son out of attending, but he's sufficiently bullheaded and independent that he might make a career in law despite the odds.