February 20, 2016

"With the naked eye, you see the insect as brown bug. But when you enlarge it..."

"... you really see the wonderful colors that come from the process."

Insects. Just insects. No politics. No insect politics.

Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not?


David said...

You were mistaken Althouse. As I moved through the slide show at the link, a full screen pop-up photo of the White House replaced the bugs. It was CNN, reminding me that the race to the White House was still on and that I should watch it on CNN.

This is the chicken man election. It's everywhere.

D. B. Light said...

Interesting thing about that quote -- most people associate it with Bobby Kennedy, but it is a quote from "Back to Methuselah" by G.B. Shaw. And, it is spoken by Satan [the Serpent] as he tempts Eve into sin. Rather than being a call to excellence, it is seduction to sin.

Clyde said...

Since insects have queens, they're obviously royalists.

traditionalguy said...

It's not a natural born insect. Get it out of here.

buwaya said...

The varieties and intricacies of nature are beyond human understanding. We can't really explain or grasp the fullness of a single insect, in all its parts. How much less can we understand humanity, in all its complexity. The more we know the less we understand.
This is the best argument for humility, in all our plots and politics. Burke put it best, and so far he is unrefuted.

mikee said...

God sure loves beetles.

Fred Drinkwater said...

Bubbling up slowly from the antique depths of my memory (i.e. I could not find it with a modest Google search) I recall a fine book titled something like "The Six Fundamental Sources of Color".
If I recall the list correctly, color comes from these processes: Absorption (and emission, which is essentially the same process in reverse), scattering, diffraction, interference, refraction, and dispersion.
I remember the book as having beautiful images illustrating each of these. Anyone out there know this book? I'd love to find it again and get another copy.

Laura said...

How many repetitions and reiterations are needed to convince medical professionals that suicide is not only not an option for you because it bugs you to a cyclonic end? That one little electronic phone infection could tell them how many times the sting of death doesn't go away, no matter how many times you spit out the stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4iUQskA1ok??

A new swarm just came to town, and who knows what we'll get tomorrow. Sigh.

Laura said...

Nice malpractice system ya got going there. If you like your plan, you can keep it, right?

Hate for something to happen to it.