February 2, 2016

The problem of money is not what it used to be.

"Jeb Spends $2,884 Per Iowa Vote."


Fandor said...

Go home JEB!
Your mommy is calling.

Dad has a pair of new socks for you.

Brother W wants to paint your portrait.

Have a good cry.

It's been "lovely" but, beat it.

Brando said...

Why his donors haven't dropped out I don't know. Maybe they have some idea he'll roar back in the next few primaries? I don't think that worked for Guiliani though. Early momentum makes all the difference.

Jeb just isn't compelling. It's hard to picture anyone getting excited about him, and there are many other options to choose from no matter where you stand. And Republicans aren't really into dynasties the way Democrats are.

Greg Hlatky said...

I would have voted for him for half that.

john said...

Didn't Steve Forbes end up spending about $10-15,000 a vote? It was all his money, true. The important point is however, that if Bush or Forbes had plowed either twice as much or half as much money into their campaigns, the cost per vote would have been twice or half as much.

mccullough said...

He's been pissing away the money but it's only other people's money. Unlike paying taxes, the donations to his campaign or Super Pac were voluntary.

But what suckers are going to keep donating to Jeb. He'll be out of money soon because the donations will dry up

JAORE said...

That money would go a lot further in urban areas where "walking around" money is more the norm. Like 100 times further.

Paul said...


I'm very conservative. I voted for George W. both times (and still think highly of him.)

But Jeb, you ain't W. You don't seem to have your heart into it, and Jeb, money helps, but if what you say just does not ring true, then it won't help.

Yes, it's time to cash in and go home.