February 4, 2016

At the Morning Blog Café...


... the view from here.


Big Mike said...

Just beyond that screen lies sanity.

Of a sort.

The location being Madison, Wisconsin, ya' know.

tim in vermont said...

The things you do for us!

MadisonMan said...

My view is mountains. Long week.

Hagar said...

Water quality.

Another problem common to the older cities in the East is Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), i.e., the city sewers carry stormwater as well as sewage and are constructed such as to be too large for the daily sewage flow, but way too small for the storm runoff from any sizeable rainstorm. This was taken care of by constructing overflow structures at convenient locations, such that the excess flow of now diluted sewage is diverted down to some local creek or surface channel.
You can tell if your city has a combined sewer system by sniffing the air around street stormwater inlets in the dry season, and by looking at the local streams to see if there is yellowish grey/green "stuff" stuck along the banks and there are numbers of rats scurrying about.
The Federal Government first decided this was a general health problem as well as a nuisance way back in the '60s and began pressuring cities that had combined sewer systems to undertake construction projects to get the flows separated so that sewage would go to the sewage plant and the local watercourses would only receive stormwater. This legislation was updated in 1994 (according to Wikipedia), and all such cities are now required by the EPA to have established programs with long range plans to alleviate current problems to the greatest extent feasible and eventual elimination of the CSOs entirely.

Why has not this also been done for the lead service tubing and building plumbing problems?

rhhardin said...

Bridge of Spies (Tom Hanks) is pretty good. Who will guess which part I like best, as a romcom fan; the part that makes the picture great.

Man Up (Simon Pegg, Lake Bell) was fun.

Crisis Is Our Brand (Sandra Bullock), eh, owing to ending. I really like Bullock but many weird films. She's a producer so it's her fault, but a good actor. The flaw here is perhaps what Hugh Grant identified in The Rewrite, in a nice moment, when a female student with a grudge against him wrote her screenplay about him and her; Grant said that the characters have to develop. You can't just have a good guy and a bad guy with no change. I'd have had Bullock's opponent rescue her somehow, instead of making it an acting-challenge plot.

Three recent DVDs that I tried paying up for, instead of my usual low limit.

rehajm said...

It's still failing, Bitches! Net enrollment in Obamacare will be close to zero for the latest entollment period. Biggest deterrent is affordabilty for individuals/families not eligible for subsidies. What middle class family can afford $700-$800+ premiums every month with deductibles/out of pockets over $12k?

New president is going to have to fix the mess made by the current one.