February 25, 2016

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CWJ said...


CWJ said...

This comment is for Brando. Hi, don't know if you follow Althouse "cafes" but if you do, I saw your last comment referencing me on the Obama scotusblog thread and wrote a lengthy (non snarky) reply. It would appear that 24 hours seems to be the time limit as my comment didn't post. Just wanted to let you know that You were not ignored.

YoungHegelian said...


Okay, Lady, I'm calling you out. You're just evil. Evil, ya hear?

Some time ago, you posted a Bollywood video with the ever-ravishing Aishwarya Rai. That was the beginning of the end, my fall into Desi perdition.

Now, I am flat out addicted to Bollywood videos. I mean how can I not with stuff like this, & oh my God, winners like this.

So, I'll see you in Hell, lady. I'll bring the pop corn; you bring the papads. I hear Beezelbub's got a great HD home video system, & we can watch them for a damned long time.

MathMom said...

YoungHegelian -

We used to watch the Wednesday evening Indian movie every week shown on Bahrain TV.

Beyonce' could learn a few things, eh?

Whatever you do, don't miss Monsoon Wedding.

Etienne said...
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Bob Ellison said...

On FNC, Andrew Napolitano says the FBI's request that Apple break the San Bernadino terrorist's iPhone amounts to "indentured servitude", or maybe, going with Apple's argument, a violation of Apple's First Amendment rights, because code is speech, and this would amount to the government requiring Apple to speak certain words.

This is such utter bullshit, and most of the other commentators on the subject are saying similar things.

Does Apple already have the security-breaking code? Ask Tim Cook and Apple's director of Quality Engineering to testify under oath that Apple does not already have the ability to crack the 10-password-erase feature on the iPhone. Ask them under oath! It should be interesting.

Is requiring Apple to do this much different than requiring hours of work to extract data from non-encrypted files from another company pursuant to a court order? No.

Bob Ellison said...

*"saying similar things" = "being as ignorant and blowdacious as Napolitano on this subject"

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

Once again it is obvious that the audience is biased against Trump at the R debate. This is remarkably stupid politics.

Saint Croix said...

So Playboy is putting clothes on all the women and now the Sports Illustrated people have gone Rubenesque.

Come on! What the hell, America!

cf said...

a whine.

i am a data point from yesterday.

It says the fastest growing sector in the workforce are women over 65. Thank you, hoodwinked-into-being-sanctimonious
voters of Democrats, i hope you are enjoying the news or our nation's and the world's demolition.

OK, i am 64, but I am definitely part of this new statistic. I see no end to needing to work, since the wonderful Recovery Summer of 2009 put the Boot to the Masses and the Merchants, and kept it on our throats, singing like a BigBlueCorpGovt Hope and Change Siren way on into the future.

My enterprising husband broke under the New Normal, echoing the statistic in these years that the suicide rate has a new bubble in enterprising white men. I helped him survive and return to life, but it is not a pretty life. My current work seems like a waft of what Chiinese migrant labor feels like, or some serfdom i have never personally witnessed in my world up to now.

And the thing is, this accomplished college graduate -- creative and artistic manager and designer, mentor of teams and grower of every enterprise she has touched -- now finds herself working in what must be some of the lowest of american jobs. Two jobs, of course, like everyone else I work with: one as a shopgirl at Sears, yikes! the other is the transylvania Twilight of Overnight Grocery Reset. I work with golden people, let me tell you, and such dear, hard workers. however, I have taken the express elevator Down from heights many of them could not hope for. Some are from generations of bad teeth and toothlessness, a segment of the American population I have been too privileged to ever even SEE before now. Good bless them, every one.

OK, gotta get ready to head into job 2 soon, 8 pm to 6 am supposedly, but the new contract reflects the recent corporate buyout, and we are cramming 16 hours into those overnight 10, and losing the fight, working 14 hours shifts many nights.

if our government is paying for your wine, do toast the many of us unlucky enough to be paying for it.

and ptewy on your smug ass.

Quaestor said...

I hear Reverend Al has treated to flee if Trump is elected. Best argument yet to ka-ching that ballot for The Donald! Too bad its a lie.

tim in vermont said...

St Croix, She is pretty damn hot. You can have the skinny chicks if I can have the ones like her. Who wants to be around somebody who is obsessive about their figure and afraid to eat anyways?