February 13, 2016

A reader detects a Drudge juxtaposition

From yesterday (archived page here):

Get it?

Frosted tips!

That "Milo: Twitter tweeking election" link goes to a CBS Philly article: "Milo Yiannopoulos: Twitter Will Try To Sway The Presidential Election."

I don't know if "tweeking" is a misspelling of "tweaking" or a deliberate reference to the "side effect of extreme over indulgence in crystal meth or crack cocaine" or the "South Park" character (whose full name is, interestingly enough, Tweek Tweak (both spellings)):


rhhardin said...

I've been thinking about this. And I think we should meet.


JOE (V.O.)
We *should* meet. And we *will* meet. But I'm in the middle
of a project that needs... Tweaking.


JOE sees KATHLEEN in Starbucks drinking coffee and reading,
so he goes in.

Some teaking? A project that needed "tweaking"?

That's what he said.



That's what he said.

- You've Got Mail (Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks)

SeanF said...

Since it's Twitter, maybe it's "tweeking" as a pun on "tweeting".

Bob K said...

Can twitter dance? Maybe they are going to be twerking the election.

Bill said...

God bless stouthearted Milo, tips frosted or unfrosted.

traditionalguy said...

Drudge must be is waking up from a hangover. Maybe it's Post Traumatic News Syndrome from the speed of changes to politics and to what is reality itself. The Headlines are 30%+ about the coming end of everything normal humans do. Either that, or Matt has been replaced by a computer smarter than him.

gadfly said...

Also - the story about a counter-drone system that hijacks and captures rogue drones suddenly became a counter-droid system which I presume hijacks and captures rogue Android phones. Not a "juxta" thingy but a edit error none-the-less.

MaxedOutMama said...

Scalia's dead??

Etienne said...

Get it? Nope. Whoosh....

buwaya said...

Scalia is dead.
The only thing that has held the line against utter economic disaster is a lot of 5:4s. Too many peoples backs are against the wall.
Crisis is piling on crisis.
US Civil War II on the horizon ?

Bill, Republic of Texas said...

So who thinks the GOPe killed Scalia? Now the argument will be the election is too important to trust to an outsider.

Gahrie said...

US Civil War II on the horizon ?

I sure hope not. But if so most of the bad guys have voluntarily disarmed themselves.

Alex said...

Is this the first time sexy Milo has been mentioned on this blog?