January 7, 2016

"The teenage years are often the worst and my teens were an uphill struggle against bad skin, frizzy hair and body woes...."

"So here I was again with a face and body that I was deeply unhappy with.... I felt broken and pathetic. It was as if the old, independent, free-spirited Tammy had died and in her place was this person I hardly recognised. I didn't like what I saw and not just because of my appearance..... That's why I applied to be on Channel 4's The Undateables - a dating programme for people with challenging conditions. I'd cheated death for goodness sake so I was pretty sure there was nothing I couldn't do...."


traditionalguy said...

Makes you appreciate Plastic Surgeons who work for free on cleft palate kids. She needs to have children. Babies never reject mother.

EDH said...

The selfie monkey went through a similar awkward phase.

EDH said...

Louis CK on the so-called "Undatables"... and everyone else.

Everybody has their time, everybody has their time. I mean not everybody. There are people out there who there is just nobody for them, uh um, yep. People like to say things like, there is someone for everyone. Nope, not at all true, and stop saying it, cause it’s mean to people who never find anybody. There are millions of people out there who we’ve all unanimously decided they are light speed ugly and nobody kisses them on the lips, even. Nobody touches their genitals their entire life, they just wash it and then they die, that’s all that happens.

Oh, and if you’re feeling bad for them you can go find one and fuck one tomorrow. You can just solve the problem right there. With all that kindness in your hearts, “Oh, we’ll go fuck one? Naa, I don’t think so.”

That’s the one way we’re all mean, nobody does it, nobody fucks down, nobody. People fuck up or across. Some women fuck down because the guy talked to them, into that it was up. Some guy, yeah, no you should, I am totally up yeah.