December 6, 2015

"ISIS 'ranks' the women, considering foreign women and converts to be especially 'valuable.' "

"According to French journalist Anna Erelle’s recent exposé, ISIS foreign fighters prefer foreign women and converts because the jihadists find Syrian women 'uppity and unaccommodating sexually.' Stressing the fact that their participation in ISIS’s jihad is best made, to quote the Manifesto from the all female al-Khansaa’ Brigade, through sedentariness, stillness and stability—marriage and motherhood—the group rewards these women to the most prized male recruits."

From "How A Woman Joins ISIS/Whatever the terror group’s propaganda, women are chattel to ISIS" in The Daily Beast.

ADDED: As you contemplate the gender politics of ISIS, please be sure to include this in the mix:

The woman is not necessarily the manipulated follower. [AND: The enemy may use the very women they find "uppity" as emissaries into our society, where they can embed and influence, taking advantage of our acceptance of strong women and our romantic-love-oriented immigration rules.]


campy said...

After they rank them, do they put them in binders?

Jake said...

It's almost like no one watched "24"

I kid. Sort of.

Curious George said...

Well, at least no Republicans to wage war on them.

Grackle said...

The X-ray Spex said it best in "Oh Bondage Up Yours"

Bind me tie me
Chain me to the wall I want to be a slave
To you all

Oh bondage up yours, oh bondage no more [Repeat: x1]

Chain-store chain-smoke
I consume you all
Chain-gang chain-mail
I don't think at all

Thrash me crash me
Beat me till I fall
I want to be a victim
For you all

Thrash me crash me
Beat me till I fall
I want to be a victim
For you all

Bind me tie me
Chain me to the wall I want to be a slave
To you all

False Grackle

Quaestor said...

Feminists keep failing at being feminists. If I had an ideology like that I trade for a good crosscut saw; something reliable, y'know?

MAJMike said...

Deafening silence from the LibCong Womyn's Movement. True oppression is ignored by them and the rest of the Liberal Fascists.

The Drill SGT said...

If I were enterprising, I would organize feminist tour groups so that Leftist college women and others could watch real Islamics in their natural peace loving habitat in say Raqqa.

What a money maker...
No need to buy return tickets for the tourists and I suspect my agents would be able to make great deals at the slave market.

Me, I'm not stupid. You would not catch me leading a tour.

PS: I saw a picture of a couple of gay guys marching in an Islamophobia prevention parade. They held a sign that focused on Gays and Muslims needing protection. How dumb can you get...

Curious George said...

"As you contemplate the gender politics of ISIS, please be sure to include this in the mix:"

I prefer the pictures of them dead in the street like dogs...

pm317 said...

"uppity" women and their orphans.. didn't we hear that from someone important?

Fritz said...

It's an old story:

Sayed (however it's really spelled) had the Jellyroll Blues

kwenzel said...

Sounds like a preferred equilibrium from the ISIS (male) perspective: they exchange their uppity (but useful as unexpected controlling catalysts in target nations) native women for meeker and enthusiastic imports.

Gahrie said...

OK...I'll say it...that guy's face looks like the recruit in Full Metal Jacket just before he blew his own head off.

If I had a co-worker who looked like that, or had a picture that looked like that, i'd be requesting a transfer.....

Paul said...

Hitler's henchmen had very loyal wives, some of whom actually watch firing squads shoot masses of Jews. Hitler's pilot,Hanna Reitsch, was a devout Nazi till her death in 1979.

Read 'Hitler's Furries', "The Nazi women who were every bit as evil as the men: From the mother who shot Jewish children in cold blood to the nurses who gave lethal injections in death camps."

Plenty of women fanatics out there who don't mind being murderers.

And being in Texas... And packing heat.. if I see a woman shooting into a crowd, I will not hesitate to open fire on her.

Unlike liberals, I think it CAN happen here.

steve uhr said...

Unlike other terrorist groups, ISIS does not support the use of women in battle other than in self defense.

Issue 11 of their slick on-line magazine Dabiq says:

"Still, the absence of an obligation of jihād and war upon the Muslim woman – except in defense against someone attacking her – does not overturn her role in building the
Ummah, producing men, and sending them out to the fierceness of battle."


David said...

"Huma? Get me some coffee, will you Huma?"

jeff said...

Common thread

Colleen Chisholm's power over John

Tashfeen Malik power over Syed

Never underestimate the power of a blowjob

mezzrow said...

One day in school the teacher asks little Johnny,
"If there were five birds on the tree and you shoot two birds with your gun then how many would be left?"
"None because they would all fly away.", replies little Johnny.
"That is incorrect.", says the teacher, "there would be three left, but I like the way you think."

Then little Johnny asks the teacher,
"If there were three women on the bench with an ice cream cone, one bitting on the cone, the other sucking the cone, and the last one licking her cone, which one is married?"
"The one sucking on the cone," guessed the teacher.
"That is incorrect," replies little Johnny," The one with the wedding ring on her finger is married, but I like the way you think."

Sebastian said...

Don't you realize this is a complex phenomenon, and we must contemplate the reasons why this is happening and take care not to do anything rash?

walter said...

Well I left home just a week before
And I'd never ever kissed a woman before
But Tasheen smiled and took me by the hand
And said dear boy I'm gonna make you a man

Laslo Spatula said...

"Syed, when you're home all you do is watch infidel television and play video games. When are we going to Jihad?"

"Tashfeen, when it is time."

"But you always say it is not the right time. I spend my days building pipe bombs while you're at work, and it feels like it is all for nothing. I take great pride in my pipe bombs: they are like my children."

"They are fine pipe-bombs, my Tashfeen: no husband could ask for a better bomb-maker for a wife. When the proper moment arrives we will know it, God Willing."

"But you said the time would be right after "Breaking Bad's" final season. Then it was to be after the "Girls" season finale, and yet we have done nothing."

"Girls" was very important to better understand the Infidel Mind."

"Yes, but don't you see? I am ready to blow up all the Lena Dunhams of this Decadent Society."

"You have no argument from me there, but be patient, my Wife: I now believe the time will directly follow the new "Star Wars" movie."

"We are waiting to see an infidel movie before we Jihad? Does that not sound wrong to you?"

"But Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo, you know. I kind of like to think of myself as the Han Solo of Jihad. And you are my Chewbacca."

"What is this 'Chewbacca' of which you speak?"

"Um -- never mind that, my Wife."

"We cannot wait, my Husband. How about we attack at your Office Christmas Party? That would surely please Allah."

"It is a Holiday Party, Tashfeen. There are Jews there, too."

"Don't you see how that makes it even better? We get infidels celebrating Christmas AND we get Jews: it is Meant to Be."

"I suppose I can binge-watch "Naughty Anal Cheerleaders" Parts One through Fourteen before the Party."

"That is my beloved Jihadi! I will go make more bombs!"

"And I will be in my room watching television with the door closed..."

I am Laslo.

chickelit said...

They were a particularly ugly couple -- both inside and out. No Faye Dunaway/Warren Beatty comparisons are possible.

viator said...

"Witnesses have told The Sunday Times how Malik, 29, had been the first to open fire on her husband's co-workers at a government department holiday party, while Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, appeared to 'hesitate'."

William said...

During WWII, German Americans didn't take to wearing lederhosen and telling everyone that German was the language of Mozart. A certain amount of discretion was called for. I wish Muslims were a little more introspective about what their culture is doing wrong and a little more judgmental about those of their members who are openly hostile to American values. American value: We don't kill people over videos and cartoons. We are more critical of such people than of people who actually produce such videos and cartoons. That's not such a high bar. Muslims should try to meet it.......Of course, you can't entirely blame Muslims. Hillary Clinton's inflammatory rhetoric about the video maker undoubtedly was part of the motivation of these two recent shooters. If she had been more forthright in her condemnation of those who rioted over a stupid video, it would have been useful in turning the tide of public opinion and causing these two shooters to remain sane and centered.

William said...

There was no bigger bleeding heart than Eleanor Roosevelt. Still you never saw he wearing lederhosen and saying that our bombing campaign in Germany was causing Germans to become fanatical Nazis.

Anonymous said...

So that guy must not have been a "prized male recruit."

Owen said...

Laslo with another thread-winner.

William said...

I don't know about the hijab and the burqa, but the face veil was something the Muslims culturally appropriated from the Byzantines when the Turks brought peace to Byzantium......If you look at college year books in Muslim countries from the 1950's in nearly every picture, the women are dressed in western clothes. Affluent, well educated women in those countries aspired to western values and a western life style. The wearing of religious garb by western Muslims is as much a matter of fashion as getting a piercing or a tattoo. And it's probably done with the same in your face motivation. I call microaggresion on the whole phenomenon. ......We know that waving a Viet Cong flag at peace rallies in the sixties was covered by First Amendment. We also know that waving a Confederate Flag is an objectionable display of racism and is not covered by the First Amendment. I'm confused as to the propriety of the hijab vis a vis the First Amendment.

SukieTawdry said...

If women ruled the world, there would be no more wars. If women ruled the world, there would be less violence, more peace, more stability, more sustainability. If women ruled the world, there would be more cooperation, more collaboration, more dialogue, more consensus, more inclusion. If women ruled the world, it would be a safer place for our children and our grandchildren. If women ruled the world, there would be a better quality of life for people everywhere. If only women ruled the world.

Bob Ellison said...


walter said...

Blogger chickelit said...
They were a particularly ugly couple
Yep. Made me appreciate the veil tradition a bit.

furious_a said...

From the mother who shot Jewish children in cold blood to the nurses who gave lethal injections in death camps... Frau Goebbels, who poisoned her six children in their sleep rather than let them grow up in a world without National Socialism.

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

I wonder how they rank those mannish monobrowed Arab and Paki women? They're not nearly as pretty as the Afghan, Balkan, and Southeast Asian women. I guess when you're used to conjugal relations with goats and camels (almost) any woman is an improvement.

Sammy Finkelman said...

if you read the New York times article a week or two ago, ISIS insists its women practice birth cntrol - because aman with a child is less likely to volunteer to commit suicide.

That's another difference here.

There’s something peculiar about this whole thing:

Everything about the background of these two says Original al Qaeda ® ™, (al Qaeda Cklassic)

Yet at the end, she swears allegiance to ISIS, (a requirement for ISIS to take credit) ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/IS/Islamic State/”the” Islamic State/Whatchamacallit (al Qaeda 2.0) is doing right now.

But nothing else links them to, or suggests, ISIS.

What this means is that either the loyalty pledge to ISIS was made to throw off the trail, or (in the event this was not intended to be discovered, and was only for her) that neither al Qaeda nor ISIS did it, but some organization that supports both of them!

Their superiors, you might say.

It is typical for Islamic terrorist organizations to splinter. Sort of like spltting pairs in blackjack.

I don't think this was planned in Taqqa, or that the people there even knew about this in advance. I think it was planned abroad somewhere else. They weren't even ready to take credit. Finally they did, calling them "supporters" in Arabic and "soldiers" in English.

Sammy Finkelman said...

This kind of attack is typical of what ISIS has started doing in the last year (prior to that they were not doing terrorist attacks outside their zone of control.)

Meanwhile, al Qaeda has lately taken to distinguishing itself from ISIS by saying that they do not kill Moslems. Back in 2012 or so, Zawahiri tried to order Baghdadi to stop doing things that give al Qaeda very bad publicity, like videotaped executions, or Moslems as victims, because it was counter-productive and causing very bad repercussions for al Qaeda, and that was part of the reason for the split.

In hostage type attacks, which al Qaeda endorses, the hostages now are asked if they are Moslems, and if they say yes, asked to recite something in Arabic that all Moslems should know. The Shabab, which Farook was in contact with, does this.

But in this attack in San Bernadino, one of the people shot was the wife of the program director of the mosque that Syed Rizwan Farook attended in Riverside from 2012 to 2014. According to someone who was a guest on Meet the Press she may have been specifically targeted because she was shot 4 times. (she survived)

The whole attack was terminated early because the fire alarm and the sprinklers went off. Active shooters normally tend to hang around too long, but they left before the police got there.

Sammy Finkelman said...

There's a picture or several pictures on the Internet of what is supposed to be, or presumeed to be their second wedding in Irvine, california (the first was in Saudi Arabia) and he doesn't have a beard, and she does not cover her hair and actually looks Indian rather than Pakistani. I wonder if they hid their religion, or at least their religiosity, when Syed applied for a visa for her fiance. But is it them?

Sammy Finkelman said...

The truth is - it takes so long to get the facts - that wasn't a holiday party. It was an all day annual conference that started at 8:30 am and was sceduled to end at 4:30. It had speeches and some interaction - there was somethinbg where each person was given a remote which they were supposed to use in some presentation to give their eaction. It also had alucnh break and theer was a Christmas tree.

syed Farook arrived before 8:30 and stayee dthere till about 11:00 He left his jacket hanging over his chair - like he had gne to the bathroom or something. He just quietly disappeared. By the time he came back it seems like things were getting ready too start. The devices had already been distributed, and someone left one by where he was supposed to sit.

Then came the attack - by 3 people they all said. It lasted 2 or 3 minutes but abruptly came to an end because the sprinklers and the fire alarm came on because of all the gunpoweder in the air, and they got scared. It was probably set off automatically but they must have thought somebody had done it.

Sammy Finkelman said...

steve uhr said...

Unlike other terrorist groups, ISIS does not support the use of women in battle other than in self defense.

This wasn't ISIS. This was al Qaeda, or rather, someone ABOVE both of them.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Sayed (however it's really spelled) had the Jellyroll Blues

It's Syed. Both his broehr and his father also were Syed Farook. He was Syed Rizwan Farook, and his brother, the Navy veteran and Calif tax department employee, was Syed Raheel Farouk. His father went by "Syed", his brother by "Rahill" and he went by "Rizwan". I mean they all had practically the same name. I don't know the father's middle name, if any. He was a truck driver, mostly.

There was a bitter divorce between his parents that started in 2006 that only got finalized maybe this year, but his mother got an order of protection maybe in 2008. Probably lied to get it. He also had two sisters. One lived with the mother until rather recently (or still did) The good brother (with the same first and last name and middle initial) lived with the father.

The terrorist brother and his wife and his baby daughter lived in a townhouse they had rented since mid-May about when the baby was born (b. May 21). The mother lived upstairs in separate quarters. She was also involved with Islamic extremists, but probably not aware of the plot, sort of Tamerlan's Tsarnaev's mother. Syed Rizwan Farook's mother sold the old house in May, but a package was still waiting for her at the old address after the massacre. Also, a UPS driver was going to deliver a package to the terrorist family on Friday but turned back when he realized who it was or where it wasm and took it ack to UPS where they awaited bomb technicians, just in case it was a bomb.

You know, they didn't expect to get caught. But for some reason, somebody suspected Syed and gave the police a tip. We still don't know who. Did somebody recognize him? Or was it the fact that he was missing? They are said not to have spoken and worn masks.

Titus said...

I would be an ISIS wife for like 24 hours with a hot fighter. The one on the run after Paris is a major stud.

I fantasize about him saying Allah Akbar while wearing a suicide vest as I fuck him hard.

tits and muscles.

Sammy Finkelman said...

The baby is now with child protective services but the family of the husband wants to adipt her.

viator said...

The plot gets more reconquista...a nom de guerre.

"Malik also means ‘king.’ Therefore, when the name of the female terrorist was revealed as Tashfeen Malik, it seemed wrong.

I searched around for her background and the names of her parents. Those were found, but the parents’ names were different from her’s and the implicit question in my mind remained: would a Pakistani girl raised in Saudi Arabia be named Malik?

I raised this question to my Facebook friends and one of them came through with a link from Palestinian ex-terrorist, ex-Muslim Walid Shoebat. Tashfeen Malik is a man’s name. Oh and not just any man.

'Tashfeen Malik (King) is a nom de guerre for a Muslim Jihadist from the annals of Muslim history. As he is known to Muslims “تاشفين ملك الموحدين” Tashfeen Malik Al-Muahideen, in English: Tafhseen King of the Unitarians (Muslims) and the conquerer of the west. The history stems from when Yusuf ibn Tashfin led the Muslim forces in the Battle of Zallaqa/Sagrajas. He came to Andalusia from Morocco to help the Muslims fight against Alfonso VI, eventually achieving victory and allowing the Muslims to remain in Spain for centuries. The battle has been symbolic for Muslim victory against the Christians.'

from Juliette A. Ochieng, novelist and blogger

The battle of Sagrajas, it turns out, took place on October 23, 1086

Sharpen up your history folks, some cultures don't forget.

Of course all this passed obliviously over the heads of DHS and DOS.

viator said...

By the way Ann, the Tashfeen Malik idea goes back to Walid Shoebat.

averagejoe said...

We used to rank women too. That San Berdoo lady jihadi is a 3, a California 2, a Syrian 7...

Anonymous said...

So, William,

You are saying Eleanor R. was a dude?



walter said...

Syed, his brother Syed..was there an "other brother Syed"?

Sammy Finkelman said...

There seem to be different reports of Tashfeen Malik's age. Some say or one report sayss she was 27, others say she was 29 (and thus older than her husband)

It is not clear when her family, or if her entire family, moved to Saudi Arabia. (They would of course not have become Saudi citizens - that's not what goes on there)

Some say her father moved there around 25 years ago, not speaking directly of her. Other repoerts say she moved there when she was 18 or when she was 20. Or maybe she grew up in Jidda. She returned to Pakistan to get a degree in pharmacy (with a minor in poisons and bomb-making?) in 2012 in a university (Bahauddin Zakariya University) in Multan, Pakistan. Her father, who seems to be very wealthy, that's anotehr question, had built ahous there. The city is a major center for Islamic extremism, mainly or most notably, Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is secretly supported by Pakistan's rogue military intelligence agency - or part of it, and wages jihad against India. I think they did the Mumbai raid, They are also tied to organized crime.


The area in Punjab where she spent her early years and later went to university is a “recruitment ground” and stronghold of Islamist groups with ties to al Qaeda, said Husain Haqqani, a former Pakistani ambassador to the United States. Among the militant groups with a presence there is Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has been blamed for the November 2008 killing spree in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai.

She never used the pharmacy degree, apparently, and lived in the United States as a housewife. She spoke Urdu and broken English and did not drive. Male relatives of Syed Farook never saw her face.

The rifles had been bought 2 to 4 years before by a next door neighbor at the old address in Riverside, Enrique Marquez. He's now under some investigation, and the house was searched. His brother and father were briefly detained. It maybe is basically considered that he sold the guns. But Syed might have intended to purchase them off-the-record even then. His contacts with people suspected of ties to terrorism go back that far.

There were attempts to illegally convert the rifles (which were different models) to automatic. One attempt was successful and one attempt was not.

They also had 2 handguns which were not used in the main attack, but may have been used duringthe escape attempt. They escaped because when policemen arrived after the tip, they stayed outside waiting for more. They saw them. They also had destroyed their cellpones and put them in the trash - not clear when. They probably had other cellphones before. The FBI is said to have been able to recover some data from the cell phones, and besides a SIM card was found in the house.

The government now is only able to go back 2 years, not five. Five would be more useful. Three would be a big help it sounds like because a lot started to happen in 2013.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Malik is teh last name and is a common name in Pakistan. The mystery here is would anyyone ever be named tashheen, and if so, why? Her fatehr is supposed to have become extremely hardline after shewas born. It could very well be not her real, or not her original, name.

Megthered said...

I am not surprised that they used a woman to manipulate him. Even today, when feminists screech about equality, everyone is surprised that a woman can carry out murder of innocents. If I were running isis I would be recruiting every blonde haired, blue eyed woman I could find, coerce or buy, to infilitrate America and cause panic nationwide. No one woudl suspect them of anything, because they're a woman.

Gusty Winds said...

The woman is not necessarily the manipulated follower

A lot like the serpent, the Apple, and Adam and Eve in the Garden do Eden.

walter said...

Blogger SukieTawdry said...
If women ruled the world,...

Ah..any down sides? Immune to the power/corruption equation?

Steve said...

Women usually transmit culture to their children. If there were few Muslim women who encouraged jihad, there would be fewer jihadis. They learn to murder at their mothers' knee, they drink in the urge to murder with their mothers' milk.

RMc said...

Read 'Hitler's Furries', "The Nazi women who were every bit as evil as the men

I'm assuming you mean "Hitler's Furies". You better be, because now I'm picturing Himmler dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog and Eva Braun as Sailor Moon.

Damn you.

Curious George said...

"Titus said...
I fantasize about him saying Allah Akbar while wearing a suicide vest as I fuck him hard."

If only...

walter said...

"The rifles had been bought 2 to 4 years before by a next door neighbor at the old address in Riverside, Enrique Marquez." would this person have been flagged by "increased gun control"?

walter said...

"He said he shared the ideology of al-Baghdadi to create an Islamic state, and he was obsessed with Israel," the father told a reporter in an interview outside the home of this other son, Syed Raheel Farook, in Corona, Calif.
The father said he counseled his son to be patient because, he said, in time political changes in the Middle East will accomplish his desires.

"I kept telling him always: stay calm, be patient, in two years Israel will no longer exist," the elder Farook told the newspaper. "Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China, America too, nobody wants the Jews there."
Calming words from good ole Dad..yeah..I bet his upbringing was pure Apple Pie.

Quaestor said...

Titus wrote: I would be an ISIS wife for like 24 hours with a hot fighter. The one on the run after Paris is a major stud. I fantasize about him saying Allah Akbar while wearing a suicide vest as I fuck him hard.

Now we know what Althouse is not moderating the blog against.

Rusty said...

walter said...
"The rifles had been bought 2 to 4 years before by a next door neighbor at the old address in Riverside, Enrique Marquez." would this person have been flagged by "increased gun control"?

No Walter. There is no substantive measures for "gun control" from the left other than outright gun owner registration then confiscation. They want the US to be like Britain not like Switzerland. The left has no problem denying rights to a whole class of citizens so that they can feel safer.

walter said...

Blogger Rusty
The left has no problem denying rights to a whole class of citizens so that they can feel safer.
Well..he did replace the phrase "gun control" with "gun safety measures"

Sammy Finkelman said...