December 31, 2015

"Climate Chaos, Across the Map/What is going on with the weather?"

That's the headline and the first sentence of the article that's featured front and center at the NYT right now.

My question: When is it only an idiot who equates climate and weather?

Here's the third highest rated comment over there: "It's time to take all politicians who are global warming deniers and knock their heads with two-by-fours." Why not beheadings? I heard that's a thing. Effective against heresy, you know. 100%.


John henry said...

Re climate and weather:

Climate is when it is warmer than normal or when there are events that bolster the climate change scam.

Weather is when it does not move the scam forward.

John Henry

rhhardin said...

Whenever warm air goes north, cold air goes south somwehere else.

In this case, the jet stream is pumping Caribbean air into the east coast. The west coast gets compensating Canadian air.

As for why, it's Rossby waves.

Lewis Wetzel said...

What can I, a humble ordinary citizen with no scientific training, do to a stop scientists from denying global warming?

jaydub said...

"When is it only an idiot who equates weather with climate change?"

When the person doing the equating is one of the "other" group. Otherwise, it's okay. So, this particular person is of the alarmist persuasion, so it's the "deniers" who can't do it. This is really a simple formulation: if you believe in science, you have to be an alarmist. If you are one who is schooled in stochastic modeling and regression analysis like me and you want to see some correlation demonstrated among the cited variables and the actual climate, you need to be hit over the head with a 2x4. Because science!

rehajm said...

Yet another study finding little basis for attribution of extreme weather to human-caused climate change.

Yet another quiet year for extreme weather in North America

David Begley said...

CAGW is a scam and hoax combined.

Doomsday is some unstated day at least 85 years away. That's the clue that's it's a scam. Wrong for over a dozen years tells you it is a hoax.

It is all about spending and making money for the right people.

The people who believe it are idiots.

Carol said...

In other news, winter weather in the northwest had been wonderfully cold and snowy. I can xc ski right in my own back yard and have done so several times.

They said it was going to be warmer and dry.

Virgil Hilts said...

The experts said years ago and multiple times that if we did not take drastic action by now (late 2015 or even earlier) it would be too late. We have not to date taken drastic action. Therefore, it is now too late to do so. Any contrary position just means you are some sort of pollyanna in denial of what the AGW scientists have been uniformly telling us.

Lyle Smith said...

I read a Deutsche Welle article, written by DW's chief environmental reporter, a couple of weeks ago that claims it is snowing less in Bonn, Germany this year because of climate change. The author posited snow-less winters in Germany in the coming years. This kind of reporting has been going on regularly in major Germany publications, like Der Spiegel, for years. In the summer of 2003 I remember Der Spiegel correlating summer floods with global warming.

tim maguire said...

Ah for the good old days, before we messed up nature with inventions and stuff!

A law was made a distant moon ago here:
July and August cannot be too hot.
And there's a legal limit to the snow here
In Camelot.
The winter is forbidden till December
And exits March the second on the dot.
By order, summer lingers through September
In Camelot.
Camelot! Camelot!
I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
But in Camelot, Camelot
That's how conditions are.
The rain may never fall till after sundown.
By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
In short, there's simply not
A more congenial spot
For happily-ever-aftering than here
In Camelot.

William said...

The Marxists used to blame alienation and anomie on capitalism, but such disorders have more to do with the human condition than with capitalist societies. The Soviets were certainly no slackers when it came to producing alienation and anomie.......Anyway, the global warming crowd have gone the Marxists one better. Bad weather is now the baleful effect of capitalism.......I understand that China has been radically understating its carbon emissions. So has Volkswagen. Guess which liar will cause the most outrage. Guess which liar will put the most pollutants in the air.

MadisonMan said...

A couple comments.

Yet another quiet year for extreme weather in North America

If you define extreme weather as hurricane landfalls. You could define it as deadly December Tornadoes and this year would be pretty spectacular. Or historic flooding. In other words, that post suffers from exactly the same thing that althouse is complaining about: conflating weather events and climate.

They said it was going to be warmer and dry.

El Nino winters frequently feature a flip around the New Year. And in fact, forecast models are suggesting that's going to happen. Cliff Mass has an interesting post on this.

Here in Madison, we're ending one of the warmest Decembers recorded -- but there's still snow on the ground. Best of all things? (No -- I'm not a snow fan). It's also been really really cloudy here. Anyway, not a climate event, just a piece of a puzzle.

rehajm said...

If you define extreme weather as hurricane landfalls. You could define it as deadly December Tornadoes and this year would be pretty spectacular. Or historic flooding. In other words, that post suffers from exactly the same thing that althouse is complaining about: conflating weather events and climate.

This post suffers from exactly the same thing that Althouse is complaining about: conflating weather events and climate.

Fernandinande said...

Funny weather is caused by El NiƱo escaping from a Mexican prison.

Sebastian said...

@MM: "not a climate event" Whole lotta denial right there. You, a scientist! Anyway, tell it to the alarmists, and report back.

JPS said...

David Begley:

Neither a scam nor a hoax, for the most part.

Much as media bias doesn't consist of consciously slanting the news so much as having one's BS detector set to zero threshold in one direction and very, very high in the other, climate scientists aren't making up their theories or their findings. But as a group they've fallen for their theory, so evidence - even very bad evidence - that seems to support it is accepted. Evidence against is scrutinized very, very carefully. This is how they know solar variation isn't a major factor: It's been carefully studied, mostly by people determined to dismiss it as a factor.

Gahrie said...

Human History goes back 5,500 years.
Civilization goes back about 6,000 years.
The current interglacial period (or global warming) began somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago.
So throughout all of human history, all of human civilization, global warming has been occurring.

Modern humans first appeared about 200,000 years ago.
The current ice age (that we are in an interglacial period of) began two and a half million years ago.
So all of human existence has occurred in an ice age.

Which 5,000 year period...hell what fifty year period of human existence would you prefer to live in?

Life has gotten infinitely better for humanity the warmer the earth has gotten

Fernandinande said...

Volcanoes, global super-storm and a chance of Godzilla on Wednesday.

hawkeyedjb said...

Violence is always the answer, isn't it? That, and wrecking the industrial economies, will make the world a better place. The science is incontrovertible.

Sammy Finkelman said...

This may be the first mentuion this month. The weather has mostly bene covered this December without saying anything abot climate change, although it seems to prove global warming.

(I doesn't prove it is a problem. Even the extra rain - there is said to be an extra 5% rainfall worldwide es ago, or is that ac century or two?)

Michael K said...

"The people who believe it are idiots."

No, that can't be it. There seems to be a human tendency to believe in odd theories that come and go.

Charles Mackay wrote a book about it but I don't think he could explain it either.

There seems to be more examples right now, including "Rape Culture" and "Microaggressions" and other weird phenomena.

Maybe the decline of religion is part of it but that did not cause the 19th century examples.

It may just be a human peculiarity. There is no question that those driving it are making money off it.

David Begley said...

Virgil Hilts nailed it.

It's Too Late, Baby.

Why bother now?

Jason said...

I knew when it was going to be an El Nino year we were going to see America's Dumbest People confuse El Nino effects with human-caused global warming.

Roy Lofquist said...

Things were simpler when I was a kid. We blamed the screwy weather on all them atom bombs they was setting off.

damikesc said...

I've always said, nothing says "science" like an unfalsifiable theory.

Big Mike said...

If Anthropogenic Global Warning was not a hoax, then MadisonMan would be willing to give me a link to his publications so a skeptical mathematician could validate his methods and look at his data.

Anonymous said...

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a cornerstone in the foundation of Life on Earth. Neither animal nor blade of grass would exist, absent CO2. Plants/plankton use photosynthesis to turn sunlight/CO2 into food/Oxygen. Increasing CO2 lengthens growing seasons & encourages plants to move higher in altitude & Latitude; just as it shrinks deserts, plants using water more efficiently. Rising temperatures also lengthen growing seasons, help babies of nearly every species, increase net rainfall & save lives; because cold kills. The Earth is greener, more fertile & life sustaining than it was 40 years ago.

tim maguire said...

Big Mike said...If Anthropogenic Global Warning was not a hoax, then MadisonMan would be willing to give me a link to his publications so a skeptical mathematician could validate his methods and look at his data.

I don't think Global Warming is technically a hoax, despite having many of the trappings of a hoax. Mass hysteria? Okay. Opportunism? Sure, on the political side. But what it really is, more than anything other single phenomenon, is a Cargo Cult. Worshippers in the Church of Global Warming use the language of science, the forms of science (they use charts, review each other's work, take money from universities), and they think, therefore, that they are doing science. Never mind that "Climate Science" contains none of the substance of science (it's not testable, not falsifiable, it rejects skepticism, alters data to fit theories, etc.).

n.n said...

Science is a frame-based philosophy established on the premise that accuracy is inversely proportional to the product of time and space offsets from an established frame of reference. The significance of "weather" and "climate" is determined by the stability of the system and processes over an indefinite span of time and space, which is at present arbitrarily defined and assessed over a 30 year or mulitdecadal period.

Doug said...

Terry asked: What can I, a humble ordinary citizen with no scientific training, do to a stop scientists from denying global warming?
Answer: two-by-four

Leigh said...

Speaking of beheading the objectors or anyone who questions the notion of global warming ... the 10:10 group made real ads -- these are not parodies -- about what should be done to those who won't go along

Anonymous said...

Doug's Answer: two-by-four

Bring your own 2x4. See how that stands up to a .45 cal.

Leigh said...

BREAKING UPDATE: New study says a majority of scientists view global warming as earth-caused and/or not important.

So now we can all relax and feel even better when we enjoy our real butter, coffee, and cream.

Michael K said...

One of these days somebody is going to eat the tulip bulb and bring it all crashing down. Maybe the Thames will freeze over or Lake Superior will not be ice free by August.

If you don't know about the tulip bulb, read "Extraordinary Popular Delusions."

Doug said...

icepilot said: Bring your own 2x4. See how that stands up to a .45 cal. Don't aim at that lump in my cheek ... that's my tongue.

Rockport Conservative said...

Apparently there are people who never link to anything Forbes.

Birkel said...

Better than Doug's answer:

Hit Doug with a clue-by-four.
Madison Man continues his idiocy.

Did you find that article I referenced years ago by those German physicists? You denied their conclusion (Greenhouse effect hypothesis violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics.) was useful. I suggested violating the Laws of Physics was impossible.

MadisonMan knows science like all Leftists.

traditionalguy said...

The stormy extremes are from new Jet Stream configurations of two weeks or so. Those are from a new balancing out the extreme cold from the poles caused by Maunder Minimum of Sun Spots.

The rest of the record breaking mantra is made up BS.

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

It's just weather when it doesn't comport with my particular view on the veracity of man-made climate change. Otherwise it's proof, settled science.

Patrick Henry said...

Watch this:

It's a presentation by the former founder of Greenpeace. But, because he left, he is no longer considered reliable and is excluded as a voice of reason...

jr565 said...

Oh, there was a highest rated comment that said we should smack climate warming deniers heads against each other? A comment on the Internet?
Huffington post itself made the point recently that Netflix was the cause of much of our environmental woes. Streaming of movies accounts for 39.9% of all internet traffic,and the power needed to support Netflix, Facebook and websites like that would power all of New York State. So, why is this person making comments on a website? These pols who deny man made GW don't think it's happening. This yokel does though, so much so that he feels the need to tell us about online.
Is at they a problem? I'll start thinking it's an issue when those who demand we treat it like one actually act as if it's a problem.

Huffington post meanwhile posts what to watch on Netflix all the time. Clearly they can't REALLY think Netflix is that much of a problem.
But if they want to persist in the notion, how about stop advertising Netflix streaming every week?

Dan said...

I really don't care what people think.
When I lived in Wisconsin for most of my years, it was cold.
When I lived in Montana and North Dakota, it was damn cold, with temps around -40 at times.
I now live in Kingman, AZ and it has been damn cold as well the past 2 years, with lows in the 20's and teens the past several weeks.

Joe said...

Neil deGrasse Tyson is provably an idiot. Look no further than his use of Venus as an example of "what happens when the greenhouse effect runs rampant."

Vet66 said...

Our new pool pump has a built in thermometer that turns the pump on when temps hit 40 degrees. Keeps the pipes from freezing and some iron in the pool heater from cracking open when the water freezes and expands. We live in the Sonoran desert and the pump has turned on, at minimal rpm's to save energy, 5 times so far this winter. Like the poster from Kingman, we have temperature variances over the year that can be close to one hundred degrees. From a high of 114 to a low in the teens, we have always wandered where we fit on the Global Warming/Global Cooling chart. Then there comes the so-called monsoon rains in the summer time that provides us most of our water. To the global warming alarmists, your time frame is way off. A drive past the terminal moraines along the east slope of the Sierra's on Highway 395 tells the history of climate in that area since the various ice ages have hit us. Forget your convenient statistics and take a drive through Lee Vining up the Tioga Pass to Yosemite and marvel at the effects of our geologic history. How many snake oil salesmen showed up through our history selling some BS to the local rubes...before getting tarred and feathered then run out of town by the rubes? It's time to heat up the oil again...and bring some feathers.

MadisonMan said...

Big Mike, some people like pseudo-anonymity.

hstad said...

Guess a more recent study puts a lie to the 97% consensus!

New Peer Reviewed Consensus by Scientists against AGW

Gahrie said...

That"new" survey is actually a couple of years old, and frankly it suffers a lot of the same problems that the infamous 97% survey does. It is actually most useful to force the chicken littles to acknowledge the flaws in that survey, and admit that the 97% figure is meaningless.

Birkel said...

That link will allow MadisonMan to read the article he denied had any relevance lo these many years ago. Wrong then. Wrong now. Wrong forever. Onward, MadisonMan.