November 24, 2015

"I believe this is a moment that can build bridges of understanding rather than become a barrier of misunderstanding."

Said Rahm Emanuel.

It's "fine to be passionate, but it is essential that it remain peaceful."


rhhardin said...

He's got it backwards. Misunderstanding builds bridges, understanding creates barriers.

Tom said...

Really, let's ask for peace after someone is murdered in cold blood and the city won't do anything to address the police department, other than punish the cop who wouldn't be punished at all if the dash cam wasn't there. Well, Rahm is going to get the City of Chicago he deserves.

Michael K said...

Rahm is afraid the blacks will burn down Chicago after the latest shooting by a cop of a black high on PCP.

jr565 said...

What about barriers of understanding and bridges of misunderstanding? Should those not be built or not built as well?
If it were a barrier of understanding I'd at least know it was a barrier.
If it was a bridge of misunderstanding I might walk across it and then end up in a swamp.
Or nowhere.
It may be a bridge too far as well.
We all know how london bridges were falling down.
Bridges may not in fact be safe. Sometimes you want barriers.

eric said...

Why was the video released after the election and why was video from a burger king deleted?

JCC said...

Apparently the family has been paid off some time back, and the video was going to stay buried until a judge intervened and the media got involved. Same with the (officer's) arrest, which seems to be the result of publicity, not governance, Good thing this was a Dem city, home of the Presidente Grande, or it may have turned into something really ugly.
As for the shooting itself, the victim/thief supposedly was captured by a citizen while breaking into a number of parked trucks, got loose, slashed the tires of a police car to prevent it from chasing him (?), and then ran off, possibly with a cop in pursuit on foot. Much may depend on what was said over the police radio just prior to the shooting, that is, did the victim/thief threaten the original citizen/victim or the first cop, or was something to that effect broadcast to the other cops? The cop who shot may have been acting under the impression the crimes committed were far more serious that they actually were and that the victim/thief consequently more dangerous than he had demonstrated to that point. However, the extra "take-that" shots while the victim was on the ground did seem excessive. Although the victim was still moving, I'm not sure how he could have been considered a threat at that point. So, as much as I'd like to give the cop a pass (and I don't see this as a Murder 1) it's still a faulty use of deadly force at some stage, based on the incomplete fact set available at this moment.
One of the TV commentators tonight made the point that there have been over 4,000 shootings in Chicago in the past 12 months, and then he challenged some protesters (about this shooting) to name a single other shooting victim in Chicago. When they couldn't do so, he suggested perhaps there is some over-reaction.
I'm watching the protesters march in Chicago, white and black, but some are wearing masks, never a good sign. Maybe they attended those classes at Yale about what is proper etiquette at your basic evening-of-protesting-police-shooting.

PB said...

A man high on PCP walking down the middle of the street carrying a knie.

Curious George said...

Good time for the Hawks and Bulls to be on the "Circus" road trip.

mikee said...

Never let a crisis go to waste, someone once said. I think it was the current mayor of Chicago, who should be hounded from office over this, because that might work and he deserves hounding from office on general principles, him being Rahm the primary reason.