November 12, 2015

"But at least he did answer the question about what items he'd use to fight a customer to the death."

"I have to start with the Black Diamond Ice axe!! I think I would also go with crampons."

"He" =  REI CEO Jerry Stritzke doing a Reddit "Ask Me Anything."


MadisonMan said...

They characterize it as having backfired. I'm not sure I'd agree with that. From the first paragraph:

He probably hoped to field questions about how awesome his company is.

No evidence is supplied that was what he hoped for.

This is another case of a journalist writing a story to suit their own biases.

Mary Beth said...

Can we just talk about "Rampart"?

That was an AMA that backfired. This doesn't seem that bad.

Humperdink said...

It reminds of a defendant going on the witness stand brimming with confidence, only to be shredded by the opposing attorney (maybe by a Black Diamond ice axe).

rehajm said...

I'd go with the Shimano Dura-Ace/XTR CN-HG900 11-Speed Bike Chain, Giro Cipher Full Face Bike Helmet, Gerber Gator Golok Machete and Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Spray - 10.2 oz.

campy said...

He probably hoped to field questions about how awesome [he] is.

AKA The Full Barack.

JAORE said...

Too many people in power positions are over confident that because they can control that environment; because they have ascended to the heights; that the lower tier people who surround them sing their praises.... they can similarly control all other things.

Even halt the rising of the seas.

The Godfather said...

The first mistake is to allow the underlings a platform. Hasn't he seen Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs?

Or One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich?

Skeptical Voter said...

I think the CEO had a point. It was an ice axe to the skull that did Trotsky in when the Stalinist apparatchiks came to get him in Mexico City. But if I had to face an ice axe wielded by a REI CEO, I might want a 9 mm Glock.

Unknown said...

Back in my days of rock climbing for white supremacy Black Diamond had far & away the best equipment. Those days are long gone but the company still has the coolest t-shirts & catalogs.

buwaya said...

It made me look at the ice axe. My wife is a "member" at REI.
Well done, as marketing.
I have been looking into home defense stuff, lacking a gun, the samurai sword being a bit long for the purpose, and being as the old teeth are not quite what they were.
Hanging an ice axe by the door seems a decent option. A bit eccentric maybe.