October 24, 2015

How Trump reacts to the polls that show Carson ahead in Iowa.

"I love Iowa and I honestly think those polls are wrong.... Let me give you the bad news.... The biggest headline yesterday... 'Trump Falls to 2nd Place in Iowa Behind Ben Carson. We Informed Carson But He Was Sleeping.' Ben Carson is leading Iowa supposedly. Ben Carson is super low energy. We need tremendous energy... I don’t believe those polls, by the way, because both of those pollsters don’t like me... They made it seem like the greatest defeat in history... All day long, ugh my head."

From "Trump tees off on Carson, pollsters at Miami golf club rally/The businessman decries Iowa poll results on his home turf at Trump National Doral, calling the property a model for the country" at Politico.

Trump does have "tremendous energy," and you can see how he uses it. I wondered what it would be like to have a President who processes and talks about the news like this. When he doesn't like something, will he refuse to believe it and accuse the bearers of bad news of bias?

And it's hard to imagine just how much he hates this bad news about the polls. He's continually bragged about how he's way up in all the polls. And he famously said: "I'm not a masochist. If I was dropping in the polls where I saw that I wasn't going to win, why would I continue?" And after successfully mocking Jeb Bush as low energy and just as the Bush campaign is crashing, Trump's triumph is ruined by the "super low energy" Carson beating him in the polls, wrecking his favorite brag, forcing him into the beta whine "I don’t believe those polls, by the way, because both of those pollsters don’t like me."


David Begley said...

Pollsters don't like Trump?

Get serious. The polls report data. Numbers. Facts. Nothing about emotions or liking one candidate over another.

Perfect example why Trump can't be President. Erratic. Egomaniac.

John henry said...

david, you dondon't think polls can be slanted? you let me pick the questions and who to ask and I'll get any results you want.

as for not liking trump, follow the money. trump does no polling at all. pollsters depend on elections to make their money. he is breaking their rice bowl. of course the don't wa t him to win.

ditto media since he buys no advertising.

John Henry

Mary Beth (the commenter) said...

It's not a new thing. He's got a history of distrusting polls and opinion surveys (in his business). He trusts his instincts and own opinion.

mccullough said...

Thin skinned like Obama

traditionalguy said...

The Polls once proved Dewey was beating Truman by 30 points. The thin skinned egomaniac Harry just got the Ferdinand Magellan ready to roll.

khesanh0802 said...

Ann said "I wondered what it would be like to have a President who processes and talks about the news like this. When he doesn't like something, will he refuse to believe it and accuse the bearers of bad news of bias?" We already have one!

Unknown said...

Trump is smart! There are dishonest people out there that'll do anything to bring him down. He sincerely wants to help the American people & our country is in bad shape ever since Obama got elected. Just check the real % of unemployment, % of welfare recipients, high unemployment in blacks & minority communities, You look at crimes in cities run by the Democrats. They do a terrible job and you want
clinton who lied to us about Benghazi? The Democrats will lie cheat & do anything to put her in office. EDven the mainstram media totally left wing are soooo dishonest. She must have taken medication at the interview yesterday because she looks like she's taken some medication to slow her down... lathargic manner. This is a very important election for our country if we don't put someone in the WH that can take on all our problems that person has to have HIGHENERGY & that's TRUMP!!!!!

John Durant said...

Most candidates will only discuss a bad poll if they're being questioning by the press. Trump proactively brought it up at a big rally. Give him some credit, He didn't have to do that. Trump is antifragile. He embraces negatives and turns them into positives.

Michael K said...

"what it would be like to have a President who processes and talks about the news like this. "

Yes, someone beat to the point that we know what it's like.

madAsHell said...

Carson is a complete enigma, mystery, riddle. He is alleged to be leading, but he hasn't any buzz. He might be a Chafee block of granite.

eric said...

As it's already been said, you have an example of such a President, who processes and talks about the news like this.

It's interesting you don't recognize this about yourself. Which is, that you see it in Trump, but not in Obama.

el polacko said...

trump is right. carson does have the demeanor of someone who is about to settle in for a nice little nap. when carson says a few quiet words, what he has to say is often unclear, odd, or just plain loony. so he's currently ahead in iowa. big deal. that's the state that also loves moronic nutcases like santorum and huckabee. trump may or may not be the man for the job but he is, indisputably, the most energetic of the candidates.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Well, you know Donald Trump lies about everything. He comes with counter-claims he knows are no good when anything is said that lowers his status.

He has no reason to believe that poll is inaccurate. And certainly not to think that the pollsters suddenly decided to manipulate polls against him. But he may want other people to believe it.

The more Trump appears to be leading in the polls, the more press coverage he gets.

If there was something that changed in the poll, Trump should eb able to specify it, at least after a while.

Alex said...

I get the impression that Carson is the darling of the conservative right-wing. That's all. They are just having their usual fit right now and once reality sets in, they will fall into line for Trump.

Alex said...

Also Iowa & New Hampshire are irrelevant to the rest of the country.

Tom said...

As with Obama, Trump sees everything in terms of himself. If it's because he's criticized, it's because people are being mean to him. If he's down in the polls, it's because they don't like him. We've already had 7 years of a thin-skinned narcissist. Do we want 4 (or 8) more? Heaven forbid.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Iowa and New Hampshire, perhaps because they are the first primary or caucus states and are campaigned in very heavily, are always swing states in the general election.

Bush carried New Hampshire but lost Iowa and in the year 2000 by small margins (Gore also won New Mexico by a tiny margin) and it was reversed in 2004 - Bush carried Iowa and lost New Hampshire to Kerry in 2004 and won New Mexico.

And that was the only difference between the two elections, except for the reapportionment. Bush gained 8 Electoral votes from the switches of these three states, and 7 from reapportionment.

See http://www.270towin.com/historical-presidential-elections/timeline/

If the Republican had gotten the same results as Bush did in 2004, there would have been another eight additional Republican electoral votes. but Nevada has become a Democratic state with 6 Electoral votes, and also New Mexico and probably Colorado (9) because of the immigration issue. Florida is also more Democratic.

Puerto Rico's impending bankruptcy and other cutbacks in government services has caused about 500,000 Puerto Ricans to move to Florida (now 29 Electoral votes, equal to what New York has now) and Democrats are busy registering them (as Democrats) and Virginia (13) also has some demographic change.

The Republicans are losing more because some states may switch than they are gaining because of population moves.

This is, of course, talking about a near 50-50 election