August 28, 2015

At the Late Summer Café...


... you can go where the wind takes you.


The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

Coming up on my favorite time of year where, even on warm days, you can sense the harshness going out of the summer as the light changes and the mornings and evenings become a little cooler. Your photograph captures the feeling well. Regrettably, this period is followed by six months of rain but you can't have everything..

Original Mike said...

That's not today.

Ann Althouse said...

That's yesterday. Today's sky is very boring.

Original Mike said...

It's not boring, it's soft.

garage mahal said...

Female Mallard taken at Edna Taylor. Great time of the year to get out birding.

Original Mike said...

Your photo, garage?

garage mahal said...

OM --Yes.

Original Mike said...

Very nice.

Ducks look like they should fall over. If you watch them land, they often face plant.

garage mahal said...

Here is a shot of a Great Blue Heron.

Just loving the new Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens.

Sydney said...

Nice photos Garage

traditionalguy said...

The Home of the Wind. It's not the North Sea, but there is great norther plains continuous winds heavy on the borderline as the winter gears itself up.

Bay Area Guy said...

It's Friday. No work this weekend. Kids start school Monday. High School Football starts tonight. Maybe, some golf or at least a quick visit to the driving range. Yes, some beer. Yes, a hike with the dog. My 13-year old challenged me to a 1-on-1 Bball game tomorrow, so I better start stretching tonight. Ooh, wife wants to remodel the kitchen. Yikes, gotta break out the checkbook. If I can get 2 hours of reading a good book on the deck, listening to some music, with a slight breeze, temporarily unencumbered by kids, wife or dog, I will be one happy American.

Hagar said...

I am thinking that perhaps Congress should approve Obama's "deal" with Iran.
I may be getting too paranoid, but I suspect that Obama wants it to fail in Congress, and then when his no deal of a deal does not work because the Iranians are going to do what they say they will do, which is pay no attention to it, he will claim it is all Congress fault, and that is also what the MSM will insist on forever after.

It might be better to approve, and then when it fails, Congress can say, "We tried to tell him, but he would not listen. Now look at it!"

sane_voter said...

Watched Trump's speech tonight in blue Massachusetts on MSNBC. Fox didn't show it but MSNBC did. He is getting better and better at this. Great bit on Hillary and Huma at starting about 12:45

Trump in Mass

Guildofcannonballs said...

I don't believe wind takes people so much as it influences one's direction headed.

But writing "wherever you allow the wind to push you" doesn't work.

My criticism sucks.

3rd person present: takes
lay hold of (something) with one's hands; reach for and hold.
"he leaned forward to take her hand"
synonyms: lay hold of, get hold of; grasp, grip, clasp, clutch, grab
"she took his hand"
carry or bring with one; convey.
"he took along a portfolio of his drawings"
synonyms: bring, carry, bear, transport, convey, move, transfer, ferry;

Guildofcannonballs said...

I can't sign in to another site because...


Here I amagain.

"even though he[Trump] probably isn’t a Republican himself"

Define the term in a way you won't be embarressed five years from now.

Is Colin Powell a Republican? Was he ever?

David Souter?

John Roberts or Kennedy from the SCOTUS?

Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Michael Bloomberg?

John McCain?

Why is John McCain a Republican but not Donald Trump?

What did McCain say at his CPAC speech in 2011 that Trump didn't in his CPAC speech in 2011 that made you conclude Trump might not be a Republican yet McCain is?

Linc Chaffee and Arlen Spector, are they or were they ever Republicans and what is your rational?

Guildofcannonballs said...

An answer, not up to muster for me but maybe for you it satisfies, is that, like the John Doe Republican making sure nothing is partisan(!) in WI, Trump only identifies as a Republican to lie and defraud his audience.

This claim needs evidence beyond anything offered so far.

How can this be, you ask astonished, when there is clear evidence of Trump saying one thing and doing another about immigration, Hillary, and socialist medicine payments?

Adulthood, that's how it can be.

It's why you know what "flip-flopper" means. It's why Bill Clinton laid down the law in Arkansas, making sure the Confederate Flag would fly over Bill's state, after raping some powerless underlings and telling the world how he protects women.

If you didn't know why people change, and change positions, over time you will need to learn.

You will also need to learn why this charge hurts Republicans yet not Trump, hence the best evidence I've seen Trump isn't a Republican.

Scott Walker needs to change his position on Ethanol in a way that he isn't able to pick winners and losers because he likes fat rich white racist Iowa farmers starving children.

Scott Walker needs to not subsidize billionaire's stadiums with taxpayer money.

Scott Walker needs to change these positions and be willing to take fire for being called a "flip-flopper."

Guildofcannonballs said...

I want some of you smart folks to take this and run with it:

Reasons Trump isn't a Republican:

1. Hasn't begged Obama for a selfie.

2. Thinks global warming is "expensive bullshit."

3. Never been drenched in Saudi semen.

4. Doesn't want Eric Cantor endorsement.

5. Doesn't hope and pray his children can somehow get into Harvard or Yale by being nice.

6. Interviews with Hugh Hewitt, John Hawkin's RightWingNews, Sarah Palin's TV shindig, and Hollywood Reporter (or something I don't know look it up).

7. Understands, like Obama, he knows more than his advisors, yet doesn't brag about that aspect of his success.

8. Agrees with William Frank Buckley Junior about the Iraq war and its aftermath, not Bush.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Sure sure Trump isn't the best, brightest, or anything else save an example of someone better than what we have that represents us now.

That is bipartisan.

Will said...

15 days until Ironman Wisconsin!!!! Can't wait!! Thanks for the great picture!!

Hagar said...

What I said before doe not express what I mean. I think "People in both parties are telling their establishments that, if you won't give us what we want, we will just vote for Trump or Bernie!", respectively, is more like it.

Michael K said...

"Here is a shot of a Great Blue Heron.

Just loving the new Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens."

When I was going to retire to Seattle about 20 years ago, I had 10 Acres on Vashon Island to build a house. I loved the spot. The land was actually on Maury Island which is smaller and attached to Vashon by a causeway. You could commute to Seattle by ferry three ways. No bridge. When there was a proposal build a bridge, they had a community meeting at the high school. Ten thousand people showed up and 90% voted no. That is the entire population of the island.

Anyway, on corner of my property had 60 heron nests and I agreed to include it in a refuge.

I never could figure out a way to move there and finally sold the land. I still wish it had worked out.

garage mahal said...

Vashon Island sounds like a wonderful place. Watching the Blue and Green Herons hunt you soon realize how deadly efficient. I observed a Blue Heron take down a baby muskrat. It was quite startling, it didn't go quietly in the night, but ultimately the Heron managed to get it down. I couldn't get the camera to lock focus on the scene through the cattail reeds and low light. Still can't believe it.

Big Mike said...

Meanwhile, over at Vox they were "explaining" the National Rifle Association in their usual idiotic manner, and they posted the NRA logo. Only it was the logo for the wrong NRA -- it was the blue eagle of FDR's National Recovery Administration.

That putz Ezra Klein is like Chris Cillizza -- if he had half a brain it would be the first half he had.