July 26, 2015

"Man arrested in N.J. after he enters home and lives under bed in spare bedroom for 3 days."

"He used to date my daughter five years ago... It didn’t end well…He didn’t say why he came back."
[Jason] Hubbard allegedly entered the home through an open door on May 7 when one of the occupants was taking out the garbage, police said. Hubbard apparently remained under the bed in the spare bedroom until May 10 when a homeowner heard a noise in the spare bedroom. Upon looking under the bed, the homeowner discovered Hubbard and “immediately called police.”...

“I don’t think he was eating,” Adamcewicz told WABC 7. “I think he just had water under the bed.”


Wince said...

Even thought this was the daughter's "former bedroom," is this a manifestation of the old adage: "I'd like to be a fly on the wall"?

The "Human Dust-Bunny".

Laslo Spatula said...

I bet they are going to find a lot of semen stains under that bed.

Or on the underside of the box springs.

One or the other.

I am Laslo.

Ann Althouse said...

Young Jason Hubbard
Sat in the cupboard,
On some unknowable caprice
When the lady looked under the bed,
And saw young Hubbard's head,
She immediately called the police.

Chris N said...

A love story.

Rob said...

How frigging many cellphones does one guy need?

Fernandinande said...

Rob said...
How frigging many cellphones does one guy need?

They were Obamaphones.

Will said...

This is all just a giant misunderstanding folks. The young man is a Hillary2016 volunteer and just needed a free couch to crash on…. or under….

This will be happening all over the country this fall. What you and I call a stalker is what Hillary calls a Field Coordinator. Lock your doors people!!!!

joeknows said...

Sounds like "Borgman" on Netflix. Kind of creepy and I never finished watching all of. Now I am curious and will maybe try it again. Netflix will let me back in where I left off.

Unknown said...

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