July 4, 2015

Have I tagged your mind?

2 signs — in the email this morning — that Althouse readers, when away from this blog, are thinking about Althouse blog tags.

1. "Dear Professor,  You occasionally use a tag for punctuation.  I saw this article in The Daily Mail and thought of you.  Regards."

2. "Italian Men in Shorts. In case you didn't see this."

My response:

1. These guys "invented" the question-mark-with-a-comma and the exclamation-mark-with-a-comma, patented it, then found it didn't catch on. How was it supposed to catch on? You patented it.

2. Seems to me, if you're able to wear a blazer, it's not so hot that you can justify shorts. And to prove the point that there's no "Italian" exception to the men-in-shorts standards, look at the 2 men leaning against the car in the background. Heinous.


Ann Althouse said...

And look at the sandals and the murse on the man-in-shorts on the right.

The main guy is just: Look, I have put on a blazer, so I am in the fashion, no?

Donald Douglas said...

I think a lot about Althouse, heh!

Rusty said...

Enough with the shorts, already. This is america.

Tank said...

Forget the shorts, those sandals are an affront to men everywhere.

That guy is gay/trans or I'm a monkey's uncle.

Actually, that's about 50/50.


As a white guy, I'm allowed to call myself a monkey's uncle, but certain other people I could not call a monkey's uncle, even if they are tagged as gorillas.

Leslie Graves said...

It's an interesting juxtaposition with the two guys leaning on the car. Is the photographer saying, "If fashionable Italian men allow themselves to wear shorts as a fashion-forward statement, soon, soon, all-too-soon, the whole situation will devolve into what you see leaning against the car. Beware, beware, beware."

Virgil Hilts said...

The guys against the car are fans of normcore; they're the ones making the more audace fashion statement.

CWJ said...

Actually, I thought blazer guy's failure to button the inside button was also a pretty bad move. Rumpled is one thing but that sagging asymmetrical right hand side is just horrible.

Bob Boyd said...

The guy in the blazer looks like he profoundly wishes he was closer to his home toilet.
The guy with the elevator sandals and the shiny purse looks like he's processing the realization that it's not just a weird shadow on the back of Blazer Guy's shorts.

khesanh0802 said...

@Bob Boyd: Perfect!

LTMG said...

The two figures in the foreground, those are men?

Guildofcannonballs said...

derp derp oh yeah


This is a link to Bach's dreams wetly.

Shawn Levasseur said...

Actually, if that guy got rid of the blazer, he'd look like he was ready for a game of tennis, thereby invoking the athletic activity exception. With it, he looks pretentious.

The guys leaning on the car in the background, in addition to looking like little boys, are wearing denim shorts (aka "jorts"). I don't know why, but jorts seem especially ugly to me.