July 31, 2015

"7 College Students Talk About Their Instagrams and the Pressure to Seem Happy."

In New York Magazine.


Original Mike said...

Don't do social media. Problem solved.

Terry said...

"7 College Students Talk About Their Instagrams and the Pressure to Seem Happy."

"7 Female College Students Talk About Their Instagrams and the Pressure to Seem Happy."

The Godfather said...

Well, I'm old and male (no, I don't just "identify" as male: I'm a guy), so a lot of this stuff seems foreign to me. I had problems, challenges, disappointments, even (what seemed at the time to be) tragedies in college and law school. But in that era (the '60's) we weren't encouraged to hang our hearts and gonads out on public display. That was better. Suck it up! is a better survival strategy than Let it all hang out!

fivewheels said...

Where I stopped:

"a Penn student and former track star who nearly attempted suicide"

Nearly? Attempted? How far away from anything to be concerned about are we? Being a drama queen doesn't seem newsworthy. [clicks back button]

David said...

Seven females, no males. What does that tell you?

Coupe said...
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William said...

It's hard to get close to a girl who can't fake happiness.

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Naw. Can't be true. With all those "friends" "liking" their postings?

Gray skies are gonna clear up,
Put on a selfie face;
Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
Put on a selfie face.
So spread sunshine all over the place
Just put on a selfie face

Having people close to me like the photo was affirming, but it wasn't affirming me as a person. It was affirming that my social presence was likable. And though I really wanted support, it didn't make any of my friends motivated to reach out to me.

Disappointed by shallow and insincere response to faked photo.

Unknown said...

"Don't do social media" is horrible advice, especially for these vapid kids. "get a clue" or "kill yourself" might get through.

SGT Ted said...

Oh, the humanity!

pm317 said...

Fuck social media with all its contrived ways.

Just Mike said...

It just dawned on me that New York, being the center of the Universe, is responsible for global warming.

Sam L. said...

First world problem for the self-centered set.

Theranter said...

The entire social media phenom is a facade. But this generation is addicted to it, as though their very identity depends upon it. It's both bizarre and frightening.

Example: Family member I had only seen once since her marriage and birth of first child. Looks like a wonderful, enviable, life on fbook and igram, lovely home, lovely child, one on the way, two newer cars in the drive (both H & W upper-tier college grads). I went to see them for an extended visit. Holy hell, one of them is the most (bordering demonic) abusive, controlling, child-beating assholes I have ever encountered. Ms. Upper-tier college grad is a shell of her former self, Mr. Uppert-tier should've been committed instead of educated.

But ah, they get an Igram or FBook feed from colleagues or classmates and it's dress up time! Tell W how fat and ugly she looks, Beat 2 y.o. for not complying/changing fast enough, grab phone, shove family to tree in and front yard, and click! Send nice happy pic out.
Happened 2-3x a week.