June 5, 2015

Betting on Rubio.

Coburn's apt analysis.


Big Mike said...

Walker didn't win in 2012? Then why is garage so grumpy?

The Godfather said...

And we should d pay attention to his opinions because . . . ?

Nonapod said...

Walker's “not ready for primetime”? Wish he'd elaborate.

(I wasn't even aware that Buzzfeed had an actual "news" section, or at least a news area that wasn't just a listicle composed of animated gifs of corgi puppys.)

Ann Althouse said...


Because he's saying something that makes sense. It's close to what I would say, and I've been predicting Rubio as the ultimate winner.

Ann Althouse said...

Of the nomination.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

The respect I have for Tom Coburn exceeds all other's in (or having been in recently) congress.

This was a man doing what I would hope I would have done, and he didn't really accomplish much, though, to be fair, his goals are extremely idealistic in today's age's spirit.

mikee said...

As an "anyone but Hillary - spit!" voter: Rubio, sure, why not? Maybe with Jeb as VP.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

"Coburn said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is “not ready for primetime in my opinion.” He said Walker didn’t win the recall election in 2012 but “Republicans around the country did it for him.'”

Oh shit, I forgot. This guy, Coburn, said "Nancy Pelosi is a nice lady, have you ever met her?" and for that I hate him.

I didn't meet Hitler Coburn, can I form an opinion?

You see why my brain does funny things to me and you now?


NotquiteunBuckley said...

Literature has allowed me to meet a million Nancy Pelosi's Coburn, only those don't rape my ass bloody so I don't hate them.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

All the better to have "Republicans from all across the country" or some such to win.

What kind of argument is "he only won because people from all over like him" when we are focusing on an "all over" type election?

It is idiotic. The point "he won because interlopers gave him money" seems anti-semitic, and I have all the history in the world to back up my point.

Coburn has "Nancy is nice" as his penultimate point, and as a former (S)enator.

victoria said...

Douchy has-been. Does anyone really listen to him? gag

Vicki from Pasadena

Michael K said...

Coburn is my ideal of the citizen politician and I take his statements seriously. I have trouble seeing Fiornia winning the presidency as her first elective office. Eisenhower had invaded Europe. Hewlet-Packard is not quite the same level of accomplishment.

Rubio got into trouble on immigration and I am not sure he has fixed that problem.

Michael K said...

Fiorina in spite of autocorrect.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Does tenderness lead to the gas chamber (and I'm not talking about anal fucking)?


Coburn's "Nancy is nice" is my proof positive.

This allows for Cunting Thomas idiocy as well as mine.

When Those Whom Know stop "allowing" it, the fire.

So all in all it's another beautiful day in America.

Congrats Althouse, ya done good.

mccullough said...

It's about adjustments. Who can make them and who can't. Hillary can't make adjustments. She's a career .200 hitter.

Which of these Republicans can make the adjustments they need to win? Between Walker and Rubio, who would be better at making them?

Sean Gleeson said...

I love and admire Sen. Coburn, and have had the honor of voting for him quite a few times. But he is wrong about Walker. “Republicans around the country [won his election] for him”? No, that is just plain wrong. Only registered voters in Wisconsin were able to vote in that election, and Walker won; ergo, he won the election by appealing to Wisconsin voters. (And not just Republicans, either. I don't think you can win a statewide office in WI with only Republican votes.)

If Coburn means that outsiders helped Walker with money and endorsements, well, yeah. But the other side had at least as much help.

EMD said...

I didn't meet Hitler Coburn, can I form an opinion?

Although, he suffered from an unfortunate first name, Hitler Coburn was by all records a decent human being who found a very nice career as a professional card shuffler in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born Hitler Werewolf Coburn in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1931 to Arnold and Judith Coburn. Arnold, a known eccentric (hence the child's name) had difficulties in keeping constant employment, and as such, the family's fortune suffered.

By 1942, eleven-year old Hitler had considered legally changing his name to Wolf Coburn, but was disparaged to learn that the cost for the court filings was too great for his impoverished family to bear.

Strangely, Hitler found solace in the United States Army. He enlisted as Private H.W. Coburn in 1950 and was eventually shipped to Korea. He fought alongside his third infantry division in the Battle of the Imjin River in April, 1951.

In 1953, fresh out of his service in Korea, Hitler married Alma Schroedinger at the First United Methodist Church in Omaha on Saturday May 17. A small reception was held for the newlyweds at a friend's home nearby.

The couple decided to strike out west to find their own fortune and landed in the burgeoning Las Vegas Valley. Alma, a trained pianist, began giving music lessons out of the couple's modest but relatively new home on Silver Saddle Street. On December 26, 1957, she gave birth to the couple's only child, Horatio Werewolf Coburn. Coburn later stated he wanted his son to not have his profound disadvantage, but still liked the initials H.W.

Hitler first found work at The Pioneer Club, and later both the Golden Nugget and Sands casinos took advantage of his amazing dexterity. In fact, Hitler once held the record for the fastest shuffle west of the Mississippi. (Only Carlito Benitez of the backroom at The 500 Club in Atlantic City had a faster recording full deck complete shuffle time.) Hitler's greatest claim to fame was as second shuffler in a high stakes poker match featuring entrants Joey Bishop and Norman Fell.

By the mid-60s, the advent of automated shuffling machines meant an end to Hitler's career. He and Alma and Horatio moved back to Council Bluffs, were he subsequently worked at a tree nursery and a Chevrolet dealership.

In 1977, Hitler died at the age of 66 due to complications from emphysema. Alma joined him in eternal bliss in 2012.

Sadly, Horatio's parents both outlived him, as he was killed in a freak cement-truck accident in 1971. His body, encased in concrete is now on display at Ripley's Believe-it-or-Not Odditorium in Panama City, Florida.

Coupe said...

Well, there you go, who better to comment on politics but an Official Okie.

People don't know this, but Okies are pretty damned smart. They even got Congress to build them a Sea Port.

Course they can't speak English, but let's not go down that road...

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Maybe instead of hating the trillions in debt, and those who live off my servitude, I ought not.


NotquiteunBuckley said...

the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
synonyms: slavery, enslavement, bondage, subjugation, subjection, domination; historicalserfdom
"born into a life of servitude"
antonyms: liberty
the subjection of property to an easement.

NotquiteunBuckley said...


Indeed Victoria.

In deed.

machine said...

"Well, it's not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation."

nuff said.

The Godfather said...

@Althouse: Let me see if I've got this straight. I should care about Coburn's opinions about possible Republican Prresidential nominees because his opinion is the same as yours? But why should I not go to the source and simplly care about who Althouse favors for President? The answer to that, of course, is I know who Althouse favored in the last open Presiential election, so I am not persuaded that she has good judgment on this subject.

Somewhat more seriously, Coburn's comments are almost entirely conclusory (e.g., "not ready for prime time") with no reasoning or analysis. I'm not impressed.

NotquiteunBuckley said...


Look, ain't nobody replacing or replicating or surpassing BetaMax3000.

But you, you and your "Alma," why by God that's one heck of a good start.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Rubio is giving very good answers to questions, although not as perfect as maybe he thinks. He's really informing himself.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Coburn said he had “a personal bone to pick with him on integrity that I witnessed” with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. The former senator said Carson was asked not to attack President Obama in his National Prayer Breakfast speech but said “his speech was nothing but an attack on the president.'”

This, from the single greatest Senator in memory for whom fiscal responsibility mattered.

"Nothing but an attack" is Coburn's attack.

He's attacking by accusing Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon, of attacking Obama ad hominem, and using nothing but ad hominem in his speech.

Fuck Tom Cunt Coburn.

You wanna attack Ben Carson, don't do it as a proud racist.

Use things other than his race to attack him, cunt-boy doctor coburn.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

You all are stupid so don't see: Jenner and Coburn have been bought.




Mick said...

"Law Prof" said,

"Because he's saying something that makes sense. It's close to what I would say, and I've been predicting Rubio as the ultimate winner".

So now again the "Con Law Prof" is OK with a Usurper sitting in the White House. Rubio was naturalized at birth by 8 US Code 1401 (1) as being born "subject to the jurisdiction of the US", within the meaning of the 14th Amendment, due to his parents legal resident status (SEE Wong Kim Ark, 169 US 649 @ 693 (1898)). As such he is certainly not a natural born Citizen, eligible to be POTUS.

The Obama administration has quietly entered an understanding of "citizen at birth not naturalized" in 7 FAM within the last 2 years to pave the way for other illegal "citizens at birth" to serve as POTUS (See 7 FAM 1131.6-3).

7 FAM 1131.6-3 Not Citizens by “Naturalization”
(CT:CON-474; 08-19-2013)
Section 101(a)(23) INA (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(23)) provides that the term
"naturalization" means "the conferring of nationality of a state upon a person after
birth, by any means whatsoever." Persons who acquire U.S. citizenship at birth by
birth abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents who meet the applicable statutory
transmission requirements are not considered citizens by naturalization.

Of course this is utter BS, as no one is naturalized while in the uterus, and none are naturalized while within the birth canal. "At birth" means "after birth". Those that are affected by the Congressional naturalization statutes of 8 US Code 1401 would not be considered as citizens without them. In fact Rubio would not have been considered a US Citizen before 1898, and Cruz would not have been considered even a US Citizen before 1934.
As A2S1C5 has never been amended, they certainly can't be considered "natural born Citizens" today. Naturalization statutes of Congress certainly cannot change the meaning or amend the meaning of "natural born Citizen" in A2S1C5. Unbelievably the "Con Law Prof" cannot grasp this logic. But logic is the killer of lies.

It is obvious that the "R Team" is trying to protect Obama. Both sides are the same. Haven't you done enough damage in not educating the public "law prof", and voting for the POS Usurper in the White House--- Twice?

If the well known purpose of A2S1C5 was avoidance of foreign influence (See Federalist 68), then it is impossible to think that a natural born Citizen can be born of a non citizen parent. Get that little piece of logic through your head.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Seriously, and I'm not usually but ask for your indulgence now, what kind of person agrees "not to attack?"

Nobody who would "attack" the POTUS is allowed within breathing room, and even you idiots understand why.

So why did Coburn choose those words?

Because he got paid off.

He was the only naive member of congress when he was a part of it, and now he's smarted up.

He gots him knowledge you wouldn't believe boy.

Bob Ellison said...

Rubio looks and sounds young and naive, much as Reagan looked and sounded old and stupid.

traditionalguy said...

Rubio is on Ann Coulter's Worst man List for pro-amnesty positions. Walker will stop Rubio with that issue alone.

All Walker has to do is keep up his dominant appeal power to the three constituancies of the GOP, because it is working.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

"I know who Althouse favored in the last open Presiential election"

As an educated man I'm sure you could supply numerous definitions for "open" hence distrust of your intent on my part.

Not that it matters.

But to your point, why not credit Althouse for voting Romney or Walker?

My family is all Democrats, so I have grown accustom to their views, especially the idiotic Marxism.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

make (someone or something) accept something as normal or usual.
"I accustomed my eyes to the lenses"
synonyms: adapt to, adjust to, acclimatize to, acclimate to, habituate oneself to, accommodate oneself to, acculturate to; More
be used to.
"my eyes gradually became accustomed to the darkness"
synonyms: used to, habituated to, acclimatized to, no stranger to, familiar with, acquainted with, in the habit of, experienced in
"she's accustomed to hard work"

Mike Sylwester said...

Walker didn’t win the recall election in 2012 but Republicans around the country did it for him.

That's in contrast to how Rubio has won his elections?

Sebastian said...

"Americans won't elect another Bush" may be correct but with Clinton running will carry less weight in the primaries..

Rubio is a good campaigner but his lack of executive experience will hurt him. Better as VP, which will neutralize his immigration stance.

Coburn is sending a signal to Walker: "not ready for prime time" is indeed his Achilles heel.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

This is a link to something better than you or your kid's possibility, somewhat sadly twere it as.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

Oh oh there's a shemale!!

I don't care.

I care about the song and it's beauty.

The song's beauty is endless.

Mick said...

I thought this was a "law blog", run by a "Con law prof" (giggle). Can no one respond to the legal argument that Rubio is NATURALIZED? The only way he is a US Citizen is because of a statute enacted by Congress (8 US Code S. 1401 (1)), which had the effect of naturalizing him after his birth (just after, not before, not during). Therefore he is NATURALIZED. To think what those kids must be learning in the "con law prof's" class....

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

16 fucking posts already on this thread, by NotquiteunBuckley (handle sucks, btw)

Dude, you're not that insightful. Get over yourself.

Roughcoat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roughcoat said...

The notion that Walker wouldn't have won the recall if not for the assistance of Republicans outside Wisconsin is simply bizarre. And what does "not ready for prime time" mean? That he isn't qualified for the presidency? If that's what Coburn means, I'd like for him to explain what Walker lacks in terms of qualifications, particularly as compared to the qualifications (or lack thereof) of all the other putative candidates in both parties.

EDH said...

Unsupported, conclusory one-line assertions.

If you agree already, then it makes sense.

Otherwise, not very persuasive at all.

Roughcoat said...

It was Rubio who was, quite literally, not ready for prime time. Remember his flop sweat when he gave the GOP rebuttal to Obama's SOTU speech? Remember his awkward gulping of water? His twitchiness and deer-in-the-headlights eyes? On national television! With millions watching! IN PRIME TIME!

Bobber Fleck said...

I think the Republican candidate needs to be youthful, from humble origins, accomplished, likeable and able to clearly articulate and sell ideas.

Cruz, Walker, Rubio seem to fit the bill. Susana Martinez and Carly Fiorina would make exceptional VP candidates.

My comments are based on what I see as Hillary's challenges:

(1) You can’t hide the fact she is 67 years old with wrinkles, an old voice and a wide caboose. She will not inspire the youth vote.

(2) Bill and Hillary are one-percenters. They are filthy rich. Hillary hasn’t driven a car since 1996. She sat on the board of Walmart and made a fast $100K trading cattle futures. She can’t run as one of the “little people”.

(3) She’s had lots of titles, but show me the list of her accomplishments. What did she do in the Senate? As Sec of State? She’s all hat and no cattle. She is very vulnerable to attack as having gotten very little done.

(4) Hillary is not a naturally likeable person. In fact, she is quite prickly. That’s one reason they have been hiding her from the press and the general public. Eventually, she needs to stand next to the Republican candidate and present herself for all to see.

(5) You can’t run for President without presenting a platform of ideas and positions. She has so far avoided standing for anything. She will at some point need either (a) embrace the Obama agenda and give us 4 more years (which no one wants) or (b) run against Obama (in which case she risks alienating the Democrat base and runs against the administration she served in).

The Godfather said...

BTW in re my criticism that Coburn didn't offer any reasons for his opinions, you could take a look at a recent post on Power Line discussing Rick Perry's prospects. You may not agree with the reasons offered, but that's the point: There are reasons presented, with which you can engage.

AJ Lynch said...

Someone Has To Say It: Good one! [you gave him a devastating left hook followed by a kaboom of a right cross!]

Titus said...

What has Rubion accomplished, other than being in the senate for 2 years-so Obama!

Scott Walker actually ran a state and made things happen-he made public policy!

Rubio will flip immediately after he win's the pube general election, and support immigration.

AJ Lynch said...


Excellent analysis - Hillary is unappealing when she is yelling for change [even if you support her, that video of her calling for voting changes is cringeworthy]. Plus Dems tend to call for the kind of change [i.e. longer voting periods] that don't actually improve the county in any way, shape or form.

I am hoping for a Walker /Rubio or Rubio/ Walker ticket. The media has succesfully demonized Cruz and I don't think he is electable and that is too bad.

Brando said...

I recall Rubio making a pretty good speech at the convention in '12. Good speaking style and good looks go a long way on the stump. What also helps him is he's plausible as an establishment favorite and has Tea Party cred.

At the same time, that can be said about a lot of these candidates. It's really up in the air and will take some time to narrow down.

Jack Wayne said...

Ann, what are you basing this on? Rubio's youthful good looks? His family story? His accomplishments? Tell us. You saw pragmatism in Obama as I recall. What do you see in Rubio?

Titus said...

My only concern against Rubio, and I love him and Coburn, is that is likely that he has sucked a cock in his past. I am willing to overlook a pube cocksucker but that could literally blow up his campaign is some fag cums forward.

Gahrie said...

Stay classy Titus.

traditionalguy said...

Coburn cannot stand a Northern Midwesterner that he sees as too nice like another weak Paul Ryan. He cannot even conceive of what Walker did in a no holds barred fourteen month fight...therefore someone else in DC did it for him. .

Coburn only proved that he is an old out of touch fool.

Ann Althouse said...

I'm just predicting, not supporting.

Quaestor said...

Coburn said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is “not ready for primetime in my opinion.” He said Walker didn’t win the recall election in 2012 but “Republicans around the country did it for him.”


richard mcenroe said...

I don't care that Rubio has traffic tickets. I do care that he campaigned against amnesty to get elected, then crawled straight up Chuck Schumer's butt and lived there happy as a clam til the primary season came around again

tim maguire said...

Found his observations not quite rational and not at all insightful.

bbkingfish said...

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Rubio.

Coburn thinks Rubio less unready for prime time than all the others in the Peanut Gallery, except for Jeb, who unfortunately is a RINO.

I remember when GOPers thought Coburn was really nifty.

Lauderdale Vet said...

I wouldn't mind a Walker / Fiorina ticket.