May 12, 2015

Waiting for the announcement from the Dane County District Attorney about whether Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny will be charged in the shooting of Tony Robinson.

The announcement is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. (Central Time) today. Here's the live blog at Channel 3000:
LATEST FROM AP: Jerome Flowers is a family spokesman. He said District Attorney Ismael Ozanne should alert the family first out of respect. He said Ozanne's lack of compassion isn't surprising given that he [he announced that he] was ready to release his decision on Mother's Day.
From the Wisconsin State Journal: "100 volunteer peacekeepers set to be deployed today by Black Leadership Council":
"We can help the young people who may be out there protesting, maybe give them a different perspective," [said Ruben Anthony, president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison]....

"Anything that could present a problem for them in getting jobs later on or even create an economic hardship -- we really want to avoid that," [said Rev. Harold Rayford, pastor of The Faith Place Church in Sun Prairie[. "If we observe things that will cause them to get in trouble, we're going to caution them and encourage them not to do that."...

Faith leaders are planning to gather at the time of Ozanne's announcement on Williamson Street, and around 5 p.m. they are planning to march in their clerical vestments through Downtown to Grace Episcopal Church on the Capitol Square for prayer and song, said Linda Ketcham, executive director of Madison-area Urban Ministry....

More than a dozen congregations plan to open their doors to the public after today's announcement, including First Congregational United Church of Christ, 1609 University Ave. It intends to remain open until 9 p.m.
ADDED: I started a new post for the announcement, with a link to the live feed of the conference.


MadisonMan said...

Too much ado about not very much.

Todd said...

MadisonMan said... [hush]​[hide comment]
Too much ado about not very much.

5/12/15, 1:51 PM

Sometimes that is all you have. You play the hand you are dealt!

rhhardin said...

Apparently a riot is expected.

The stupider blacks are not making a good impression somehow.

Perhaps praising riots is not a good idea for the left.

rhhardin said...

What do white kids learn to admire?

Take Derbyshire, the racist. He admires the grace of Lee and Grant at Lee's surrender.

He's a white kid.

He's not likely to riot.

Blacks learn to admire outwitting The Man and taking what you want because you deserve it.

That's the leftist educational establishment.

Lyssa said...

Is there a good reason not to speak with the family first? I'm not sympathetic to the folks calling for the cops' heads in this case (with the admission that I don't know a lot about it), but that doesn't seem like an enormous amount to ask. Is it the fear that the family would run to the press and spill the beans before the gov't could issue a more controlled statement?

Curious George said...

Burn this bitch down!

MadisonMan said...

Is there a good reason not to speak with the family first?

Is it normally done? (I don't know).

If your kid is killed by a non-police-type person, and the DA declines to bring charges against the killer, do they tell you first?

Wilbur said...

Absolutely it is standard practice to inform the family (or the victim of any crime) of the filing decision and the reasons therefor.

When a riot is feared from a charging decision, then that would probably change.

Michael The Magnificent said...

Bla bla bla, black this, black that.

A young adult took hallucinogenic drugs, went berserk, ran in traffic, attacks multiple people - three people call 911 - young adult then attacks the responding officer.

Officer defends himself, killing the young adult.

Color has nothing to do with any of this, so why does the DA keep bringing it up?

Owen said...

No charges.