May 9, 2015


... to everyone who's used this blog's Amazon portal in the last month. I haven't mentioned it in a long time, but it is the primary way the writing here earns income, and I do notice and appreciate the gesture readers make when they begin their Amazon shopping here.



Lucien said...

When people advocate a tax on wealth in the United States, I wonder if they remember why the 16th amendment was necessary.

JZ said...

Might that be trillium?

rhhardin said...

I wonder what's happened to Mark Steyn.

His appearances as host on Rush
2008 1
2009 16
2010 15
2011 18
2012 6
2013 15
2014 12
2015 0

have disappeared, and his twitter feed and online presence seem to be petering out in old articles.

He was sick for a bit recently.

Hagar said...

I am puzzled by the almost uniform condemnation of Pamela Geller from both left and right pundits.
Could it be that it is not so much that she offended fundamentalist Moslems that bothers them as that she offended something in their own belief system(s)?

Hagar said...

As far as Mohammed cartoons are concerned, I would quibble with Megyn Kelly's position - she tends to see everything black or white and takes off like a Congreve rocket - but I reject O'Reilly at al. wholesale.

I think Charlie Hebdo's cartoons are offensively drawn as art, so as to make one wonder whether the intended point was about Islam or just to be offensive to someone, anyone, while the Jyllands Posten cartoon was well drawn and made a legitimate point.
The winner in Pamela Geller's contest was even better to my mind, and I do not see that it was offensive to either the Prophet or moderate Moslems, but was aimed just at the jihadists and their fanatic attempts to stifle speech in this country, which is not acceptable here, and should not be acceptable anywhere.

Hagar said...

"A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou/beside me in the wilderness"
- was written by a Moslem.

Major Mariam al-Mansouri is a F-16 pilot and squadron commander in the U.A.E. Air Force.

The Kurdish Pershmerga have whole companies of uncovered women in pants and carrying AK-47s and bigger stuff fighting ISIS.

Let us encourage these people.

Hagar said...

/beside me singing in the wilderness."

And depicting human likenesses - including that of Mohammed - is not prohibited in all of "the Moslem world."

A lot of these things the jihadists insist on have been added after Mohammed's death - similar to priestly celibacy and eating fish on Fridays, etc. in Roman Catholicism.

Ann Althouse said...

I said what I had to say about "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" back in 2010, here and here.

pm317 said...

This video and what Volokh said brought tears to my eyes thinking about how this country's laws/constitution has been so well thought out. I just hope these fucking liberals and the media won't muck it up.

pm317 said...

I see Hagar has already beat me to it. :)

Hagar said...

Disrespecting the flag is an execrable thing to do - right up to the point when some dunderheads try to pass a law against it.