May 9, 2015

"One voter decided to draw a detailed representation of a penis instead of a cross in my box on one ballot paper."

"Amazingly, because it was neatly drawn within the confines of the box the returning officer deemed it a valid vote. I'm not sure the artist meant it to count, but I am grateful. If I knew who it was, I would like to thank him (or her) personally."

Said Glyn Davies, who won the Welsh seat of Montgomeryshire.

Neatly drawn within the confines of the box... I love that. Gives new meaning to the old expression "Dick in a Box."


tim in vermont said...

That's why paper ballots are superior. They capture the true sentiments of the voter.

hoyden said...

size matters. the power of tiny.

Ann Althouse said...

What does it mean?

They're all dicks, but he's my dick.

rhhardin said...

Dickhead is from German, meaning thickhead. OED gets it wrong.

Does cunt mean stupid and comtemptible? No.

It's just most-important-part for the whole.

Tank said...

Sometimes a restaurant has paper on the table and crayons. This occasionally results in the appearance of a flying penis on our table.

Mrs. Tank does not approve.

That is one reason for the appearance.

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Two score and three years ago I was attending to personal business in a small enclosed space in the basement of the Engineering Building at Texas Tech University.

Turning my head, I observed the following memorable couplet etched into the wall:

Don't change Dicks in the middle of a screw.
Vote for Nixon in '72.