May 12, 2015

Live Tony Robinson conference.

Watch here.

UPDATE: The D.A. hasn't appeared yet, and he's 17 minutes late at this point. The newspeople are speculating that the delay might be because he is meeting with the family or because of the threats to kill police. Ah. He's here now.

UPDATE 2: District Attorney Ismael Ozanne is talking about himself a great deal, building his own credibility. He's also sweating profusely and mopping his brow continually.

UPDATE 3: Ozanne concludes that Officer Kenny used reasonable force and makes a plea for peace.


TreeJoe said...

This is really a bit of a circus on the DA's part, isn't it...

Curious George said...

What time does this 2:30 press conference start?

MadisonMan said...

Empty podium. That's all I see in the live feed.

Vet66 said...

This guy is sweating like he is going to have a heart attack.

Vet66 said...

Why is he sweating so much?d The pressure is on.

MadisonMan said...

The one time I did jury duty, the DA was the prosecutor (long before he became the DA). I was not impressed by his abilities then.

Get to the point.

Curious George said...

As much as wants to, no charges.

MadisonMan said...

I don't remember him sweating so much during the trial I sat in on.

(Verdict: Not Guilty)

Lots of history, and I agree, this is all leading up to no charges being filed.

Kyzer SoSay said...

What is with the excruciatingly detailed speech? Just give a high-level view, and make a summary of the talking points and details available to the media. Jesus.

Michael R. Arndorfer said...

Perhaps he's trying to bore all potential protestors to sleep.

Kyzer SoSay said...

Making it clear the poor boy wasn't shot in the back. Bang that drum, the mob never listens anyway.

Sal said...

Ozanne is black. Perhaps he's worried he'll be called an Uncle Tom the rest of his life.

Beta Rube said...

No charges. Could be a long night in Mad City Professor. Stay safe.

Kyzer SoSay said...

It was sappy, but the end quote still rings true, at least where positive civil change is concerned.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

No charges: CNN: No Charges in Tony Robinson Killing

Lem said...

Saw a tweet saying he started by saying he was of mix race?

HoodlumDoodlum said...

From that CNN article: Wisconsin Circuit Court documents indicate Robinson pleaded guilty in December to an armed robbery that occurred in April 2014.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval and Madison Mayor Paul Sogin said in March that discussion of Robinson's record was inappropriate.

"The fact that Tony was involved in any kind of transgression in the past has nothing to do with this present tragedy," Soglin said.

Has that standard EVER been applied to people the authorities dislike/are going after? It's not wrong, of course, but it certainly seems like Soglin is going out of his way here. If white Hispanic George Zimmerman had a couple of domestic battery convictions in hs background, say, would any law enforcement officer or politician dare to say "it's inappropriate to discuss any previous incidents when evaluating this particular altercation?" Or is that only the rule for defendants? Or maybe just defendants with constituencies that need to be placated?

Lewis Wetzel said...

It is fair to say that Ozanne, who is young, gifted, and Black, would not be welcome in the Young, Gifted, and Black coalition.
Hmmm. JD UW Madison. I wonder if Ozanne was a student of Althouse?

Lem said...

It is trending at the top on Twitter. But other than that... ho hum

CNN is in New Hampshire and Cavuto is talking to himself as usual.

James said...

What time is the "purge" in Madison tonight?

Meade said...

I believe it is scheduled for 9 AM tomorrow.

Lewis Wetzel said...

In an attempt to add further dignity to tomorrow's purging, it will henceforth be referred to as the "Harvest of Souls" or "The Great Culling."

James said...

Thanks Meade. Will Soglin also give "space to those who wish to destroy?"

My son graduates on Saturday morning and his grandparents are flying in from Trinidad so perhaps I should call and tell them to cancel their flights.

Ann Althouse said...

"I wonder if Ozanne was a student of Althouse?"

He might have been. I don't remember.

James said...

I hope CVS is boarding up; its the prudent thing to do.

Meade said...

Congrats to your son, James! Seems like only yesterday he was a freshman. If only every son (and daughter) had a dad like you.

Dan from Madison said...

"My son graduates on Saturday morning and his grandparents are flying in from Trinidad so perhaps I should call and tell them to cancel their flights." Nah. Tempest in a teapot. I highly doubt that the "protests" or "demonstrations" will get out of the Willy St./E. Wash area.

James said...

Thanks Meade, the four years have flown by very quickly. The credit should go to my wife who made sure he stayed on track.

Dan, I was jokingly referring to Baltimore...I don't expect anything to occur.

jr565 said...

So, there will be no charges. That's it. Go home. Don't riot.

Julie C said...

Don't worry Madison-ites!

The knuckleheads in the Berkeley/Oakland part of California will be happy to destroy a few storefronts here on your behalf. They've had so much practice over the years!

Meade said...

Short plywood; umbrellas —strong buy.

jr565 said...

bury the rag, deep in your face
for now is the time for your riot

jr565 said...

Officer Kenny killed poor Tony Robinson
with a bullet fired from his glock pistol
after responding to calls that Tony was acting all crazy
and the cops were called in because he was out strangling
and jumping on cars and screamin and yelling.
but you who philosophize disgrace
and criticize all fear
take the rag away from your face for now's not the time for your fears.
Tony had zanax, mushrooms and pot in his system
which explains why he was going all crazy,
but was also on probation for armed robbery
which he committed in 2014 and his friend wrote the defense saying he faced choices
between a middle life and life as a gangsta
and that pleading guilty would lead to further crimin.

But you who philosophize disgrace
and criticize all fear. (yada yada)

Officer Kenny fired at poor Tony Robinson
after tony attacked him after actin all crazy.
and then proceeded to try CPRin'
poor Tony who lay dyin'
and Tony went to the hospital where he ended up deceeasing
and Officer Kenny went on trial
for racist policing

but you who philosophize disgrace (yada yada)

District attorney says all was on the level, and please don't go crazy
and start all the rioting
and burning down the CVSes
and stomping on the police cars
and throwing bricks at the ladies
Can we have one night that doesn't look like a war zone?
and can we not apply same template to all cop shootings.

But you who philosophie disgrace disgrace and criticize all fear
bury the rag deep in your face
to hide your eyes from the tear (gas).

MadisonMan said...

James -- congrats to your kid. Mine is also moving her tassel on saturday at Camp Randall. See you there :)

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

Biracial lives matter, but only half as much as black lives.

Michael K said...

Flop sweat.

Big Mike said...

Well, have the riots started yet? Is Madison burning?