May 15, 2015

"I ought to be the pin-up of the criminal defense bar."

Said Justice Scalia, asked whether he's properly described as a conservative: "That depends on what you mean by conservative. I ought to be the pin-up of the criminal defense bar."

It's not the first time he's said that, and the idea of producing an image of Scalia as a pinup has already been thought of and has already been dismissed in "Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Use Photoshop."


Scott said...

If there was a competition for Supreme Court Justice with the Most Inflamed Ego, I wouldn't know who to pick for the winner. But Scalia would be a finalist.

clint said...

Is the answer "because they're bad at photoshop"?

This reminds me of an issue of the Harvard Advocate a long time ago celebrating the first inauguration of Clinton-Gore.

Here is the only picture I can find online. So you'll have to take my word for it that the photoshopping was done quite well -- particularly for the time.

clint said...

A particularly ironic issue, now that I think of it, given that Clinton's only "contribution" to gay rights was to sign Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell into law.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

When bodybuilding business mogul Joe Weider commissioned a statue of himself, he instructed the sculptor to put his head on top of Robby Robinson's body.

That's about as sincere as a compliment can get, I should imagine.

Chuck said...

I'm a bit surprised that Professor Althouse didn't pick up on the quaintly dated notion of a "pinup."

Has anyone under the age of 40 ever seen a "pinup"?

Pinups are artifacts of the 1940's and 50's. Pictures -- printed things on paper, that is -- of models from magazines or calendars. You cut them out (or not, with a calendar) and pin them up, on the wall of the garage where you worked, or above your bunk at the military base.

Pinups, involving well known actresses (I'm thinking of the most iconic pinups of all time, Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable, and later Raquel Welch) actually wearing something. Though it might be a nightgown (Hayworth), a bathing suit (Grable) or a historically preposterous fur negligee (Welch, in 1,000 Years B.C.), it is laughably modest by today's standards of free internet porn available to countless millions of 14 year old boys on their smartphones.

"Pinups" are in fact like encyclopedias, card catalogs, or some collectible antiques.

Hagar said...

Let us not forget the diminutive Debbie Reynolds as the ideal "girl back home."

traditionalguy said...

I see pin-ups on the magazine covers at the Publix checkout. My only complaint is that Princess Di's smiling face and sexy dress has been replaced by Bruce Jenner in drag.

Can't the Enquirer just use her daughter in law Princess Kate. She would make a perfect woman for pin up .

Ann Althouse said...

The more normal expression is "poster boy."