May 2, 2015

"A royal princess! Kate gives birth to a girl at 8.34am."

"No name yet - Alice and Charlotte are bookies' favourites...."

Well, they're not going to name the baby Charlotte! That's the name that was chosen for America's royal baby.

Yeah, we have royalty, so don't say you wish we had some too. We have them.

It might be nice if our royalty were more empty-headedly fun...


The Drill SGT said...

The Classic Brit Royal Names:


Shouting Thomas said...

Did this happen because of Butt Fucking, Bishop?

Ixnay on the Butt Fucking talk, folks. The Bishop don't like it when you talk about what the gay boys actually do.

They really want to be loving parents and devoted spouses. Somehow, the poor boys get diverted to the piers and butt fucking strangers, probably because of the evil homophobes, but the Bishop has the cure!

Is there a more spoiled white princess in America than the Bishop of Butt Fucking? She's even officially signed up with the Pharisees and the Sodomites. Ain't she cute?

Are you wearing that very dashing and daring black beret today, cutie pie?

Drago said...

How can we really be sure it's a girl and not one of the other 17,459 genders?

AprilApple said...

American Royalty is fat, ugly, drunken and corrupt...from Chappaquiddick to Chappaqua.

Quaestor said...

It's about time for a Charlotte. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was a pretty good queen, she'd have been better if she'd been able to talk Georgie down from his high horse more often. She did put a stamp on the Hanoverians that could be seen for two centuries, particularly in the late Countess of Snowdon.

Alice is also good, a bit of a nod to her great-grandfather, a thoroughly decent man who unfortunately is the only member of the Battenburg line without a brain. Philip won't be around much longer, so it will be Alice.

Texas Annie said...

It's a bit of over the top silliness, but I am happy for them.

Actually, I am happy whenever a baby is born.

fivewheels said...

I promise to briefly give a shit about the royals if they name the princess Leia.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I find myself wondering whether there's a collectors' market for royal afterbirth .

Coupe said...

Charlotte is a completely inappropriate name for a future Queen.

The name is a diminutive form (smallness, unimportance) of Charles, and is French in origin.

Obviously being of French origin, and Diminutive in nature, are two strikes against the use of such a dastardly name.

My vote would be: Regina (sounds like vagina) and means queen.

Maybe Regina Charlotte, but definitely not the other way around. Maybe RĂ©gine from French, which the girl will be required to learn, as her father did.

sydney said...

I thought she gave birth a couple of weeks ago. Could have sworn I saw it on the cover of People.

mikee said...

American royalty?

I didn't vote for 'em!

(to paraphrase the muck scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

n.n said...

That's sweet. A girl serenaded in pink. It seems so long since we took pride in procreation and human life. Congratulations Kate and William.

Rusty said...


Wilbur said...

I suggest Fortuita.

CatherineM said...

It's always lovely.

Nice that it is a girl. I am betting on Alice. its a favorite royal name and no one is currently using it.

I don't know why you think Philip doesn't have a brain Q. The reason I was glad the first born was a boy is that it's much harder to be the husband of a Queen than the Queen to a King. He has made mistakes the last 70 years but who hasn't. He's very close with William and his portrayal in Tina Brown's book differed tremendously (favorably - stiicking up/caring for the grieving children in the days and weeks after Diana's death) than the way he was played in "the Queen" movie which did the usual he's a moron portrayal.