March 2, 2015

"This is a 'lllove llletter' to MELL LAZARUS, brilliant cartoonist of 'Miss Peach' and 'Momma'..."

"... who has always dreamed of being in a Times puzzle. His ambition was more modest, thinking the unusual double L of MELL would be enough...."

MORE: Here.

ELSEWHERE: "... based on the overwhelming soul-crushing awfulness of having Momma as her mother-in-law, she’s decided to go full-on goth. The filthy house is not so much a lifestyle choice as a side effect of the overwhelming depression."


Whirred Whacks said...

Ann: do you do the NYT Xword every day, and also visit Rex's blog? If so, good for you.

--Roger von Oech

Ann Althouse said...

@Roger Yes!

William said...

Life is a matter of perspective. For Mell Lazarus mention in a NY Times crossword puzzle is a form of fame. For Marshal Ney, who is now famous chiefly among the crossword puzzles, such mention is a form of oblivion.