January 1, 2015

"Nice to see a loving Grandfather doing something for his loved ones the old fashioned way."

"By making the gifts by hand."


Laslo Spatula said...

I'm not going to read the article. I am just going to allow myself to believe that it was all about "whittling."

America needs more Grandfathers that whittle. A nation of Grandfathers on the porch, whittling, with a shotgun by the side of their rocking chair because if there is one thing that one who whittles knows, it is that occasionally you need a shotgun nearby.

Grandfather has had his whittling knife "Betsy" since the Korean War. There will be no knife but Betsy. Betsy understands wood, but could cut a throat if it came down to that.

It is all going to come down to that.

I am Laslo.

CStanley said...

Pretty cool Grandpa.

The device reminds me of a gadget I saw recently, made of cardboard with lenses to project images from IPhones, I'm skeptical that the resolution will be good but it was pretty cheap and I'm thinking of giving it a try to show pictures at an upcoming family reunion.

Laslo Spatula said...

Re: "Nice to see a loving Grandfather doing something for his loved ones the old fashioned way."

This all might resonate differently if Charles Manson was your grandfather.

Helter Skelter is 2015, people.

I am Laslo.

Anonymous said...

Not to take anything away from Gramps, but I got some SONOS modules this Christmas, the idea was to wirelessly stream spotify anywhere in the house and control it via my iPad, and I freaking love them.

Michael K said...

I write my checks by hand.

Bob Boyd said...

One day Pa is settin' out on the porch whittlin' when his oldest boy comes by and sets down next to Pa and starts whittlin' too.
Now the boy had just took him a wife only the day before and the couple had gone off to the new cabin Pa had built for them up on the ridge.
Pa was surprised to see his boy back so soon, but he wasn't one to pry. So the two just sat awhittlin' til finally Pa's curiosity just got the better of him.
"How come you're not with your bride, son?" says Pa.
The boy is quiet for a bit, but finally he heaves a sigh and says, "I done left her Pa."
Well Pa he cogitates on this news and whittles for a bit, but the boy doesn't explain, so Pa asks, "Why'd you leave her, son?"
The boy hems and haws a bit, but finally blurts out, "Pa, she's a virgin."
Pa thinks about this for a good long while, turning his wood and working his knife. Then he turns to his boy and says, "Son, you done the right thing. If she ain't good enough for her family, she ain't good enough for ourn."

m stone said...

But you don't write prescriptions by hand anymore, Michael K?

Seeing Red said...

Hubby got one of those last year. The horn was from the tens-20s like the old phonographs. He uses it at work.

Known Unknown said...

The point is not the 'thing.' Half of the Blaze commenters seem to not understand this.

CStanley said...

SOJO- I second you on the SONOS system. We put some in last year and they're awesome,

Scott said...

This gizmo is really cool. The way it's designed, it will only work with an iPhone, because the phone's sound ports are aimed straight out the bottom.

Leon said...

I don't really believe he made that.... by hand. Oh I believe he made it but I'm betting he used power tools. Sweet beautiful expensive awesome power tools. Making something like that is the excuse. The tools are the end, well at least for someone I'll not mention who might be writing in the comments of this blog.

Fernandinande said...

Nothing like a hand-made Wii to brighten up a kid's Christmas morning.

PB said...

I don't want to take anything away from grandpa but it's not technically an amplifier. What it is is an audio waveguide that channels the sound from a near 180 dispersion at the speaker into a much narrower angle aimed st the listener