December 25, 2014

me, this picture, yahoo mail, common core, facebook, my car, the saints, gluten, netflix, my dog.

10 efforts by Google to complete the search "What's wrong with...?"


Sharc 65 said...

Interesting mix of genuine concern and skepticism there. Google can't distinguish, I assume.

Sharc 65 said...

... and I'm pleased that "Christmas" wasn't one of them. Have a Merry one!

MadisonMan said...

When I try that, my list starts out the same (Me [nothing!], This Picture) but then diverges to:

The Chicago Bears (LOL)
Common Core
my car
Yahoo Mail

Have a Happy Christmas! I hope there's Sun where you are, just another cloudy day here.

Biff said...

Almost the same list for me, but instead of the Saints and my dog, my google wants to tell me what's wrong with Connecticut and Wikipedia.

ken in tx said...

Yes, Madison, the sun is shining in Austin. Fifty-two degrees and breezy.

Meade said...

"Length of day: 9h 00m
Tomorrow will be 0m 20s longer"

Hey, what's wrong with that?

Meade said...

Btw, the sun just now burned through the overcast. Nothing wrong with THAT.

Time for me and Zeus to take our Christmas walk around town.

lemondog said...

re: measly 20s, according to the U. S. Naval Observatory Philadelphia gains 60 seconds from Dec 24 to Dec 25, and from Dec 24 to the end of the year and total of 5 minutes!!!


Bob Ellison said...

I intend to use the extra minutes and seconds unwisely.

Original Mike said...

No snow this Christmas in Madison. There is definitely something wrong with that.

Original Mike said...

""Length of day: 9h 00m
Tomorrow will be 0m 20s longer"

Hey, what's wrong with that?"

Less stargazing time, that's what.

Jim said...

I only get 4 choices, one of which is whats wrong with cinderella.....pretty existential for Christmas morning.

Original Mike said...

I got "What's wrong with Social Security?"

Laslo Spatula said...

What's wrong with All-American Cheerleaders?

With all I do to bring attention for them all year, and then -- Christmas -- I am ignored by them again.

I hope it is because they are all taking long, luxurious All-American bubble baths, because everyone knows Cheerleaders get Bubble Bath for Christmas. Bubble Bath and Massage Oils, but mainly Bubble Bath.

Oh, to be a Bubble Bath Submarine.

With a periscope.

I am Laslo.

Michael K said...

Common Core will keep Jeb Bush out of the White House.

EDH said...

"... Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

ALP said...

LOL! After getting "me" as an answer, the second one I got was "Seattle Seahawks".

I love the Google game. I like to try and guess how many characters I have to type before Google guesses what I am really after. Sometimes, its only 3-4 characters.

On a related note: does anyone else fear that due to the rise of Google, kids no longer ask their parents questions about the world, life, and everything? How will this affect how kids view their parents and their relationship with them? I grew up asking my parents about things, an some things they said to me I still fall back on.

Eventually, nobody will ask anybody else about anything, they will just ask Google.

sydney said...

Ha! My son just asked Siri "What's wrong with me?" and she answered, "Now look here, there's nothing wrong with you. You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you."

Barry Dauphin said...

7 players account for 70% of the Saints' salaries. Helps answer that question.